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Faculty Voices

Engaging Faculty in the National Completion Conversation

Community college faculty are joining the national conversation about student completion, and identifying issues, challenges, and effective practices related to student success. MORE>

Community Colleges and Public Health

Advancing the Community College Role in Public Health Education

This project is promoting the development of community college programs in public health education and administration, environmental health, and health navigation. Curricular resources are now available. MORE>

Walmart Brighter Futures 2.0

Training for 21st Century Middle-Skill Employment

Community colleges are helping low-income individuals acquire and document the 21st century skills needed to obtain middle-skill employment, and to communicate their skill level to employers. MORE>

Getting Connected

Using Social Media to Foster Student Success

Researchers explored the use of social media to improve student engagement and increase student retention, with findings that include innovative ways colleges use social media to foster student success. MORE>

Pathways Projects

Easing Transitions in Education and the Workplace

Resources from Significant Discussions and the College & Career Transitions Initiative can assist educators in easing student transitions between secondary and postsecondary institutions and employment. MORE>

Professional Development

Resources for Professional Development

Numerous League projects and partnerships, such as Getting Results, have produced materials focused on helping educators and administrators improve student success. MORE>

Faculty Voices

Engaging Community College Faculty in the National Conversation on Student Success and Completion

The Faculty Voices Project seeks to engage community college faculty, both full- and part-time, in the national conversation about student success and completion, particularly to (a) identify issues, challenges, and concerns faculty have about the national focus on student completion; and (b) identify ways faculty - individually and in college-wide efforts - currently support student success, retention, and completion. The four-year project is funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Project staff are inviting faculty to join the conversation in various ways, including national surveys, stakeholder conversations, moderator workshops, focus groups, social media, and publications. Findings from discussion and focus groups are being analyzed for emerging themes, and these along with survey findings will be presented in ongoing reports to community college educators and administrators, association and foundation staff, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Project findings are intended to provide insight into faculty perceptions and thus help inform decisions made around topics such as tools and strategies for improving student learning and completion, faculty and staff professional development, college-wide initiatives related to student success and completion, and organizational structures that affect teaching and learning.

Walmart Brighter Futures 2.0

Twelve Community Colleges Involved in Training for Middle-Skill Employment

Twelve community colleges were selected in 2012 to work with their local and regional workforce development communities to offer a variety of services and training to low-income individuals who are seeking the skills to move into middle-skill jobs. These colleges will serve as models for other institutions seeking to build, expand, or enhance programs to train individuals for middle-skill jobs. The 12 participating colleges are Anne Arundel Community College, Central Piedmont Community College, Cuyahoga Community College, Delta College, El Centro College, Kirkwood Community College, Maricopa Community Colleges, Miami Dade College, Moraine Valley Community College, Santa Fe College, Seattle Colleges, and Sinclair Community College.