2018 Excellence Awards Recipient List

Alabama, U.S.A.

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College

  • Arlene Davis, Associate Dean, Institutional Advancement

Snead State Community College

  • Steven DiBlasi, Instructor, Music, and Coordinator, Fine Arts
  • Barbara Hudson, Instructor, Music
  • Dee McClellan, Director, Health Sciences
  • Eddie Simmons, Lead Maintenance Technician

Wallace State Community College

  • Kathy Buckelew, Instructor, English 

Arizona, U.S.A.

Central Arizona College

  • Christine Cook, Professor, Math
  • Shelley Decker, Professor, English

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

  • Diana Geraghty, Faculty, Nursing
  • Jennifer Peterson, Faculty, Education
  • Karen Wellner, Faculty, Biology

GateWay Community Colleges

  • Jessica Brosilo, Student Service Analyst Senior, Academic Affairs
  • Shala Dveirin, Program Manager, Trade and Technical
  • Ronda Mann, Health Care Instructor Senior, Trade and Technical
  • Margi Schultz, Director, Gateway Nursing
  • Mark Woehl, Program Manager, Trade and Technical

Mohave Community College

  • Rosemarie LeFebvre, Associate Dean, Student Success and Retention    

Paradise Valley Community College

  • David Bradley, Residential Faculty, Art
  • Kurt Hill, Residential Faculty, Geography
  • Chase Hurwitz, Fiscal Analyst
  • James Loop, Residential Faculty, Computer Information Systems
  • Bahman Maneshni, Residential Faculty, Economics
  • Julie Olander, Residential Faculty, Chemistry 
  • Adria Pecora, Residential Faculty, Art 
  • Brett Reed, Residential Faculty, Music
  • Jon Storslee, Residential Faculty, Computer Information Systems             

Rio Salado College

  • Angela Kwan, Faculty Chair, Administration of Justice Studies and Paralegal
  • Kerrie Specker, Faculty Chair, Computer Technology, and Director, Honors

Scottsdale Community College

  • Jenifer Bohart, Faculty, Mathematics
  • Patricia Dueck, Faculty, Mathematics
  • Robert Martin, Program Director, Exercise Science, Personal Training, and Nutrition
  • Lucas Messer, Vice President, Instructional Services        

South Mountain Community College

  • Marilyn Torres, Faculty, Storytelling

Arkansas, U.S.A.

Arkansas State University – Mid-South          

  • Stephanie Krehl, Director, Title II PBI Grant Program

Arkansas State University – Newport

  • Maria Bedwell, Coordinator, Workforce Training
  • Veronica Manning, Dean, Student Development              

California, U.S.A.

Cerritos College

  • Froylan Cabuto, Instructor, Foreign Language
  • Amber Dofner, Program Facilitator, Student Activities
  • Valyncia Raphael, Director, Diversity, Compliance, and Title IX Coordinator             

Cuyamaca College

  • Donald Jones, Instructor, Water and Wastewater Technology

De Anza College

  • Brandon Bailey, Writer and Editor, Communications
  • Edwin Carungay, Multimedia Coordinator, Communications
  • Larry Ching, Web Support Technician, Communications
  • Alex Harrell, Web Administrator, Communications
  • Lydia Hearn, Instructor, English
  • Steven Nguyen, Multimedia Producer, Communications
  • George Robles, Supervisor, Extended Opportunities Programs and Services
  • Iman Seale, Communications Associate, Communications
  • Marisa Spatafore, Associate Vice President, Communications and External Relations
  • Lori Susi, Graphic Designer, Communications

Grossmont College

  • Oralee Holder, Professor and Chair, English
  • Richard Unis, Instructor, Sociology

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

  • Linda Bertolucci , Senior Director, Purchasing, Contracts, and Ancillary Services 
  • Jennifer Fujimoto, Senior Director, Fiscal Services

Long Beach City College

  • Jonah Lopez, Business Analyst IV, Instructional and Information Technology Services
  • Marc D. Smith, Coordinator, Nursing and Allied Health
  • Colin Williams, Librarian

District of Columbia, U.S.A.

University of the District of Columbia Community College

  • Matt Colburn, Adjunct Professor, English 
  • Peter Ufland, Associate Professor, History

Florida, U.S.A.

