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Post date: 13 10 2015
Graduating high school students across the nation are faced with deciding whether to continue their education or enter the workforce. Many seek higher education in order to improve career...
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Post date: 13 10 2015
Every college campus has a feel, an atmosphere, that is all its own. Having spent the last 16 years working in metropolitan community colleges, I have had the opportunity to see all types of students...
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Post date: 30 11 2017
Community colleges have long embraced the concept of learning communities to provide meaningful, engaged education for the students passing through their gates. Many colleges have been successful in...
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Post date: 09 01 2018
OneNote is a powerful application to facilitate lesson review, student engagement, digital learning, note-taking, collaboration, and assignment submission. Adopted at scale, the application can be...
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Post date: 12 02 2018
Communication and inclusion are critical factors in the success of just about any collegewide initiative, and in more than 80 discussion groups held with community college faculty over the past four...
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Post date: 11 04 2017
As part of the reaffirmation process of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Wake Technical Community College launched a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) initiative...
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Post date: 11 09 2017
Communicating to students in a way that leads to student satisfaction and success in online courses requires teaching presence. The main instrument of learning is communication and the success of...
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Post date: 14 07 2016
As higher education evolves to accommodate new forms of learning and new workforce needs, skills are being assessed across an ever-widening range of activities within the learning landscape. Campus-...
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Post date: 13 10 2015
When looking at national data about American students who are identified as English language learners (ELL), overlapping definitions from two prominent sources are important to note. The U.S. Census...
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Post date: 07 04 2017
Communication faculty often have a unique opportunity to hear students’ own stories. These stories permeate the work of learning public speaking. Faculty members at Pellissippi State Community...
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