August 2017

We live in complex times full of social and political unrest and challenge. Many of us are not sure how to address this complexity in our classrooms and disciplines. Engaging community college students’ identities can create deeper learning environments, and foster critical thinking and more engaged classrooms. Suzanne M. Buglione, 2018 recipient of The Cross Papers Fellowship and Dean, Lash Division for Teaching and Learning, at Bristol Community College, will explore this topic in The Cross Papers, Number 21.

In this issue, Buglione offers community college...

February 2017

The League for Innovation in the Community College announces a $2.9 million grant from the Walmart Foundation to develop a three-part credentialing program for retail workers. Twelve community colleges across the country will participate in the program—Walmart Brighter Futures 3.0—which will build on the success of the Western Association of Food Chains’ (WAFC) Retail Management Certificate (RMC). 

Over the 2.5 year period of the grant, the selected colleges, based in urban, suburban, and rural areas, will work with retail employers who are committed to the RMC as the credential for...