See all 2023 Innovations Conference sponsors here.

Sponsorship sales are now open. Click here to explore sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorship at the Innovations Conference provides:

  • A single venue to network with community college and industry leaders
  • A place to meet face-to-face with qualified buyers and generate leads
  • An opportunity to showcase products or services and launch new wares
  • Special events that generate connections, including an evening reception, all-day coffee and refreshment breaks, poster sessions, and more

By sponsoring the Innovations Conference, your company gains visibility and access to approximately 750 campus leaders, faculty members, and staff from community colleges across the U.S and beyond.

The League for Innovation has launched a new sponsorship program designed to provide a broad range of opportunities for exposure and branding as well as the opportunity to showcase thought leadership through speaking opportunities. Check out our Sponsorship Packages for specifics. Additionally, we can customize packages to include more of what you need and less of what you don’t. To learn more about sponsoring at Innovations 2023, contact Event Producers.

All Sponsors Receive

  • Complimentary conference registrations* [two to four (2-4) per company, depending on purchased sponsorship level]
  • Access to participant contact information** before, during, and after Innovations 2023 via the conference app
  • Directory listing with logo in the conference mobile app and online directory hosted on the conference website
  • Logo on the League website's sponsor page

*Additional registrations may be purchased for $950.
**With participant permission

Access the Sponsor Portal to select your sponsorship package.

Presentation Submission Criteria

To present at the Innovations Conference, you must:

  1. be employed by a community college or not-for-profit university, or
  2. be an Advocate level sponsor*** or higher at this event.

***Sponsor proposals must include at least one community college co-presenter to speak to the success of your partnership.

Conference App

The League’s event app provides all the information participants, presenters, and sponsors need for a rewarding conference experience. Sponsors’ company logos, descriptions, and contact information will be featured on the app to allow for maximum exposure.

Solutions Center

Have something to demonstrate for participants? If so, consider customizing your sponsorship package with a demonstration station in the Solutions Center. Companies choosing this option are responsible for providing or ordering their own equipment and must have something to physically demonstrate for participants.

Solutions Center Hours

  • Saturday, March 11: 5:00 - 6:30 PM
  • Sunday, March 12: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Monday, March 13: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

To learn more about participating in the Solutions Center at Innovations 2023, contact Event Producers.

Express Connections

Looking to connect with community college leaders? Consider customizing your sponsorship package with Express Connections. Companies choosing this option will spend one hour meeting one-on-one with community college presidents or vice presidents in a round-robin style networking event. Guaranteed ten connections in one hour! 

Contact Event Producers for additional information about sponsoring.

What sponsorships are available at Innovations 2023?

Click here to download information about sponsorship opportunities.

How does my company become an Innovations 2023 sponsor?

Access the Sponsor Portal to select your sponsorship package.

How many registrations are included with my sponsorship purchase?

Sponsors receive two (2) or more full registrations, depending on the package purchased. Additional registrations may be purchased for $950 through the Sponsor Portal.

How do I register my staff?

Company representatives who plan to act as sponsor personnel and/or attend any sessions at the conference must be registered for the conference. You can do this through the Sponsor Portal.

How will my company be featured in the conference app?

A comprehensive and interactive conference app allows for maximum exposure and a rewarding conference experience for all. In order to appear in the conference app, the following must be submitted via the Sponsor Portal by February 24, 2023: company contact information, company description, and company logo.

How do I qualify to present at Innovations 2023?

To present at the Innovations Conference, you must

  1. be employed by a community college or not-for-profit university, or
  2. be a sponsor* at the Advocate level or higher at this event.

*Sponsor proposals must include at least one community college co-presenter to speak to the success of your partnership.

How can my company exhibit at Innovations 2023?

Innovations 2023 offers a Solutions Center for sponsoring companies who choose this as a part of their sponsorship package. Sponsors are responsible for providing or ordering their own equipment and must have something to physically demonstrate for participants. Contact Event Producers to learn more.

What is the conference schedule?

View the Innovations 2023 schedule here.

Can my company hold a meeting during the conference?

A limited amount of ancillary meeting space is available at no cost for Strategic Partners and sponsors. The cost of food, beverages, and AV equipment is the partner or sponsor's responsibility. Ancillary meeting space, offered on a first-come, first-served basis, can be reserved by contacting Robin Piccirilli.

What other sponsors will be participating at Innovations 2023?

You can view the full list of sponsors here.

How do I reserve hotel rooms for my company?

The League has arranged a discounted rate* of $249 per night (1-2 guests), $259 per night (3 guests), and $269 per night (4 guests) at Tempe Mission Palms for Innovations 2023 participants and sponsors. The cut-off date for accepting reservations at the discounted conference rate is February 23, 2023. Reservation requests received after this date will be accepted at the hotel’s prevailing rate based on availability. All conference sessions will be held at Tempe Mission Palms.

*Guest room rates are quoted exclusive of any applicable taxes, service fees, and/or hotel-specific fees in effect at the time of the event.

Are lead retrieval scanners available at the conference?

Lead retrieval scanners have been replaced with access to participant information through the conference app before, during, and after Innovations 2023. You will be able to scan the QR code of other participants to save it to your “favorites” list.

Can I bring my family or a guest to the conference?

Only registered participants can attend conference activities. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted at the conference

Make the Most of Your Experience at Innovations 2023

Peer-to-peer selling is a formula that works well at the League’s Innovations Conference.

Make sure team members assigned to your company are (1) registered for this event, and (2) well trained to represent your company, generate leads, and secure sales. Ensure that everyone involved fully understands what needs to be accomplished during the conference.

Attend all sessions and networking events. The best connections are made naturally by interacting as peers. Be sure to spread out your staff and engage with participants throughout the duration of the conference.

Sponsors at the Advocate level or higher have the opportunity to share their expertise and feature their partnerships with community colleges by presenting a concurrent session. Submission criteria apply. Click here for information.

Consider contacting conference participants using the conference app or via email using the participant list. Invite participants to meet up one-on-one at the conference. After the event, use the participant list to send a follow up email to all participants, especially those with whom you connected.

Host a reception for current and potential customers. Invite participants in advance using the conference app or participant list. Set-up fees/venue fees, catering, and AV fees are the sponsor’s responsibility; however, this is a great way to supplement your onsite experience. Space is limited; contact Robin Piccirilli to reserve.

Use online and social marketing opportunities such as webinars, blogs, online videos, Twitter, and Facebook to complement traditional marketing methods before, during, and after the conference.

Send a personalized, handwritten note, along with a customized company information packet or other appropriate material, to participants you connected with within a week following the conference to help turn leads into sales.