2022-2023 League Excellence Awards

Alabama, U.S.A.

Snead State Community College

  • Melissa Freshwater, Faculty, Nursing
  • Mark Richard, Athletic Director
  • Heather Steward, Financial Aid Specialist
  • Tom Warren, Faculty, Biology and Horticulture

Wallace State Community College

  • Connie Briehn, Instructor, Biology

Arizona, U.S.A.

Arizona Western College

  • Cinthia Alvarez, Director, Nursing
  • Joann Chang, Associate Dean, Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Education, and Wellness
  • Rebecca Cordero Torres, Director, Military and Veteran Services
  • Angela Creel, Director, Library Services
  • Steve Eckert, Director, Facilities Management
  • Scott Estes, Chief Information Officer
  • Stuart Gibson, Associate Dean, Business, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Elaine Groggett, Director, Curriculum, Assessment, and Scheduling
  • Laura Knaresboro, Chief Operating Officer, AWC Foundation
  • Michelle Landis, Director, Financial Services
  • Biridiana Martinez, Coordinator, Admissions, Recruitment, and Outreach
  • Vanessa Natseway, Coordinator, Student Success Center
  • Katheline Ocampo, Associate Dean, La Paz County Services
  • David Riek, General Manager, KAWC Public Radio
  • Alan Sanchez, Director, Financial Aid
  • Laura Sandigo, Executive Director, Student Resource Services
  • Stephen Suho, Chief of Police
  • Debra Vega, Director, Admissions, and Registrar
  • Susanna Zambrano, Associate Dean, South Yuma County Services

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

  • Renee Rude, Faculty, English
  • Fanny Silvestri, Faculty, Engineering

GateWay Community College

  • Bruce Balfour, Executive Director, Phoenix Forge Makerspace
  • Julie Bolin, Faculty, Nuclear Medicine
  • Mika Davis, Director, Human Resources
  • Candi Komlodi, Faculty, Reading
  • Shannon McGrath, Division Chair, Literacy, Language, and Literature
  • Mario Salinas, Program Manager, Deer Valley Campus
  • Lindsey Wilson, Director, Public Relations and Marketing

Maricopa Community Colleges District Office

  • Alex Kouumdjieva, District Director, Marketing Operations and Digital Strategies, Maricopa Corporate College

Paradise Valley Community College

  • Jenny Hall, Professor, Astronomy
  • Josh Moss, Supervisor, Student Services

Phoenix College

  • Sherlyn Celaya, Program Director, Business
  • Marcia Corby, Faculty, Mathematics
  • Dianne Miller, Faculty, Reading
  • Jeni Ussery, Faculty, Reading

Rio Salado College

  • Melanie Abts, Faculty Chair, Counseling
  • Mitra Mehraban, Faculty, Counseling
  • O. Tafari Osayande, Associate Dean, Community Standards

Scottsdale Community College

  • Natalie Case, Education Programs Developer, Center for Native and Urban Wildlife
  • John Weser, Faculty, Biology

South Mountain Community College

  • Stephen Hustedde, Faculty, Computer Information Systems

Yavapai College

  • Patrick Burns, Chief Information Officer
  • Jennifer McCormack, Public Information Officer
  • Michael Schaible, Professor, Computer Numerically Controlled Machining

Arkansas, U.S.A.

Arkansas State University - Mid-South 

  • Callie Dunavin, Associate Vice Chancellor, Workforce and Strategic Initiatives, and Director, ADTEC

California, U.S.A.

Cuyamaca College

  • Brianna Brown, Faculty, English
  • Cynthia Luna, Adjunct Faculty, English

De Anza College

  • Dave Capitolo, Instructor, Automotive Technology
  • Claudia Guzman, Program Coordinator II, Staff and Organizational Development
  • Abdel-Moaty Fayek, Dean, Instruction

Grossmont College

  • Sharon Sampson, Faculty, Administration of Justice
  • Tara Venn, Adjunct Faculty, Administration of Justice

Long Beach City College

  • Jennifer Holmgren, Interim Director, Planning
  • Arne Nystrom, Senior Network Administrator
  • Trisha Wilging, Coordinator, Student Learning Outcomes, and Associate Professor, Reading

Mission College

  • Kristal Dela Cruz, Management Assistant and Classified Senate President
  • Nita Esparza, Faculty and Program Review Committee Chair, Communications
  • Manuel Salazar, Director, TRIO

Illinois, U.S.A.

