2017 Excellence Awards Recipient List

Alabama, USA

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College

  • Shaun Moore, Faculty  
  • Eddie Spann, Faculty 
  • Allen Teel, Division Chair  

Snead State Community College

  • Brittany Goble, Director of Campus Engagement  
  • Deborah Rhoden, Natural Sciences Division Director  
  • Tina Simons, Director of Financial Services  
  • Matthew Smart, English Instructor

Wallace State Community College

  • Wesley Rakestraw, Department Chair 

Arizona, USA

Central Arizona College

  • James Busch, Professor of Diesel Technology and Heavy Equipment Operations   
  • Kolette Draegan, Professor of English  

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

  • David Finley, Residential Faculty  
  • Roberta Pardo, Residential Faculty  

Glendale Community College

  • Trisha Lavigne, Faculty 

Maricopa Community Colleges

  • Felicia Ganther, Associate Vice Chancellor Student Affairs  

Paradise Valley Community College

  • Kishore Dash, Residential Faculty  
  • Kelly Fitzsimmons Burton, Residential Faculty  
  • Mary Lou Goff, Director 
  • Jennifer Henderson, Residential Faculty  
  • Mike Ho, Director 
  • Meggin Kirk, Residential Faculty 
  • Raji Lauffer, Residential Faculty  
  • James Patterson, Residential Faculty  
  • Sean Petty, Residential Faculty  
  • Ivette Quintero, Manager 

Rio Salado College

  • Hazel Davis, Library Faculty Chair  
  • Todd Simmons, Vice President of Business Services  
  • Wanda Tucker, Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies Faculty Chair    

Scottsdale Community College

  • Sara Cameron, Faculty  
  • Renee Davis, Faculty  
  • Cindy Kiefer, Faculty  

South Mountain Community College

  • Sian Proctor, Geology, Sustainability, & Planetary Science Faculty  

Arkansas, USA

Arkansas State University - Newport

  • Scott Hinson, Director of Career Pathways  
  • Amanda White, Assistant Professor of Life Science 

California, USA

Cerritos College

  • Keven Butler, Custodian  
  • Frank Mixson, Associate Professor 
  • Nick Real, Instructional Dean  

Cuyamaca College

  • Tammi Marshall, Chair  

De Anza College

  • Anu Khanna, Instructor  
  • Lisa Mandy, Director  
  • Mallory Newell, College Researcher 

Evergreen Valley College

  • Sylvia Min, Graphic Design Instructor

Foothill College

  • Brian Evans, Instructor, Economics  
  • Simon Pennington, Dean, Fine Arts, Communications and Athletics    statement
  • Jerry Robredo , Web & Print Communication Design Coordinator  
  • Phyllis Spragge, Instructor, Dental Hygiene  

Grossmont College

  • Michael Golden, Professor  
  • Astrid Ronke, German Instructor/Interim Coordinator  

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

  • Christopher Tarman, Associate Vice Chancellor  

Las Positas College

  • Stephen Gunderson, Senior Instructional Network Systems Specialist  
  • LaVaughn Hart, Faculty
  • Natasha Lang, College Administrative Services Officer 

Long Beach City College

  • Nicole Glick, Professor, English  
  • Michelle Grimes-Hillman, Dean, Academic Affairs 
  • Jennifer Holmgren, Interim Director, Planning 
  • Margie Padron, Director, Business Support Services  

San Diego Continuing Education

  • Aaron Iffland, Faculty  
  • Matthew Rivaldi, Faculty  

San Jose City College

  • Jose Cabrera, Faculty, Instructor  
  • Jesus Covarrubias, Faculty/Instructor   
  • Jorge Escobar, Vice President  
  • Rachel Hagan, General Counselor  
  • Roland Montemayor, Vice President  
  • Teresa Paiz, Director of Admissions & Records 
  • Beverly Stewart, General Counselor 
  • Lena Tran, Interim,Vice President 

San Jose Evergreen Community College District

  • Sherri Brusseau, Executive Administrative Assistant 
  • Rosalie Ledesma, Executive Director of Government and External Affairs  

Shasta College

  • Kate Mahar, Dean   
  • Sara McCurry, English Instructor  
  • Heather Wylie, Sociology Instructor  

District of Columbia, USA

University of the District of Columbia Community College

  • Stella Ayika, Assistant Professor Nursing  
  • Albert Pearsall III, Assistant Professor of Business  
  • Pamela Perkins, Adjunct Professor  

Florida, USA

Gulf Coast State College

  • Debra Akins, Data Analyst 
  • Loretta Costin, Dean of Occupational Education  
  • Jessica Edwards, Assistant Professor  
  • Connie Head, Instruction Services & Curriculum Support Librarian  
  • Isi Ogwude, Recruiter  
  • Heidi Reynolds, Assistant Coordinator 

Indian River State College

  • Walter Posten, Welding Instructor 
  • Kimberly Zgonc, Ph.D., Professor

Santa Fe College

  • Scott Fortner, Advising Specialist 
  • Paula Gainey, Academic Assistant 
  • Beatriz Gonzalez, Professor  
  • Steve Grosteffon, Professor 
  • Betty Haddock, Coordinator 
  • Gary Hartge, Director 
  • Saundra Henderson, Advising and Guidance Specialist   statement
  • David Pfahler, Assistant Professor 
  • Tracey Reeves, Director 
  • Kathie Russell, Assistant Professor 
  • Kalpana Swamy, Chair 

St. Petersburg College

  • Tyrone Clinton, Assoc. Provost 
  • Ernest Gant, Mentor  
  • Susan Garrett, Program Director  

Tallahassee Community College

  • Cicely Brantley, Assistant Professor  
  • Daniel James, Advising Specialist  
  • Feleccia Moore-Davis, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs 
  • Tricia Rizza, Assistant Professor

