2020-2021 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Institute of Technical Education – Technology Development Centre

High-Density Marine Aquafarming Using IoT

Currently, more than 100 coastal fish farms in Singapore are affected by weather conditions and water quality. Unsuccessful in farming high-value fishes, coastal farmers farm low-value ones, with poor survival rates. This proof-of-concept project integrates high-tech indoor fish farming methods to provide optimum conditions for fish survival. The solution is commercially viable as it ensures a 90 percent survival rate of the tasty, high-value Hybrid Grouper without using hormones or antibiotics. Using stackable repurposed tanks, this scalable aquafarming project saves space and running costs. Its water treatment system eliminates the need to change or replenish water. Integrated Internet of Things (IoT) technology also enhances remote monitoring and productivity. The success of the project demonstrates its potential to provide an alternative source of fresh fish for Singapore and enhance food security. The team is collaborating with a local company for mass field trial, system licensing, and solution deployment.


  • Chang Shion Seng, Technology Development Engineer
  • Chew Yong Hui, Senior Lecturer, Electrical Engineering
  • Chong Kok Leong, Technology Development Engineer
  • Ho Kwong Yin, Senior Technical Officer
  • Shaun Yu Shyuan Kang, Head, Software Engineering
  • Tay Hong Chuan, Head, Engineering Design
  • Teh Tuan Ann, Manager, Technology Development
  • Tina Tang Shuo, Technology Development Engineer
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