2019-2020 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: San Diego Mesa College - San Diego Community College District

Teacher Education Pathways Project

San Diego K-12 schools experience a shortage of bilingual Spanish/English STEM teachers. To position San Diego Mesa College (Mesa College) as the college for aspiring educators, the Teacher Education Pathway Project (TEPP) prepares educators who reflect their students’ backgrounds. Linguistically and culturally diverse students return to teach in their communities after TEPP’s comprehensive two-year preparation pathway, with supports and transfer partnerships with four-year institutions to complete low to no-cost degrees. TEPP expands curriculum and commits to student success and educational equity through two pathways: (1) the DEBER Scholars Program, preparing bilingual/biliterate students through a partnership with San Diego State University, and (2) the STEM Teacher Education Program. TEPP includes funding, curricular pathways, student support, and a path to employment. The pathway begins in high school dual enrollment classes and at Mesa College with first-year students. The TEPP committee creates a strong presence for and recognition of teacher education.

Innovators: Laurie Lorence, Andy MacNeill, Isabel O’Connor

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