College of DuPage

  • Joseph Cassidy, Assistant Vice President, Economic Development, and Dean, Continuing Education and Extended Learning
  • Jennifer Cumpston, Dean, STEM
  • Tauya Forst, Professor, Justice Studies
  • Jennifer Kelley, Reference Librarian
  • James Tumavich, Assistant Professor, Manufacturing Technology

Elgin Community College

  • Liddy Hope, Assistant Professor II, Human Services
  • Natalie Leisering, Director, Academic Advising
  • Debra Norden, Office Coordinator II, Sustainability, Business, and Career Technologies
  • David Strossner, Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Services
  • Erin Vobornik, Adjunct Faculty, ESL

Harper College

  • Karega Cooper, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Sue Egan, Executive Assistant, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Esmeralda Guerrero Lopez, Coordinator, Student Diversity Initiatives
  • Stephanie Horton, Professor, English
  • Sean Warren-Crouch, Program Manager, Promise Scholarship

Moraine Valley Community College

  • Jane Bentley, Director, Purchasing
  • Rita Ferriter, Assistant Professor, Developmental Reading
  • Susan Godwin, Professor, Developmental Reading
  • Jennifer Lee-Good, Instructor, Developmental Reading
  • Dave Viar, Instructor, Welding, and Chair, Mechanical Technologies

Iowa, U.S.A.

Kirkwood Community College

  • Jamie Henze, Coordinator, Student Services
  • Julia Rabe, Assistant Professor, American Sign Language
  • Jeffrey Sadler, Assistant Professor, Biology

Kansas, U.S.A.

Allen Community College

  • Frankie Chapman, Administrative Assistant to the Athletic Director
  • Travis Robb, Instructor, Biological Science

Garden City Community College

  • Veronica Goosey, Associate Professor, English
  • Allison Griffin, Head Athletic Trainer
  • Shelli Lalicker, Associate Professor, Science
  • Sydnee Sassaman, Director, Advising

Johnson County Community College

  • Teresa Schmitz, Supervisor, Registration Specialist

Kentucky, U.S.A.

Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

  • Mark Leonhardt, Liaison, Workforce Solutions
  • Kelcie Richart, Campus Director, Franklin-Simpson Center
  • Renea Watkins, Assistant Professor, Allied Health and Nursing


Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica

  • Tatrice Wendy-Kay Batchelor, Principal Lecturer 2, Science Education and Renewable Energy Technology
  • Desmond Campbell, Dean of Faculty
  • Althea Chin, Principal Lecturer, Communication Studies
  • Bridgette Flowers, Examination Officer
  • Donna Gilling, Lecturer, Business Education
  • Glen Heaven, Registrar
  • Yvonne Laidlaw, Lecturer, Business Education and Human Resource Management
  • Petrona Marshall, Vice Principal
  • Sean Simpson, Head of Department and Senior Lecturer, Hospitality Services

Louisiana, U.S.A.

Louisiana Delta Community College 

  • Stacey Andrews, Instructor, Health Sciences
  • Allison Gault, Instructor, Business Office Administration
  • Jerome Wheeler, Instructor, HVAC

South Louisiana Community College

  • Paige McGee, Instructor, Criminal Justice

Maryland, U.S.A.

Allegany College of Maryland

  • Heather Greise, Associate Professor, Academic Development
  • Shauna McQuade, Director, Public Relations and Marketing
  • Kara Riley, Administrative Office Manager, Information Technology and eLETS

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Aubrey Baden, Adjunct Faculty, English
  • Debra Bartlett, Academic Chair and Professor, Biology
  • Michelle Bentley, Associate Professor, TEACH Institute
  • Tara Carew, Director, Financial Aid
  • Mickey Dehn, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Kim Law, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems
  • Scott Muir, Senior Desktop Support, Technology Support Services
  • Karen Phelan, Associate Professor, TEACH Institute
  • Christina Songy, Coordinator, Mathematics Support
  • Andre Yancey, Team Leader, Technology Support Services

Carroll Community College

  • Nancy Perry, Advisor, Nursing

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Tara Meyer, Case Manager, Opioid-Impacted Family Support Program
  • Elizabeth Smith, Assistant Professor, Opioid-Impacted Family Support Program

Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Middlesex Community College

  • Kerrianne Gamache, Associate Professor, English
  • Tracy Joyce, Coordinator, Library Services
  • Lara Kradinova, Professor, English
  • Kimberly Robbins, Library Assistant

Michigan, U.S.A.

