The Players

Applicants to ELI are expected to serve in senior leadership positions in community colleges and to be qualified for a presidency by their educational and experiential backgrounds.

The typical applicant will hold an advanced degree and will have three or more years of experience as a senior-level administrator in a community college, usually reporting to the CEO at the campus or district level. ELI is designed primarily for those who have not yet served in a presidency. However, new community college CEOs and those contemplating a transition will also find ELI extremely valuable. Participants are selected from qualified applicants by a national review committee of established presidents.

The Executive Leadership Institute is an intensive, five-day experience, with session formats varying by topic and purpose. Participants should expect to immerse themselves in the seminar from Sunday morning through Thursday night. In order to gain the largest advantage from the program, it is recommended that participants not attempt to fulfill their job responsibilities during the institute week. Family members are not encouraged to attend.

Apply for ELI through September 30, 2020. All qualified applicants are urged to apply. Participants do not need to be employed at League Alliance Member institutions. International applications are welcome. The review panel does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, marital status, political affiliation, disability, or any other factor protected by law.

Participant Quotes

“I just wanted to reach out and express how ELI was a truly transformative experience. My thinking, confidence, and perspective changed as a result of ELI.”

Stacey Moore, Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, York Technical College, Class of 2018

“In one week, I was exposed to the depth and breadth of the Presidency. As an aspiring President, I have clarity on the specifics of the job and areas of growth needed to be successful in my next steps.”

Scott Markland, Vice President, Sinclair Community College, Class of 2016

"I came to ELI in search of something and I found it! Experienced community college leaders with integrity, humility, and a sincere desire to serve shared their philosophy, experiences, and reflections with us. ELI is a must for anyone considering serving as a community college president."

Colleen Smith, District Senior Vice President, Collin College, ELI Class of 2015