Call for Proposals

The Call for proposals deadline has passed.

Please contact Robin Piccirilli with questions.


The Key Presenter is the principal contact and is responsible for coordinating all correspondence among co-presenters and the League, as well as managing and facilitating the presentation.

Presentation Type: Forums

Forums are 45-minute concurrent sessions during which presenters share their experiences with innovation, engagement, and/or scalability in finding solutions for student success. Because this work is rarely 100 percent smooth and easy, presenters are expected to include successes and breakthroughs as well as challenges, pitfalls, and lessons learned. Ideally, a presentation will focus on a current or developing initiative that reaches across classes, programs, departments, or the entire college; however, a less extensive innovation or a pilot project is appropriate if plans include expanding its engagement and scale.

Learning Summit Topics: Innovation, Engagement, and Scalability

The Summit’s focus is on the integration of innovation, engagement, and scalability to plan or accelerate solutions for student success. Although your presentation may include all three topics, select the one topic that will be emphasized during the forum.

  • Innovation. Presentations focus on the process for innovation, such as how an innovative practice, program, etc., was conceived, developed, implemented, and evaluated. Presentations might also focus on how innovation itself is promoted and facilitated at your college.
  • Engagement. Presentations focus on engagement strategies that have been used to expand participation in an innovative practice, program, etc. “Participation” may refer to participation of students, faculty, staff, administrators, community members, or others.
  • Scalability. Presentations focus on strategies used to scale an innovative initiative, practice, project, etc., across groups or departments, throughout the college, or into the community.

Presentation Title

Presentation titles may include up to 10 words that will catch the attention of Summit participants and accurately describe a session. Titles should not include periods, exclamation points, or all capitalized words (e.g., NOW) unless these elements are part of an official title or acronym.

Presentation Description

Presentation descriptions of no more than 50 words are used in the Learning Summit program to succinctly, persuasively, and accurately tell participants what to expect from a session. Descriptions should be written in full sentences to help participants determine the scope and level of the session and its appropriateness to their needs. Descriptions should indicate who the session will particularly benefit and what they will learn.

Presentation Plan

Presentation plans include a brief overview of proposed activities, visual aids, and handouts, and a description of how you plan to ensure audience involvement. Traditional lecture-only presentations are strongly discouraged.