Gulf Coast State College

  • Amber Clark, Associate Professor, Language and Literature
  • Emmanuel Hernandez, Assistant Professor, Business and Technology
  • Jessica Owens, Information Desk Receptionist, Student Affairs
  • Katrina Porter, Coordinator, Student Event Planning

Indian River State College

  • Helen Wiersma-Koch, Assistant Professor, Biology

Santa Fe College

  • Cheryl Canova, Director, Andrews Center
  • Kerry Chancey, Associate Professor, Sciences for Health
  • John McNeely, Associate Vice President, Career and Technical Education
  • Carol Thomas, Associate Professor, Sciences for Health
  • Samia Williams, Associate Professor, Sciences for Health

Tallahassee Community College

  • Christy Mantzanas, Coordinator, Career Placement
  • Patrick McDermott, Program Coordinator and Associate Professor, Student Life Skills

Valencia College

  • Joshua Austin, Manager, Learning Support Services
  • Marsha Butler, Faculty, New Student Experience
  • Magdala Emmanuel, Professor, Mathematics
  • Wendy Givoglu, Dean, Arts and Entertainment
  • Jocelyn Morales, Counselor
  • Andrew Ray, Professor, Building Construction Technology
  • Vasudha Sharma, Professor, Chemistry
  • Natali Shulterbrondt, Counselor

Georgia, U.S.A.

Southern Crescent Technical College

  • Vhyahyn Maloof, Instructor, Biology
  • Chris Patterson, Instructor, Welding and Joining Technology
  • James Peas, Instructor, Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Kimberly Register, Chair, Practical Nursing
  • Tahesha Wade, Chair, Business Management

Illinois, U.S.A.

Carl Sandburg College

  • Suvineetha Herath, Instructor, Information and Communication Technology

Elgin Community College

  • Abigail Bailey, Assistant Professor II, Mathematics
  • Marc Hucek, Assistant Professor I, Welding
  • Amybeth Maurer, Director, Orientation and Student Life
  • Tyler O'Donnell, Recruitment Coordinator IV
  • Annamarie Schopen, Managing Director, Institutional Compliance and Curriculum

Harper College

  • Victoria Atkinson, Dean, Student Development
  • Michael Bates, Dean, Teaching, Learning, and Distance Education
  • Kathy Bruce, Dean, Mathematics and Science
  • John Garcia, Professor, Liberal Arts
  • Kristin Hoffhines, Associate Dean, Advising Services

Moraine Valley Community College

  • Thomas Dow, Professor and Chair, Communications
  • Walter Fronczek, Dean, Liberal Arts
  • Anne Morgan, Professor, Nursing

Morton College

  • Carlos Dominguez, Faculty, Math
  • Derek C. Shouba, Associate Provost
  • Robert Wood, Faculty, Psychology

Prairie State College

  • Jennifer Eick-Magan, Associate Professor, English as a Second Language
  • Joshua Green, Associate Professor, Communication
  • Angela Hung, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Steve Kifowit, Professor, Mathematics

Iowa, U.S.A.

Iowa Western Community College

  • Samantha M. Delagarza, Instructor, Psychology
  • Carrie Lacy, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Carol Ann Young, Instructor, Sustainable Energy

Kirkwood Community College

  • Cindy S. Cochran, Professor, Communications Studies
  • Scott Dean Johnson, Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology
  • Bobbi Miller, Associate Dean of Students
  • Beth Ann Zamsow, Professor, Music, Arts, and Humanities

Kansas, U.S.A.

Allen Community College

  • Chris Freelove, Administrative Assistant, Senior Administration
  • Jon Wells, Instructor, History and Political Science

Butler Community College

  • Donnie Featherston, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
  • Marty Keenan, Adjunct Professor, Criminal Justice

Johnson County Community College

  • Pamela Hulen, Associate Professor, Marketing and Management
  • Heather Seitz, Professor, Biology

Neosho County Community College

  • Kyle Bures, Coordinator, Teaching and Learning Center
  • Alan Murray, Instructor, Music

Wichita Area Technical College

  • Don Roswurm, Adjunct Faculty, Business and Computer Apps
  • David Salzman, Faculty, Aviation Maintenance

Kentucky, U.S.A.

Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

  • Sonya Corder, Administrative Assistant, Allied Health and Nursing
  • Donna Hayden, Administrative Assistant, Outreach and Community Development
  • Kim Myers, Director, Workforce Solutions
  • Byron Pennycuff, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Louisiana, U.S.A.

Bossier Parish Community College

  • Kathryn Bickham, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
  • Stacey Black, Associate Professor, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 
  • Kori Hearon, Systems Analyst, Computer Services
  • Shannon Jones, Assistant Director, Human Resources
  • Christy Moore, Executive Assistant, Chancellor
  • Mandy Perdue, Instructor and Program Director, Early Childhood Education
  • Charles Reed, Professor, Science, Nursing, and Allied Health
  • Jennifer Robison, Instructor, Communications and Performing Arts
  • Justin Tison, Assistant Director, College Transition Programs
  • Michelle Triplet, Media Specialist, Student Life
  • Becky Turbeville, Instructor, Business    
  • Juanita Venable , Senior Programmer, Analyst Computer Services 
  • Jennifer Ware, Administrative Coordinator, Admissions

Delgado Community College

  • Dena Frickey, Professor, Science and Mathematics
  • Andrew Loar, Lab Coordinator, Distance Learning
  • Karen Muhsin, Assistant Dean, Business and Technology
  • Sadhana Ray, Professor, Arts and Humanities

Louisiana Delta Community College

  • Andrea Ballard, Coordinator, Career and Technical Education
  • Nicole Barfield, Counselor, Workforce Development
  • Lena Brown, Assistant Professor, Allied Health, Registered Nurse 
  • LaTanya Carter, Instructor, Adult Basic Education
  • Wendy Comfort, Liaison, High School Equivalency Program
  • Jodi Cooper, Enrollment Services Specialist, Admissions and Records
  • Dorothy Davis, Advisor, Financial Aid
  • Brien Dunn, Assistant Professor, Math and Sciences
  • Nancy Everett, Instructor, Allied Health, Practical Nursing
  • Angelia Graves, Instructor, Allied Health, Patient Care Technician
  • Donna Guice, Associate Professor, Care and Development of Young Children
  • Robert Jordan, Instructor, Mechanical, Automotive Technology
  • Mark Ketchell, Instructor, Electrical and Industrial Technology
  • Amanda Lenard, Instructor, Allied Health, Patient Care Technician
  • Sheila McGowen, Program Director, Allied Health, Practical Nursing
  • Deborah Robinson, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • John Swett, Instructor, Welding
  • Dewanna Temple, Administrative Coordinator, Recruiting and Enrollment Services
  • Karen Tolar, Instructor, Office Occupations
  • Elizabeth Williams, Front Desk Manager, Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Charles Woodard, Technical Coordinator, Workforce Development

South Louisiana Community College

  • Chris Hoag, Instructor, Drafting and Design
  • Jennifer Rasch, Instructor, Biology

Maryland, U.S.A.

Allegany College of Maryland

  • Tara DeVore, Director, Pathways for Success
  • April Higson, Administrative Associate, Physical Education, Athletics, and Health
  • James E. House, Jr., Associate Professor and Chair, Computer Technology

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Elizabeth A. Baran, Associate Professor, Engineering
  • Robert Carp, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Jaclyn D. Gambone, Professor, Education
  • John F. Grabowski, Dean, Enrollment Services 
  • Candice Hill, Associate Professor, English
  • Nissan Khaver, Digital Press Operator
  • Hubert Kowalewski, Team Leader Systems Administrator, Information Systems
  • Nicole Longmore, Manager, Math Lab
  • Regina Patton Macklin, Office Manager III, Health Sciences
  • Sara E. Meinsler, Associate Professor, Human Services
  • L. Denise Portis, Adjunct Professor, Psychology
  • Kentina Smith, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Shawn M. Wilson, Associate Professor, Nursing

Carroll Community College

  • Carole A. Williamson, Program Director and Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education       

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Rebecca Minor, Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor, Interpreter Preparation

Howard Community College

  • Megan Myers, Director, E-Learning, and Assistant Professor, History

Montgomery College

  • Elena Saenz, Associate Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Bristol Community College

  • Autumn Alden, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Debra Anderson, Professor, English
  • Elzbieta Nowakowski, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Paralegal Studies
  • Howard Tinberg, Professor, English

Middlesex Community College

  • Deborah Botker, Assistant Professor, History
  • Nicholas Papas, Associate Professor, English
  • John Savage, Professor, Science
  • Vikram Sharma, Associate Professor, Business

Michigan, U.S.A.

