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Post date: 08 11 2019
A good illustration of the value of communities of practice (CoPs) involves a group of passionate Xerox repairmen in the 1990s who spent their lunches discussing lessons learned from their time in...
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Post date: 15 08 2019
Thanks to the rise of technology-enabled data collection and analysis, higher education institutions are starting to develop strategic plans with realistic, yet aspirational, goals; clear performance...
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Post date: 30 07 2019
According to Inc. magazine (Curtain, 2017), the number one skill that high paying employers want in employees is the ability to solve complex problems. At Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh...
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Post date: 06 08 2018
Community colleges enroll over half of the undergraduate students in U.S. higher education and increasingly serve as the gateway to a postsecondary credential, particularly for first-generation and...
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Post date: 07 06 2019
Monroe Community College (MCC) has traditionally focused on student engagement, retention, and graduation rates. Multiple academic support services are provided to students to assist with classroom...
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Post date: 05 04 2017
In 2012, the League established the John & Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards to celebrate outstanding contributions and leadership by community college faculty and staff. These awards are open to ...
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Post date: 08 09 2017
The League for Innovation prides itself on recognizing innovation and excellence in the community college. Colleges and institutions across the U.S. and abroad demonstrate their dedication to...
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Post date: 13 10 2015
Community colleges serve a huge variety of students--traditional and nontraditional, daytime and evening, part-time and full-time, as well as career- and academic transfer-oriented. To meet the wide-...
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Post date: 13 10 2015
As community colleges prepare for classes to begin in coming weeks, the League congratulates the 2014-2015 Innovation of the Year award recipients, and invites participation in the 2015-2016...
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Post date: 18 02 2016
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