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Fostering innovation and effective practice

Faculty Voices

Engaging Faculty in the National Completion Conversation

Community college faculty are joining the national conversation about student completion, and identifying issues, challenges, and effective practices related to student success. MORE>

Community Colleges and Public Health

Advancing the Community College Role in Public Health Education

This project is promoting the development of community college programs in public health education and administration, environmental health, and health navigation. Curricular resources are now available. MORE>

Walmart Brighter Futures

Addressing National Workforce Needs

Three projects, funded through a succession of Walmart Foundation grants, address national workforce needs by collaborating with community colleges to provide specialized training and skill development. MORE>

Getting Connected

Using Social Media to Foster Student Success

Researchers explored the use of social media to improve student engagement and increase student retention, with findings that include innovative ways colleges use social media to foster student success. MORE>

Pathways Projects

Easing Transitions in Education and the Workplace

Resources from Significant Discussions and the College and Career Transitions Initiative can assist educators in easing student transitions between secondary and postsecondary institutions and employment. MORE>

Professional Development

Resources for Professional Development

Numerous League projects and partnerships, such as Getting Results, have produced materials focused on helping educators and administrators improve student success. MORE>

Walmart Brighter Futures 3.0

Addressing National Workforce Needs by Supporting Career Mobility for Incumbent Retail Workers

The League for Innovation in the Community College announces a $2.9 million grant from the Walmart Foundation to develop a three-part credentialing program for retail workers. Twelve community colleges across the country will participate in the program—Walmart Brighter Futures 3.0—which will build on the success of the Western Association of Food Chains’ (WAFC) Retail Management Certificate (RMC). 

Over the 2.5 year period of the grant, the selected colleges, based in urban, suburban, and rural areas, will work with retail employers who are committed to the RMC as the credential for the advancement of their existing workforce. It is anticipated that more than 1,200 incumbent retail workers will be enrolled in the program, which seeks to break the RMC into three portable and stackable certificate programs, allowing workers a more flexible and manageable way to ultimately earn the full certificate.  The League for Innovation and the WAFC will disseminate best practices from the project to other community colleges throughout the country.

The Walmart Brighter Futures 3.0 Project aims to scale the retail management certificate that is currently offered at over 150 community colleges in 13 western states and one state in the Midwest in cooperation with WAFC.  Participating colleges will offer the credit certificate to incumbent workers at local and regional retail employers.

Faculty Voices

Engaging Faculty in the National Completion Conversation

The Faculty Voices Project engaged community college faculty, both full- and part-time, in the national conversation about student success and completion, particularly to (a) identify issues, challenges, and concerns faculty have about the national focus on student completion; and (b) identify ways faculty—individually and in college-wide efforts—support student success, retention, and completion. The four-year project was funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.