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Barbara Patterson December 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 12
Count all 1218
I don't blow a whistle, wear a jersey, or give pep talks in a locker room, but I am a coach--an instructional coach. The players are the teachers at a community college, the field is the classroom, and I help a team to practice teaching methods that engage students and improve academic success. Instructional coaches are on-site professional developers who work collaboratively with teachers, empowering them to incorporate research-based instructional methods into their classrooms (Knight, 2007).
Elizabeth A. Thomas, Anne McIntosh October 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 10
Count all 806
Today's community college students need to know what research resources are available through their college's library, to learn how to efficiently access the information they need, and to be able to critically evaluate information. The term for this set of skills is information literacy.
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Veronica Diaz September 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 9
Count all 601
There is no shortage of data illustrating the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile activity in the general population. This diffusion of devices, applications, and activity extends to the teaching and learning community, right down to the classroom level (see Figure 1). Figure 1. Student Ownership of Technology Devices
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Kent Seaver August 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 8
Count all 623
When I first started working in a college testing center in 1999, one of the first things I had to do was to become College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) certified. I had no idea what that meant exactly, but it was something that needed to be done so I did it. Little did I realize at the time how much interest I would eventually have in CLEP exams and the overall impact on student success.
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Stephenie Presseller, Gabe Estill July 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 7
Count all 640
While community colleges have increased their sustainability practices and devoted more attention to sustainability in the classroom, few have assessed student learning of sustainability. Despite increased attention to sustainable practices at colleges across the country, little is known about how much community college students know about sustainability and where they need to improve.
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League for Innovation June 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 6
Count all 522
Congratulations to the faculty, staff, and administrators who are this year's recipients of the League's Innovation of the Year Award!
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Reginald Duhe May 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 5
Count all 627
Foothill College, located in the high-tech heart of California's Silicon Valley, has partnered with the Philippine government to present a custom professional development program that focuses on training educators throughout the Philippines to use today's technology to transform student learning across the country. This program focuses on student-centered learning, educational technology enrichment, and collaborative professional development experiences.
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William Wade, Jason Donner April 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 4
Count all 505
West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) in Paducah, Kentucky, began and maintained an online speech class over a two year period beginning in the spring term of 2001. Constance Frank, the speech teacher at the college in those years, had some good experiences and some bad ones when we first tried to offer the techniques and processes of Basic Speech online. The technology was new and consistency was not the rule. VHS tapes, micro and mini cassettes were available, and every video maker had a different player and a different tape format.
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John A. Lucich March 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 3
Count all 574
Anyone who has ever been assigned to teach a course in human anatomy knows that doing so is a daunting task. The breadth of the topic is enormous and yet any discussion solely dedicated to anatomy and devoid of any mention of associated physiological and/or clinical information will be unimaginably tedious and virtually devoid of any value. As such, the instructor is forced to make many important decisions regarding the degree to which anatomical, physiological, and clinical topics can be blended to ultimately yield a course that is both manageable in the time allowed and worthwhile.
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Ken Scott, Syed Raza February 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 2
Count all 596
The ePortfolio: A Workforce Definition On October 27, 2011, a group of faculty and students from Trenholm State Technical College attended the Oracle Academy Student Forum Day at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama. The forum was presented by the regional director of the Oracle Academy. As part of the Student Forum Day, the director explained what was generally expected of students in the workplace and specifically what Oracle required for employment.
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League for Innovation January 2013
Volume: 8 Issue: 1
Count all 673
In 2013, the League marks its 45th year of promoting community college innovation, experimentation, and institutional transformation. Through conferences, projects, publications, and other resources, the League offers opportunities for community college educators to explore the innovations of others and to showcase their own. As you celebrate innovation at your college, we invite you to use League events, publications, and project resources to stimulate discussion and foster innovation not only on your campus, but also with colleagues around the world.
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Deron Fort December 2012
Volume: 7 Issue: 12
Count all 641
Over the past decade, numerous states have ramped up efforts to improve high school graduation rates and college going rates, particularly for students deemed more likely to fail in these pursuits. As economic opportunities have dwindled and recession has gripped the country, these efforts have taken on increased significance due to a reinvigorated belief that a high school diploma and at least some college credit, if not a college certificate or degree, are critical to an individual's ability to find gainful employment.
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Vandana Rola, Marigrace Ryan, Shan Huang November 2012
Volume: 7 Issue: 11
Count all 645
The Pioneering Online Science Labs project exemplifies Sinclair Community College's motto: "Find the need and endeavor to meet it."  Sinclair students expressed a need for fully online degree programs; however, the lack of online science courses prevented the completion of the AA and AS degrees online. The college listened and met the need by developing fully online astronomy and biology lecture and lab courses.
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Tammy Thompson October 2012
Volume: 7 Issue: 10
Count all 583
Exit 7 off Interstate 24 in Paducah is significant to West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) for more than being the path taken from the highway to get to the campus; it's also the clever name of the college's new literary journal that launched its inaugural issue last spring.
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League for Innovation September 2012
Volume: 7 Issue: 9
Count all 511
The Walmart Brighter Futures Project features a cooperative effort between the Walmart Foundation and a select group of the nation's community colleges led by the League for Innovation in the Community College. The League received a $3.5 million grant from the Walmart Foundation in March 2009 to implement a project involving community colleges across the country for two purposes: to help dislocated workers acquire 21st century job skills and obtain jobs that require those skills; and to increase academic progression, retention, and completion rates for dislocated workers.
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