2020-2021 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Delta College

Scientific Digital Pedagogy and Diversity Partnerships

Over the past three decades, in addition to helping update the physical science learning environments, this innovator has both led and cooperatively worked with her colleagues to write laboratory manuals, create quality online learning experiences for students in need of flexible options, and develop curricula—13 new courses in total, all but one of which have been, currently are, or will be taught by other faculty. Her campus work on diversity is unparalleled; she is a leader in diversity education for employees and students through her work with Exploring Diversity curriculum, has led numerous diversity initiatives through her work as co-chair of the President’s Diversity Task Force and co-chair of the Delta College Prism Alliance, and has helped maintain Delta’s long-term partnership with our sister college through her numerous trips to Kenya.


  • Charissa Urbano, Professor, Biology

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