2020-2021 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Montgomery County Community College

Montco Connect

The Montco Connect project was initiated to improve the effectiveness of student communications. While the college utilizes email to reach students, open rates do not exceed 40 percent. Additionally, text messaging is effective, but rendered useless should a student opt out. The Connect project attempts to leverage the fact that the Web portal is required to access all Montgomery County Community College digital systems, assuming more students will see and interact with targeted or engaging communications. Additionally, the platform has combined online clubs previously served through a separate platform. Lastly, the platform includes a companion mobile app.


  • Mary Beaver, Director, Enterprise Software Systems
  • Angelia Cavaliere, Manager, Administrative Computing
  • Holly Ann Clayton, Executive Director, Communications and Marketing
  • Amelia Fox, Manager, Communications and Marketing
  • Kasey Golding, Instructional Designer/Technologist
  • Molly Hafner, Director, Communications and Marketing
  • Amanda Hall, Coordinator, Admissions and Records
  • Michael Harcum, Associate Director, Admissions and Records
  • Sean Hutchinson, Coordinator, Academic Affairs
  • Joe Mancini, Executive Director, Technology
  • Natalie Palmer, Director, Enrollment Services
  • Andrew Rosner, Technician, Media Technologies
  • Sarah Schenk, Coordinator, Student Life
  • Tyler Steffy, Director, Student Life
  • Robert Vogel, Analyst, Administrative Computing
  • Tiffany Webber, Director, Admissions and Records
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