Delta College

  • Kevin Dehne, Associate Professor, Physics
  • Bruce Kemmer, Associate Professor, Management

Jackson College

  • Jennifer Dobbs, Coordinator, Core Technologies Service

Schoolcraft College

  • Tim S. Baron, Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems
  • John Courie, Professor, Criminal Justice

Wayne County Community College District

  • Charmaine Johnson, Faculty, Early Childhood Education
  • Mark Shikhman, Faculty, Surgical Technology

Minnesota, U.S.A.

Normandale Community College

  • Kathleen Coate, Instructor, Theatre
  • Valerie Dean, Counselor

Mississippi, U.S.A.

Mississippi Community College Board

  • Micca Knox, Assistant Executive Director, Early Childhood Academy

Missouri, U.S.A.

St. Louis Community College – Corporate College

  • Lucia Miller, Senior Associate, Projects
  • Jerry Pence, Assistant Professor, Horticulture
  • John Snider, Environmental Health, Safety Specialist
  • Kevin Talbot, Project Associate, Workforce Solutions

St. Louis Community College – Florissant Valley

  • Carlos Blanco, Faculty Reading
  • Michael Quintero, Professor, Art
  • Patricia Ann Suess, Professor and Chair, Mathematics

St. Louis Community College – Forest Park

  • Dean Brake, Professor, Radiologic Technology
  • Deborah Char, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

St. Louis Community College – Meramec

  • Kim Fitzgerald, Dean, Student Development and Enrollment Management
  • Bertha Moreland, Coordinator, Enrollment Center
  • Jeffrey L. Schneider, Professor, English

St. Louis Community College – Wildwood

  • Kim Granger, Chair, Mathematics

Montana, U.S.A.

Helena College University of Montana

  • Valerie Curtin, Director, Financial Aid
  • Amy Kong, Director, E-Learning
  • Seth Roby, Instructor, Art 
  • Matt Schmidt, Director, Facilities

Nebraska, U.S.A.

Central Community College

  • Wanda Cloet, Program Director, Dental Hygiene
  • Mary Young, Instructor, Physical Education

New Jersey, U.S.A.

Bergen Community College

  • Eileen Feig, Associate Professor, English

Union County College

  • Rama Lohani-Chase, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Marie Carmen Montes-Matias, Assistant Professor, Biology

New Mexico, U.S.A.

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

  • Leonard Bailey, Instructor, Culinary Arts
  • Eva Rivera-Lebron, Instructor, Mathematics

New York, U.S.A.

Monroe Community College

  • Christine Plumeri, Professor, Sociology
  • Jessica Wilkie, Associate Professor, English

North Carolina, U.S.A.

Central Piedmont Community College

  • Terina Lathe, Instructor, Sociology
  • Shantell Strickland-Davis, Director, Professional Development and Online Learning

Fayetteville Technical Community College

  • Dina Adams, Chair, Pharmacy Technology
  • Anthony Cameron, Chair, Information Technology, Computer Programming, and Development 
  • Cheryl Campbell, Instructor, Human Resources Management 
  • Donald Keith Carter, Chair, Building Construction Technology and Carpentry 
  • Marie Cash, Instructor, Mathematics 
  • Daniel Pappas, Instructor, Fine Arts 
  • Jeffrey Zack, Chair, Criminal Justice Technology 

Wake Technical Community College

  • Philip Faucette, Manager, Digital Communications, and College Webmaster
  • Brandie Littlefield, Assistant Professor, Biology Life Sciences

Ohio, U.S.A.

