Learning Summit

Hosted by Maricopa County Community College District at The Falls Event Center.

Working Together for Student Success: Communication, Collaboration, and Breaking Down Silos

The June 18-19, 2019, Learning Summit theme centers on ways college teams can think differently about cross-college communication and collaboration to improve student learning and achievement. Participants will explore, within the context of their specific focus topic*:

  • The contributions of various roles across the college in support of student learning and success;
  • Opportunities for collaboration across divisions and departments to improve and expand student learning and achievement;
  • Factors that inhibit communication and collaboration, and ways to overcome such barriers;
  • Types of data that could or should be used to inform specific collaborative efforts around student learning and achievement;
  • Techniques for helping students become more accountable for their own learning and success; and
  • The relationship between professional development, new and ongoing initiatives, and the college’s strategic student learning and achievement goals.

*The Learning Summit is a working retreat for college teams to focus on improving and expanding learning at their institutions, and to accelerate progress on these efforts. Each college team is strongly encouraged to identify a specific project or initiative that will be its focus during the Summit. For example, your team may decide to plan a new or emerging initiative, redesign or strengthen an existing program or project, or reinvigorate a postponed or stalled effort. Although the Learning Summit is designed as a team event, individual representatives from community colleges are welcome to participate!



Allatia Harris
Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives
Workforce Development, Community Relations, and Diversity
San Jacinto College

Marcia Pfeiffer
President (Ret.)
St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley

Cynthia Wilson
Vice President, Learning, and Chief Impact Officer
League for Innovation in the Community College



Conference Contacts


Judy Greenfield

480.705.8200, x200

Hotel, Travel, and Sponsors

Robin Piccirilli

480.705.8200, x232