League for Innovation Online Course Sharing Consortium

Now, more than ever, community colleges have an opportunity to solve pressing challenges and support student progress through course sharing, all while generating additional revenue. The League for Innovation Online Course Sharing Consortium, powered by Acadeum, enables Board and Alliance institutions to seamlessly share online courses to support students and solve institutional challenges. Acadeum’s Course Share™ platform allows colleges to easily review, approve, and enroll their students in courses at other member institutions, and to securely exchange the data and dollars needed in cross registration.

Benefits of Course Sharing

  • Students gain access to distance learning courses at other institutions to support progress and completion.
  • Students do not have to enroll at other colleges; courses are transcripted at their home institution.
  • Teaching institutions gain access to students from other colleges to fill open course seats, which may result in faculty being retained.
  • Teaching institutions have the opportunity to develop and implement new certificate and degree programs.
  • Teaching institutions generate new revenue.

Course Sharing Process

  • Teaching institutions choose courses to share and set course prices.
  • Those at home institutions, including students, can search for courses.
  • Home institutions have access to syllabi and faculty information.
  • Students can request only courses that are preapproved by their home institution.
  • Payments between colleges are automated by Acadeum.

Click here to learn more about the first national consortium of community colleges that are sharing online courses to guarantee access, support pathways, and drive completion for all students.

Additional Resource

Acadeum's Course Share Contingency Guide

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