Central Ohio Technical College

  • Misty Amacher, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
  • Katie Blocksidge, Director, Library
  • Justin Khol, Assistant Director, Student Life
  • Whit Tussing, Professor, Architectural Engineering Technology
  • Sandra Y. Walker, Dean, Health Sciences, and Administrator, Nursing

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Aaron Altose, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Lorrie DiGiampietro, Assistant Professor, English
  • Amanda Hanley, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Iryna Tsarukyanova, Assistant Professor, Biology

Lorain County Community College

  • Nanci M. Berman, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Regan Silvestri, Assistant Professor, Chemistry 

Sinclair Community College

  • Kate Geiselman, Professor, English
  • Gwendolyn Helton, Chair, Human Services and Behavioral Health
  • Kinga Oliver, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Carolyn Reno, Chair and Professor, Veterinary Technology
  • Charles Richardson, Assistant Professor, Marketing

Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

  • Jamie Diggins, Instructor, Nursing
  • Jana Martin, Dean, Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Stanley Teague, Safety Coordinator and Energy Manager, Physical Plant

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Harrisburg Area Community College

  • Timothy Smith, Assistant Director, Tutoring and Testing
  • Allyson Valentine, Assistant Professor, Information Science

Montgomery County Community College

  • James Bedrosian, Executive Assistant, Vice President Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Lianne Hartman, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • David Kowalski, Executive Director, Institutional Research
  • Sherry Phillips, Director, Records, and Registrar
  • Matthew Porter, Senior Producer and Manager, Technical Services
  • Shannon Schmidt, Assistant Director, Human Resources

Tennessee, U.S.A.

Pellissippi State Community College

  • Teri Brahams, Executive Director, Economic and Workforce Development
  • Leslie Cragwall, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Josh M. Dean, Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Karen Ghezawi, Technical Clerk, Facilities
  • Judith A. Gosch, Director, Curriculum and New Program Development
  • Katrenia S. Hill, Technical Coordinator, Nursing Skills/Simulation Lab
  • Royce J. Jacomen, Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Shaquille Marsh, Instructor, Communications Studies
  • Patricia Moore, Advisor
  • Mike North, Campus Dean, Student Affairs
  • Mary R. Odom, Help Desk Assistant 1, Information Services
  • Elizabeth Pettit, Instructor, Nursing
  • Linda Reeves, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Jerry Sherrod, Associate Professor, Computer Information Technology
  • Cathy A. Spencer, Administrative Assistant, Advising
  • Adam K. Streich, Instructor, Welding Technology
  • Heather N.G. White, Counselor

Texas, U.S.A.

Austin Community College District

  • Amardeep Kahlon, Professor, Computer Information Technology
  • Missi Patterson, Professor, Psychology
  • Todd Phillips, Professor, Foreign Language
  • Curtiss Stevens, Executive Director, ACCelerators
  • Jessica Vess, Director, College Communications
  • Brandon Whatley, Dean, Design, Manufacturing, Construction, and Applied Technologies 
  • Georgia Xydes, Adjunct Professor, History

Brazosport College

  • Barry Foster, Assistant Professor, Learning Frameworks
  • Jessica Tomlinson, Senior Administrative Office Assistant, Financial Aid

Brookhaven College – DCCCD

  • Jasmine Cook, Cashier
  • Juanita Flint, Executive Dean, Health and Human Services
  • Henry Frye, Adjunct Faculty, Workforce and Continuing Education
  • Marilyn Kolesar Lynch, Associate Vice President, Development
  • Mark Meyer, Dean, Health Occupations, Nursing
  • David Preusse, Adjunct Faculty, Art History
  • Daniel Rodrigue, Faculty, Communications
  • Jon Tarell, Coordinator, Veterans Services
  • Erica Wilson, Coordinator, College Outreach and Recruitment

Cedar Valley College – DCCCD

  • Diane Minger, Faculty, Management

Collin College

  • Barbara Batista, Campus Director, Child Development
  • Ann Beheler, Executive Director, Emerging Technology Grants
  • Elaine Fanini, Professor, Biology
  • Nicola Luna, Instructional Technologist
  • Meredith Martin, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
  • Sherry Rhodes, Professor, Speech
  • Kate Smith, Workforce Career Coach

El Centro College – DCCCD

  • Toni Holloway, Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment
  • Sherry Jones, Executive Dean, Business, Design, and Public Service
  • Maggie Lopez, Senior Administrative Assistant, Vice President, Business Services
  • Karen Mongo, Dean, Curriculum Assessment 
  • Billy Robinson, Faculty, Fire Protection
  • Alvin Samples, Faculty and Coordinator, Fire Protection
  • Lucy Torres, Academic Advisor
  • Jessie Yearwood, Faculty, Faculty, Food and Hospitality Institute

