Teaching and Learning

The League's College and Careers Transition Initiative (CCTI) engaged high schools, community colleges, and businesses in a process to improve career and technical education systems, programs, strategies, and outcomes. This monograph reports on examples of these systems changes that resulted from CCTI participation: expanded use of career pathways; improved academic instruction; improved CTE instruction; measures to improve college readiness; high school-college partnerships and articulation; education-business partnerships; advising and student success initiatives; and data-driven decision ...
Community colleges are uniquely poised to prepare tomorrow’s teachers to use internet-based tools and curriculum resources to enhance learning. Through the U.S. Department of Education-funded Pathways project, almost 250 faculty from over 40 community colleges nationwide have incorporated new tools and resources into their courses while modeling best practices in technology-based instruction to their students; approximately 6,900 preservice teachers have been affected by this program.
As the centerpiece of conferences and federal initiatives across the educational spectrum, career pathways could be seen as be the latest fad offering community colleges the promise of increased funding and student success. In contrast, the authors of this paper contend that career pathways are the building blocks of a critically needed systemic transformation that will position community colleges as leaders in the effort to address some of the most pressing economic and social concerns facing the country today--not as a short term fix or project, but as incubators of innovation capable of...
March 2006
Link http://www.league.org/istream_v2/LeaguePublications/PathwaysCCTI.html
Click here to access the Getting Results modules. Click on the inks below to access transcripts of the videos in Getting Results. Overview: How to Take This Course Module 1: Creating a Community of Learners Module 2: Planning for Outcomes Module 3: Active Teaching and Learning Module 4: Moving Beyond the Classroom Module 5: Teaching With Technology Module 6: Assessing Teaching and Learning The WGBH Educational Foundation and the League for Innovation in the Community College partnered to develop, field test, and disseminate multimedia resources to foster the use of effective teaching and...