Delta College

  • Brandell Adams, Second Chance Pell Coordinator and Student Success Advisor
  • Angela Guy-Lee, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Anna Williams, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, Student and Educational Services

Minnesota, U.S.A.

Century College

  • Walter Ayala, Tier Specialist, Information Technology
  • Genzeb Jan Terchino, Instructional Designer, Center for Professional Development and Collaboration
  • Dana LeMay, Director, Center for Professional Development and Collaboration
  • Roberta Link, Director, Creative Services
  • Yia Lor, Director, TRIO/Upward Bound
  • Megan McClellan, Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness
  • David Mekala, Faculty, Engineering
  • Lewis Muaka, Workstation Support, Information Technology
  • Nhia Xiong, Director, AANAPISI
  • Ruth Wollersheim, Faculty, Humanities

Normandale Community College

  • Susan Krook, Instructor, Anthropology
  • Betsy Longley, Instructor, Chemistry

Missouri, U.S.A.

St. Louis Community College

  • Carl Fischer, Assistant Professor, Engineering and Technology
  • Elizabeth Granier, Professor, Biological Science
  • Kim Halleman, Manager, Academic Success and Tutoring
  • Marilyn Powers, Supervisor, Business Services
  • Chad Shade, Manager, Admissions
  • Casey Shiller, Professor, Hospitality
  • Joan Williams, Administrative Assistant, President’s Office

Nebraska, U.S.A.

Central Community College

  • Troy Davis, Instructor, Advanced Manufacturing
  • Nick Freelend, Director, Student Activities and Counseling
  • Lisa Gdowski, Director, Financial Aid
  • Catrina Gray, Director, Apprenticeships
  • Corey Hatt, Program Director, Math Readiness
  • Lindsay Higel, Program Director, Hospitality and Restaurant Management
  • Jeff Kitson, Instructor, Music
  • Joni Ransom, Chief of Staff
  • Joni Schlatz, Instructor, Health Information Management
  • Aaron Thiessen, Supervisor, Groundskeeping

New Jersey, U.S.A.

Hudson County Community College

  • Antonio Acevedo, Associate Professor, History
  • Eric Adamson, Assistant Professor, English
  • Daisy Baiza, Administrative Assistant, STEM
  • Jeanne Baptiste, Instructor, English
  • Anita Belle, Director, Workforce Pathways
  • David Clark, Dean, Student Affairs
  • Patricia Clay, Chief Information Officer
  • Christopher Conzen, Executive Director, Secaucus Center and Early College Programs
  • Heather DeVries, Dean, Academic Affairs and Assessment
  • Chastity Farrell, Director, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
  • Michael Ferlise, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Matt Fessler, Dean, Enrollment Services
  • Veronica Gerosimo, Assistant Dean, Student Life and Leadership
  • Karen Hosick, Instructor, Personal Fitness and Exercise Science
  • Ara Karakashian, Dean, Business, Culinary Arts, and Hospitality Management
  • Matt LaBrake, Executive Director, Center for Online Teaching and Learning
  • Jose Lowe, Director, Educational Opportunity Fund
  • Lori Margolin, Associate Vice President, Continuing Education and Workforce Development\
  • Sylvia Mendoza, Dean, Financial Aid
  • Jedediah Palmer, Director, English and ESL
  • Raffaella Pernice, Professor, Biology
  • Doreen Pontius, Director, Mental Health Counseling and Wellness
  • Laurie Riccadonna, Professor, Studio Arts
  • Paula Roberson, Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation
  • Gretchen Schulthes, Director, Advisement
  • Cathie Seidman, Professor, Criminal Justice and Homeland Security
  • Catherine Sweeting, Associate Professor, English
  • Jeremiah Teipen, Professor, Computer Arts and Digital Art and Design
  • John Urgola, Assistant Director, Institutional Research
  • Lilisa Williams, Director, Faculty and Staff Development
  • Burl Yearwood, Dean, STEM

Union College of Union County

  • Mushtaq Khan, Senior Professor, Chemistry

New Mexico, U.S.A.