Galveston College

  • Priscilla Culver, Student Success Advisor, Dual Credit
  • Paul Mendoza, Program Director, Culinary Arts
  • Gloria Milton, Administrative Assistant, Development and Foundation
  • Rebecca Montz, Program Director, Nuclear Medicine
  • Mirta Salinas, Adjunct Faculty, Culinary Arts

Lamar Institute of Technology

  • Sherry Darlene Kilgore, Executive Associate Senior, Business Technologies
  • Kristina Mendoza, Instructor, Dental Hygiene

Lee College

  • Paul Russell Allen, Faculty, Business Management, and Chair, Academic Division

Lone Star College System

  • Stephanie Andrews, Professor, Math
  • Buck J. Buchanan, Professor, Geography
  • Gary Clark, Professor, Business
  • Cynthia Galvan, Professor, Biology
  • Kathryn Gronlund, Professor, Biology
  • Jermaine Johnson, Professor, Criminal Justice

Midland College

  • Leland Hart, Instructor, Emergency Medical Services
  • David Hopkins, Associate Professor, History

North Lake College – DCCCD

  • Sherry R. Boyd, Faculty, Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Brandi Harris, Faculty, English

Richland College – DCCCD

  • Samantha Alkadi, Adjunct Faculty, Workforce ESOL
  • Jennifer Baggett, Faculty, Biology
  • Lisa Barnes, Department Assistant, Facilities Services
  • John Blaylock, International Student Specialist
  • Chris Bradley, Part-Time Assistant I, Hospitality
  • Jill Buettner, Faculty, Biology
  • Ray Canham, Executive Dean, Mathematics, Science, and Health Professions
  • Kathy Carver, Adjunct Faculty, Biology
  • Raymond Choice, Part-Time Apprentice, Landscape Services
  • Jack B. Fletcher III, Technology Specialist
  • Zahra Ghacemi, Manager, Science Learning Lab
  • Rita T. Maher, Manager, Chemistry Lab
  • Christopher L. Manes, Coordinator, Response to Intervention
  • Luann Morton, Senior Coordinator, Science Learning Lab
  • Dwight Randle, Faculty, Chemistry
  • Lino Ruiz, Painter II, Facilities Services
  • Clive Siegle, Faculty, History
  • Alton Worthington, Part-Time HVAC Technician I

San Jacinto College District

  • Deborah Anderson, Senior Administrative Assistant, Automotive Technology
  • Cornellia Angelle, Program Director, Cosmetology
  • Amy Arrowood, Director, Maritime Credit
  • Jeffrey Robert McGee, Chair, Fine Arts
  • Ida Petrie, Executive Assistant, CPET
  • Radia Redjimi, Professor, Physics
  • Michelle Ybarra, Senior Administrative Assistant, Compliance and Judicial Affairs

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

  • Andrew B. Lofters, Program Director, Academic Quality and Workforce

Texas Southmost College

  • Angelica Fuentes, Associate Vice President, Instruction
  • Monica Hernandez, Faculty, Psychology
  • Daniel Perez, Faculty and Chair, Developmental Writing

Washington, U.S.A.

North Seattle College

  • Caroline Pew, Faculty, Chemistry
  • Jamie Wilson, Faculty, English

Pierce College

  • Courtney Edwards, Associate Professor, English

West Virginia, U.S.A.

BridgeValley Community and Technical College

  • Spencer Poling, Coordinator, Disability Services
  • Sherri Ritter, Associate Professor, Academic Affairs

Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Madison College

  • Jennifer Kammerud, Senior Part-Time Instructor, Political Science
  • Darcie Olson, Instructor, Occupational Therapy
  • Joyce Otterstatter, Administrative Coordinator, Watertown Campus
  • Christopher Vandall, Dean, College Preparedness and Academic Advancement
  • Jason Verhelst, Associate Athletic Director 

Alberta, Canada

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

  • George P. Rhodes, Academic Chair, Welding Trades 

Ontario, Canada

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

  • Doug Thomson, Faculty, Social and Community Services 


Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica

  • Bevinton Coore, Brown's Town Community College, Lecturer, Technical Campus
  • O’Neil Jesse Nelson, Montego Bay Community College, Lecturer, Computer and Technical Studies
  • Kenene Senior, Moneague College, Assistant Lecturer, Humanities
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