League for Innovation Announces 2021-2022 Terry O’Banion Student Technology Award Winners


The League for Innovation in the Community College is pleased to announce the selection of the 2021-2022 Terry O’Banion Student Technology Award winners. The awards are presented to students pursuing their education and a career in technology, and given annually in honor of Terry O’Banion, Senior League Fellow and President Emeritus of the League.

Award winners are designated as Student Technology Champion or Student Developer Champion. Student Technology Champion awards are presented to students with a career interest in a technology field. Student Developer Champion awards are presented to students with a career focus specifically in software development. Each winner will each receive a $1,000 scholarship to be used toward their educational expenses and a plaque commemorating their achievement. Award winners will be announced at the virtual Innovations Conference in March 2022.

These outstanding students demonstrate a passion for technology, a commitment to their education and community, and financial need.

Student Developer Champion

Zara Ahmed, Ohlone College

Zara Ahmed is a computer science major with an emphasis on computers, ethics, and equity. Her passion and determination for a career in technology is evidenced by numerous activities and programs that she engages in to expand her experience and knowledge of computing. In addition, her commitment to applying technology to make a difference demonstrates her focus (where possible) on the potential social impact of computing and related technology, especially pertaining to areas of youth and women's rights advocacy and artificial intelligence ethics.

Student Technology Champion

Jeannette Mayo Gallegos, San Diego City College

Jeannette Mayo Gallegos is working toward a leadership role at a major tech company or organization. She is particularly interested in the defense and aerospace industry, and finds that, if used efficiently and properly, technology can become a major helping hand in both collecting data and combating human security issues such as human trafficking. She is a multifaceted student who also has plans to pursue entrepreneurship along the way and sees herself running her own company and brand after she completes her bachelor's degree in computer science.

Learn more about the Terry O'Banion Student Technology Awards here.