New Mexico State University - Alamogordo

  • Janet Delgado, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

  • Todd Nims, Faculty, Natural Resources
  • Ashley Tso, Director, Enrollment Management

North Carolina, U.S.A.

Fayetteville Technical Community College

  • Rondell Bennett, Chair, Early Childhood
  • Donna DeVault, Instructor, Business Administration
  • Larry Harmon, Program Coordinator, Automotive Systems Technology, Maintenance, and Light Repair
  • Jessica Jones, Instructor, Dental Hygiene
  • Kristen Kaiafas, Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing 
  • Margarete Morley, Instructor, College and Career Readiness
  • Dwarka Ramphal, Program Coordinator, Communication
  • Michelle Robinson, Instructor, Mathematics
  • Sara Smith, Instructor, Advertising and Graphic Design

Wake Technical Community College

  • Brittany Hochstaetter, Professor, Communication and Theatre
  • Rachel Madsen, Senior Director, Assessment, Research, and Evaluation

Ohio, U.S.A.

Central Ohio Technical College

  • Charles DePriest, Lead Mental Health Therapist, Counseling Services
  • Michele Hindel, Office Manager, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs
  • Troy King, Director, Student Success
  • Jacqueline Parrill, Vice President and Chief of Staff
  • Laura Walsh, Office Associate, Advancement

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Casandra Coin-Sweeney, Associate Professor, English
  • Daniel Levin, Associate Professor, Photography
  • Erin Susick, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Ky-Wai Wong, Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management

Sinclair Community College

  • Craig Birkemeier, Professor, Mathematics
  • Kathy Elson, Professor, Mental Health and Addictions
  • Vonya Lewis-Thornton, Professor, History
  • Jessica McKinley, Professor, Communication

Ontario, Canada

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

  • David Neumann, Professor, Media and Creative Arts

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Harrisburg Area Community College

  • Sarah Lupinacci, Associate Professor, English
  • Joseph Miller, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Lisa Weigard, Professor, Information Science

Reading Area Community College

  • Carol Bean-Ritter, Professor, Social Sciences
  • Linda Cuesta, Manager, Information Center/Events
  • Craig Fenn, Professor, STEM
  • Joey Flamm Costello, Instructor, Communications, Arts and Humanities
  • Sarah Hess, Manager, RACC Foundation
  • Marjorie Kerbel, Professor, Foundational Studies
  • Jane Mahoney, Coordinator, Enrollment Services, and Communications Specialist
  • Anh Nguyen, Assistant Professor, Business
  • David Pennypacker, Library Technology and Access Specialist
  • Megan Schappell, House Manager and Box Office Coordinator, Miller Center for the Arts
  • Sandy Strause, Executive Administrative Assistant, Office of the President
  • David Sweeley, Dean, Assessment, Research, and Planning
  • Judith Vecchio, Manager, Training and Workforce Development
  • Megan Zerillo, Assistant Professor, Health Professions

Tennessee, U.S.A.

Columbia State Community College 

  • Iris Anderson, Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Jon Arnold, Purchasing Coordinator and Financial Analyst
  • Ryan Badeau, Assistant Professor, Physics
  • Linda Boshers, Administrative Secretary, Academic Affairs
  • Jessica Evans, Assistant Professor, English
  • Melissa Febbroriello, Counselor and Case Manager
  • Victoria Gay, Dean, Humanities/Social Science
  • David Hall, Director, Maintenance
  • Tim Hallmark, Director, Facilities Services
  • Tracey Hines, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Keith Isbell, Associate Vice President, Business Services
  • Erin Kealey, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Matt Lewis, Director, Financial Aid
  • Ryan Moore, Network and Systems Analyst
  • Angela Peters, Custodial Lead Worker
  • Dana Roe, Purchasing Clerk, Business Services
  • Anne Scott, Director, Library
  • Kelly Stinnett, Administrative Secretary, Faculty/Curriculum/Programs

Northeast State Community College

  • Richard Blevins, Department Head and Assistant Professor, Aviation
  • Michael Collins, Manager, Academic Computing
  • Rayma Gibbs, Student Outreach and Engagement Specialist
  • Margaret Hohrein, Administrative Assistant, Humanities
  • Jane Honeycutt, Assistant Vice President, Teaching Excellence and Academic Services
  • Dale Ledford, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Nona Shepard, Associate Professor, English

Texas, U.S.A.

