Author Guidelines

Learning AbstractsLeadership Abstracts, and Innovation Showcase

Guidelines for Prospective Authors

  • Primary Audience for Learning Abstracts and Innovation Showcase: community college faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Primary Audience for Leadership Abstracts: community college leaders

Length: 1,500-2,000 words

Style: American Psychological Association (APA) using the latest Publication Manual

Topics: Click here to see a description of each of the three publications. 


  • Provide a brief introduction that places the topic in context and forecasts the central idea. 
  • Provide major sections describing the topic (e.g., need, problem, issue; process for addressing the need, problem, or issue; results or impact of the process; lessons learned; recommendations; etc.).
  • Close with next steps (e.g., plans for further evaluation and revision, bringing the innovation to scale, etc.).
  • Embed 2-3 digital photographs in your manuscript (optional).

Submission Process

  • Submit in Microsoft Word format only.
  • Embed images (e.g., photos, tables) in your manuscript.

Submit your manuscript here.

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