Innovation of the Year Awards Honor Community College Educators and Innovative Programs That Serve Students


The League congratulates the 2020-2021 Innovation of the Year Award winners for their contributions to the colleges, students, and communities they serve. Each year, the League recognizes significant innovations at League Board and Alliance member colleges that reflect the spirit of innovation and experimentation upon which the League was founded. The award is designed to celebrate innovative programs, practices, and activities that improve the ability of institutions to serve students and the community and to honor the faculty, staff, and administrators who have created and implemented them.

The League is very impressed with this year’s award recipients, including individuals and teams from 32 institutions who transitioned teaching, learning, and student support services to virtual environments; served underrepresented students in new ways; improved employee access to health care; created directed self-placement tools; and more. Click here to read about Innovation of the Year Award-winning innovations from member institutions.

Participating colleges determine their own eligibility criteria and selection protocol for the local winning innovation. The League recognizes Innovation of the Year Award winners by featuring them on the League website, in the 2021 League Awards Program, and at the 2022 Innovations Conference. In addition, each recipient receives a commemorative pin, an award certificate, and a copy of the League Awards Program.

Lead image: Award winners from Wake Technical Community College