Alvin Community College

  • Erin MacKenzie, Instructor, Biology
  • Bridget Ruth, Clinical Coordinator, Health Information Management

Austin Community College District

  • Cameron Addis, Faculty, History
  • Laura DiMeo, Adjunct Faculty and Instructional Associate, Radio-Television-Film
  • Roland Hayes, Faculty, History
  • Courtney Mlinar, Head Librarian and Faculty, Library Services
  • Linda Morrison, Regional Director, Campus Operations
  • Sally Samford, Faculty, Professional Nursing, and Tutor, Round Rock Campus
  • Sima Sohrabi, Faculty, Dental Hygiene
  • Linda Terry, Executive Dean, Admissions, Enrollment, and Completion

Brazosport College

  • Corrina Bickham, Senior Administrative Office Assistant, Assessment Center
  • David Sysma, Assistant Professor, History

Collin College

  • Deidra Carpenter, Program Career Coach, Workforce
  • Raven Hartkopf, Professor, Collision Technology
  • Charlene Houston, Professor, ESL Skills Development
  • Nadia Khedairy, Program Career Coach, Workforce
  • Sarah Lee, Executive Dean, Collin Virtual Campus
  • Nicola Marshman, Director, Strategic Initiatives
  • Erika McIlnay, Coordinator, Music and Art Lab
  • Cassie Peak, Assistant to the Dean, Academic Affairs/Workforce
  • Amber Schmid, Manager, Financial Aid Programs
  • Amy Wilson, Director, Nursing ADN

Houston Community College System 

  • Margaret Freeman, Professor, Health Sciences
  • Zachary Hodges, President
  • Anamaria Lopez, Associate Dean, Student Engagement
  • Jing Sun, Professor, Chemistry
  • Jennifer Vacca, Adjunct Academy Facilitator

San Jacinto College District

  • James Albritton, Coordinator, Division Operations, Natural and Health Sciences
  • Lynne Brandt, Chair, Music and Audio Engineering
  • Phuong Doan, Professor, Chemistry
  • Kam Marvel, Director, Talent Technology and Support
  • Jessica McCarroll, Senior Administrative Assistant, Liberal Arts
  • Jose Nuñez, Professor, Chemistry
  • Mary Orlando, Professor, Integrated Reading and Writing
  • Angel Rodriquez, Equipment Operator, Maritime Transportation
  • Kimberly Vos, Senior Administrative Assistant, English
  • Eddie Weller, Director, Honors

South Texas College

  • Sylvia Flores, Associate Professor, Sociology, and Faculty Senate President
  • Joel Jason Rodriquez, Chair, Theatre and Dance, and President, Council of Chairs
  • Christopher Nelson, Dean, Liberal Arts
  • Becky Owens, Librarian III, Systems and Apps

Washington, U.S.A.

North Seattle College

  • Leann Dittmar, Faculty, Pharmacy Technician
  • Ann Murkowski, Faculty, Biology
  • Benjamin Roberts, Faculty, Electronics
  • Justina Rompogren, Faculty, English
  • Christine Unutzer-Girardet, Faculty, Transitional Studies
  • William White, Faculty, Early Childhood Education

Peninsula College

  • H. Cynthia Brooke, Instructor, I-BEST - Addiction Studies

Seattle Central College

  • Maya Esquivido, Indigenous Studies Teaching and Curriculum Design Fellow
  • Kimberly McRae, Interim Dean, Student Success
  • Helena Ribeiro, Full-Time Faculty, English

Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Madison Area Technical College

  • Lindsay Amiel, Full-Time Faculty, Economics
  • Jilene Huizenga, Chair, Entrepreneurship
  • Loise Kirore, Faculty, Nursing
  • Marco Torrez-Miranda, Faculty Director, Institute for Equity and Transformational Change
  • Adina Ness, Full-Time Faculty and Clinical Dentist, Health Sciences
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