Solutions Workshop


The League is collaborating with thought leaders in education, industry, and the nonprofit sector to help colleges find solutions to today’s challenges through online Solutions Workshops. Click here for registration information.

Preparing for the New Normal: The Return to Campus and the Future of the College Enterprise

To initiate these Solutions Workshops, the League is collaborating with Beyond Academics on an innovative series, “Preparing for the New Normal: The Return to Campus and the Future of the College Enterprise,” to be held July 27, 29, and 30, 2020. 

Over these three days, the Beyond Academics team will present 8 modules of programming focused on outcomes-based learning, collaboration, and action planning, and designed for community/technical college personnel. Most modules are 90 to 120 minutes in the live program.

You can opt to participate in one module, multiple modules or all eight modules. You pay only for the modules you want to participate in, and pricing can be as low as $75 per module.

Click here to learn more about what makes this workshop innovative.

    Workshop Presenters

    Soujanya (Chinni) Pulluru
    Higher Education Clinical Advisor
    Akash Pulluru
    Campus Pandemic Response Team Lead
    Matthew Alex
    Beyond Academics Founder
    John Thompson-Haas
    Higher Education and
    Future of Work Thought Leader
    Alok Aiyar
    Solutions Workshop Project Lead
    Joe Abraham
    Beyond Academics Co-Founder
    Bryan Alexander
    Higher Education Futurist
    Mike Thompson
    Future of Learning Thought Leader
    Amanda Ballard
    Future of Learning Thought Leader
    John Voloudakis
    Higher Education Thought Leader


      Workshop Contact

      Robin Piccirilli

      480.705.8200, x232