Learning Summit

Innovative Thinking for Community Colleges

Hosted by Houston Community College at the West Houston Institute

In a workshop facilitated by recognized experts in innovation, Learning Summit—Houston will take participants on a deep dive into the process of innovative thinking. College teams will engage directly with proven material and activities to explore the five themes of the EdgeMakers curriculum in an activity-based workshop. Participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how to use the process of innovative thinking and leave with actionable solutions to real-world challenges to take back to their college, colleagues, and community. 

Although the Learning Summit is designed for college team participation, individuals who are not part of a team are welcome and will have opportunities to meet with participants from other institutions.


Andrea Keith
Vice President
Customer Success

Kevin Norman
Vice President
Educational Partnerships


Conference Contacts


Judy Greenfield

480.705.8200, x200

Hotel, Travel, & Sponsors

Robin Piccirilli

480.705.8200, x232