2020-2021 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: South Texas College

Innovating the Online Classroom Through the Google IT Support Professional Certificate

In fall 2020, South Texas College was awarded a grant from Jobs of the Future to offer students pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer and Information Technologies (CIT) the opportunity to earn the Google IT Support Professional certificate at no cost. This online certificate program prepares students for entry-level IT jobs where they will need to provide customer support by troubleshooting technical problems and performing day-to-day IT support tasks such as configuring computer systems, installing software, and managing networks. The Google IT Support program was continued in spring 2021, after the grant period, to offer this opportunity to more students. This important credential enhances the resumes of our future CIT graduates and has provided them with additional experience to improve their employability.


  • Ali Esmaeili, Dean, Math, Science, IT, and Bachelor Programs
  • Jose Gomez, Public Relations Specialist
  • Graciela Gonzales, Grant Development Officer
  • Nicholas Hinojosa, Instructor, Computer Science
  • Jamie Maldonado, Student Success Specialist, Starr County Campus
  • Judy Martinez, Coordinator, Scholarships
  • Dalina Medina, Project Manager, Math, Science, IT, and Bachelor Programs
  • Emma Miller, Chair, Applied Technology
  • Arturo Montiel, Campus Administrator, Starr County Campus
  • Maria Nuñez, Faculty Secretary, Starr County Campus
  • Kevin Peek, Professor, Economics
  • Daniel Perez, Student Retention Specialist, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • David Plummer, Interim President        
  • Maricela Silva, Academic Initiatives and Projects Officer
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