A Guided Approach to Research: Leveraging Multiple Methodologies to Drive Decision-Making

Hanover Research serves a wide range of educational institutions through primary research (focus groups, surveys, in-depth interviews), secondary research (best practice reports, competitive benchmarking, marketing analyses), and advanced data analytics to help executives and administrators more easily leverage data for decision-making.

While Hanover Research works on a variety of customized projects, such as guided pathways implementation, new campus feasibility studies, comprehensive local needs assessments for Perkins V, alumni career tracking surveys, CTE program assessments, economic impact studies, and more, representatives will be presenting at the 2020 Innovations Conference with South Seattle College on tactics for student success in an age of guided pathways (Tuesday, March 3rd). There will be additional opportunities to connect with Hanover Research at the conference by partaking in a showcase session and visiting the Hanover Research booth (#212) in the exhibit hall.

As a custom market research and grant development organization, Hanover Research’s experience covers a wide range of campus initiatives, and its 800+ members—K12 districts, community and technical colleges, and four-year institutions—often leverage the additional research capacity to answer strategic questions such as the following:

  • Where are the inefficiencies in our enrollment process?
  • Does our academic portfolio include the most compelling, in-demand programs?
  • Which grants should we pursue?
  • What financial aid mix should we offer?
  • How can we strengthen our online presence?
  • Is our institution supporting the needs of our entire student body in their academic pursuits and beyond?
  • Which donor profiles should we pursue?
  • How prepared are our students for the workforce?
  • What is our institution’s economic impact?

Over the past decade, Hanover Research has secured more than $550 million in total grant funding, helped 60 percent of members improve retention rates within one year, and generated more than $70 million in new program revenues through its mixed-methodological approach. Through a process of gathering feedback, analyzing historical data, development best practices, and benchmarking against peers, Hanover Research has enabled two-year colleges to face the future with tailored strategies and not just national trends.

With 53 percent of college graduates unemployed or working in jobs that do not require a bachelor’s degree, higher education institutions are under pressure to better prepare students for the workforce and bridge the college-career gap. While administrators and faculty can work with students individually to plan and prepare for the workforce, they often do not have the resources or capacity to gather and analyze the information they need to create and implement data-driven strategies.

As community and technical colleges seek to lead the way in producing workforce-ready graduates with a focus on access and affordability, Hanover Research developed a suite of solutions to address strategic challenges across every department.

Our team looks forward to meeting you at Innovations 2020!

Hanover Research is an Innovations 2020 sponsor and exhibitor.

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