League Excellence Award FAQ

How was I selected for this award?

Each college/district has its own selection criteria. Please refer to the League Excellence Awards primary contact at your institution for information.

My college missed the deadline. Are we still able to submit recipient names for the League Excellence Awards?

Yes. However, names received after the deadline of December 13, 2019, will not be included in the Awards Program or other related publications and print materials.

How can recipients submit their photo to feature at the Innovations Conference?

Recipients who wish to be included in the Closing Session slideshow need to send either a headshot or an in-class photo to sklar@league.org by January 24, 2020. Images downloaded from the Web are not acceptable; high resolution files only (300 dpi preferred).

If I am planning to attend the Innovations Conference, do I have to register?

Yes. Anyone attending the conference is required to register and pay the conference registration fee. This will allow you to participate in the conference, as well as to pick up your medallion and Excellence Awards Program onsite and join in Excellence Awards events. Register before the early registration deadline (November 15, 2019) to save.

If I am unable to attend the Innovations Conference, do I still qualify to receive my award?

Yes. You do not need to attend the Innovations Conference to receive this award. Your medallion, certificate, and Excellence Awards Program will be mailed to your college president/chancellor in late March. Please contact him or her for information about receiving these items.

Our college would like to place a congratulatory ad in the Excellence Awards Program. How do we do this?

Participating colleges and systems are encouraged to submit an ad for the League Excellence Awards Program. The purpose of the ads is to highlight and congratulate Excellence Award recipients from your college, and to bring attention to League Board and Alliance member institutions. Submissions may include photos of recipients and/or a special congratulatory message.

Ad Requirements: TIFF, EPS, or PDF file only; 300 DPI at 100% of ad size; grayscale or 100% black only

Excellence Awards Program Advertisement Dimensions and Pricing

Full-Page Ad: $595.00
7.5” x 9.5”, vertical orientation, bxw

Half-Page Ad: $395.00
7.5” x 4.5”, horizontal orientation, bxw
3.5” x 9.5”, vertical orientation, bxw

Quarter-Page Ad: $195.00
3.5” x 4.5”, vertical orientation, bxw

Click here to download submission instructions. The deadline to submit congratulatory ads is December 13, 2019. Contact Sherry Sklar.

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