Applicants to the Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) are expected to serve in senior leadership positions in community colleges and to be qualified for a presidency by their educational and experiential backgrounds.

The typical applicant will hold an advanced degree and will have three or more years of experience as a senior-level administrator in a community college, usually reporting to the CEO at the campus or district level. ELI is designed primarily for those who have not yet served in a presidency. However, new community college CEOs and those contemplating a transition will also find ELI extremely valuable. Participants are selected from qualified applicants by a national review committee of established presidents.

ELI is an intensive experience, with session formats varying by topic and purpose. Participants should expect to fully immerse themselves in the December in-person and January virtual programming. In order to gain the largest advantage from ELI, it is recommended that participants not attempt to fulfill their job responsibilities on institute days. Family members are not encouraged to attend.

Participant Quotes

“Participating in the Executive Leadership Institute was one of the best professional development opportunities I have ever had. It helped me garner a better understanding of college leadership from the institutional perspective and has prepared me for when I choose to take the next step in my career. I’m grateful for the mentorship and collegiality that the Institute provided to me.”

— Linda Kingston, Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs, Lake Superior College, Class of 2021

“Attending ELI has been a huge benefit for me personally and professionally. Personally, attending has given me a higher level of confidence in my abilities as a leader. Professionally, attending allowed me to expand my network, establish continuing partnerships with colleagues and learn from proven accomplished leaders within higher education.”

— Corey Campbell, Vice President, Student Affairs, Jefferson Community College, Class of 2021

“ELI has inspired me through the sharing of lessons learned, the extraordinarily supportive group of colleagues and faculty. ELI has affirmed my desire to be a community college president and emboldened my confidence to do so. ELI has enlightened me as to what a presidency is really like, as well as what to expect and how to prepare for the application and candidacy process.”

— Kathryn Mueller, Vice President, Student Services, Coastline College, Class of 2020