2020-2021 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Moraine Valley Community College

Online Tutoring Implementation

When the Moraine Valley Community College campus shut down in March 2020, the Online Tutoring Implementation Team developed new processes and technology solutions to implement online tutoring—a critical student resource that had not previously been available in a virtual format. Within two weeks, the team determined which systems to use for online tutoring sessions and appointment scheduling. A Web form was built for students to request online tutoring. Once the form was submitted, software the Tutoring Center already used for tracking in-person appointments created an online appointment. A confirmation was then sent to the student and tutor. A virtual front desk also was needed to manage appointments and send Zoom links to students. Because many tutors are retirees, a team member conducted training on how to use the technology and tutor online effectively. As a result of these efforts, transitioning to online tutoring was seamless. The team had no major issues, and, most importantly, students got the help they needed while skilled tutors were retained.


  • Jeffrey Carpenter, Tutor Specialist, Learning Enrichment and College Readiness
  • Kipp Cozad, Coordinator, Tutoring and Literacy, Learning Enrichment and College Readiness
  • China Dostal, Web Services Manager, Information Technology
  • Mike Loveday, Senior Web Content Specialist, Marketing and Communications
  • Ann Pendergast , Tutor, Academic Skills Center
  • Kaylyn Walters, Lead Tutor, Learning Enrichment and College Readiness
  • Alec Werner, Lead Tutor, Tutoring Center
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