Call for Proposals

Thank you for your interest. The Call for Proposals is now closed.

Contact Robin Piccirilli if you have questions.

See the Proposal Guidelines and the Proposal Submission Instructions tabs for additional information.

Presentation Submission Criteria

In order to present at the Innovations Conference, you must

  1. be employed by a community college or not-for-profit university, or
  2. be a sponsor* at this event.

*Sponsor proposals must include at least one community college co-presenter to speak to the success of your partnership.

Benefits of Presenting

  • Share your expertise with colleagues
  • Receive recognition for your innovation
  • Obtain feedback about your practice or program
  • Play an important role in a leading international conference
  • Expand your professional portfolio


The League suggests that potential presenters download the print-friendly version of these guidelines here and prepare their full proposals in a Word document in advance of entering the submission portal. All questions are required and must be answered prior to moving forward in the system.



The Key Presenter is the principal contact and is responsible for coordinating all correspondence among co-presenters and the League, as well as managing and facilitating the presentation.

Session Types

Proposals may be submitted for one of the session types listed below. All sessions are 30 minutes. Because timeslots for each session type are limited, the League reserves the right to change the session type of accepted proposals.

  • Live during the conference; recorded for later viewing
  • Prerecorded, with live chat monitored by presenters during the conference; available for later viewing
  • Prerecorded for viewing during and after the conference


You will be asked to indicate your experience presenting at online/virtual events, and, if applicable, to include a link to a recording of a previous online/virtual event, webinar, or class presentation.

Conference Topics

  • Leadership and Organization
  • Learning and Teaching
  • Student Success
  • Workforce Preparation and Development 

Presentation Title

Presentation titles may include up to 10 words that will catch the attention of conference participants and accurately describe a session. Titles should not include special characters (e.g., !) or all capitalized words (e.g., NOW) unless these elements are part of an official title or acronym.

Presentation Description

Presentation descriptions of up to 150 words are used in the conference program to succinctly, persuasively, and accurately tell participants what to expect from a session. Include how you will you use the platform’s tools, such as polls, Q&A, chat, reactions, and hand raise, to engage the audience.

Descriptions should be written in full sentences to help conference participants determine the scope and level of the session and its appropriateness to their needs. Descriptions should indicate who the session will particularly benefit, if appropriate, and what they will learn.

Presentation Plan

Include session objectives/outcomes, sample content for a typical slide, and a detailed timeline indicating how you will use the 30-minute presentation time. A sample timeline is provided below:

  • 3 minutes – introduction and poll to determine who is in the room
  • 7 minutes – overview of program, project, or initiative (rational/purpose, plan/implementation, results)
  • 2 minutes – poll
  • 6 minutes – issues, challenges, lessons learned
  • 8 minutes – chat/Q&A
  • 4 minutes – next steps and close 


Up to 2 co-presenters may be added to each proposal (3-presenter maximum).

*The League reserves the right to (1) change the session type of accepted proposals, (2) make changes to proposed presentation titles and descriptions, and (3) place sessions in alternative conference topics.

[Click here to download a print-friendly version of these instructions.]

1. Log into your account at

  • If you do not remember your username and/or password, click on “Forgot Password?” and enter the email address you used to create the account. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • If you need to create an account, (a) click on “Create an Account” at the top, right of; (b) read the directions; (c) in the right column, find your institution in the dropdown menu and click on “Found My Institution"; and (d) follow the prompts from there and hit “Submit.”

2. Once you are logged in, click on the “Submit a Proposal” button to the right or click the dropdown arrow next to “My Account” at the top, right of the home page and select “Innovations 2021 Submittal.”

3. Click on “Create New Proposal.” Please note: As you move through the proposal form, you may need to scroll to the top of each page to continue.

4. After carefully reading the information on the Instructions page, hit “Next.”

5. Answer all questions and fill out all fields on the Proposal Details page, then hit “Save.” Maximum word counts are as follows:

  • Proposal Title: 10
  • Proposal Description: 150
  • Presentation Plan: 500

6. If you will have co-presenters, add them as instructed on the Co-Presenters page, and hit “Next.” Contact Judy Greenfield at if a co-presenter does not appear in the “Search for a Customer” list.

7. Make sure each status is checked on the Status page.

8. Hit “Submit” to send your proposal to the League.

9. Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent to you and to each of your co-presenters, if applicable. If you do not receive notification from our office, please follow up with Robin Piccirilli at to ensure that the submission was successful.