Virtual Learning Summit

Seizing the Moment: From Crisis to Opportunity

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Join us November 15-16, 2022, for an exploration of what's next for learning and student success as we consider the challenges of the past three years and find opportunity amid continuing uncertainty.

In this period of upheaval, we're coming together to reexamine, reimagine, and even recreate community college education in ways that enhance and improve service to our students and communities.

Session topics include: 

  • Understanding the Great Opt Out in Community Colleges
  • Embedding Belongingness and Mental Health Support in Student Success Initiatives
  • Ripple Effects: Pandemic (Longer-Term) Consequences for K-12 Learners
  • Sense of Belonging in the Classroom: Pedagogical Practices
  • Do Robots Belong in the Classroom? Building an Intentional Learning Community With Support From Artificial Intelligence
  • The Power of And: An Essential Education for All

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The Learning Summit is a working retreat for college teams and individuals to focus on improving and expanding learning at their institutions, and to accelerate progress on these efforts.