Valencia College

  • James Adamski, Professor  
  • Michael Blackburn, Manager  
  • Hatim Boustique, Professor  
  • David Curtis, Professor  
  • Eda Davis-Lowe, Programs Director  
  • Amy Downs, Instructional Lab Supervisor  
  • Mary McGowan, Director  
  • Nelson Placa, Professor  
  • Adriene Tribble, Professor  
  • Meenawattie Udho, Instructional Lab Supervisor  

Illinois, USA

Carl Sandburg College

  • Stacy Kosier, Coordinator of Dental Hygiene 

College of Lake County

  • Katy Johnson, Benefits Manager, Human Resources  
  • Martha Lally, Instructor, Psychology, Business & Social Sciences Division  
  • Megan Lombardi, Accreditation and Assessment Manager, Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & Research  
  • Suzanne Valentine-French, Instructor, Psychology, Business & Social Sciences Division  
  • Mike Welch, Director, Facilities Administration  

Elgin Community College

  • Divya Ajinth, ABE & Sec Ed Adjunct Faculty  
  • Soma Chattopadhyay, Science Adjunct Faculty  
  • Dawn Munson, Professor I of Education  
  • Mary Peterhans, Digital Technologies Adjunct Faculty  
  • Greg Wheaton, Instructor of Mathematics  

Harper College

  • Julie Ellefson, Professor 
  • Donna Harwood, Senior Strategic Marketing Specialist  
  • Rebecca Lake, Dean  
  • Beverly Riley, Employee Relations Manager  
  • Darlene Schlenbecker, Executive Director 

Moraine Valley Community College

  • Joseph Chaloka, Associate Professor of Reading  
  • Ryen Nagle, Dean 
  • Craig Rosen, Professor  

Prairie State College

  • Jackie Dennis, Professor  

Wilbur Wright College

  • Sydney Hart, Full Professor  

Iowa, USA

Iowa Western Community College

  • Luke Johnson, Director, Vocal Music  
  • Samantha Larson, Director, Academic Support  
  • Shayla Leinen, Associate Professor, Nursing   statement
  • Charles Rodrigues, Instructor, Biological Science  
  • Bridgette Watson , Director, College Success Initiatives  

Kirkwood Community College

  • Nicole Alsaker RN,MSN, Assistant Professor  
  • Jennifer Cunningham, Director  
  • Greg Krawiec, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator  
  • Shelby Myers, Professor of English  
  • Ken Nesbett, Study Abroad Advisor  

Kansas, USA

Allen Community College

  • Michael Higgins, Technology Instructor 
  • Jerry Vincent, Math Center Coordinator  

Butler Community College

  • Darren Bentley, Adjunct Professor  
  • Nathan Swink, Assistant Professor   

Johnson County Community College

  • Jeff Hoyer, Director  
  • Mark Van Gorp , Associate Professor Computer Science  

Kansas City Kansas Community College

  • Cheryl Runnebaum, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts  
  • Andrica Wilcoxen, Director of Student Activities 

Neosho County Community College

  • Claudia Christiansen, Director of Development/Marketing  
  • Nathan Stanley, Math Instructor/Coordinator of Assessment  

Wichita Area Technical College

  • Yolonda Mowrey, Lead Faculty, Social Science  
  • Brandie Thompson, Adjunct Faculty 

Kentucky, USA

Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

  • Brian Becker, Director of Adult Education  
  • Amy Hurt, Admin. Assistant  
  • Kristina Tackett, Associate Professor/Biology  

Louisiana, USA

Bossier Parish Community College

  • Ty Bryan, Assistant Dean  
  • Charles Cameron, Dean  
  • Elaine Cox, Professor   
  • Lisa Fincher, Administrative Assistant  
  • Elizabeth Ford, Academic Advisor  
  • Holly French-Hart, Assoc Vice Chancellor  
  • Raymond Gaines, Professor/Assistant Dean  
  • Wesley Hinze, Assistant Professor  
  • Emily Huntsberger, Production Coordinator  
  • Roxie Johnson, Library Assistant  
  • Chad Johnston, Purchasing Agent 
  • Lamont Lackman, Instructor/Program Director  
  • Jennifer Lawrence, Director  
  • Kelly McDade, Associate Professor  
  • Tiffany Sandifer, Program Coordinator  
  • Jennifer Smith, Academic Advisor  
  • Susan Stakes, Program Coordinator  
  • Shelli Ulrich, Director  

South Louisiana Community College

  • Lorne Boni, Instructor/Faculty Advising Director 
  • Saul Broussard, Assistant Director of Student Success   statement
  • Courtney Schoolmaster, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs  

SOWELA Technical Community College

  • Darrell Buck, Instructor  
  • Heather Smith, Student Account Specialist 
  • Valarie Waldmeier, Associate Professor  

Maryland, USA

Allegany College of Maryland

  • Kathy Condor, Director of Health and Human Services  
  • Cheryl Nelson, Nurse Managed Wellness Clinic Director and Professor of Nursing 
  • Christopher Ruppenkamp, Athletics and Physical Edcation Technician  

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Audra Butler, Chair/Assistant Professor 
  • Loraine Frey, Adjunct Professor 
  • Elizabeth Gabbard, Adjunct Professor  
  • Richard Hardesty, Adjunct Professor  
  • Cathy Jo Jones, Associate Professor  
  • Carrie Leary, Associate Professor  
  • Jill Loukides, Professor 
  • Carée Oslislo-Wizenberg, Assistant Professor 
  • Anthony Santorelli, Assistant Professor  
  • Darian Senn-Carter, Associate Professor  
  • Melissa Spurlock, Associate Professor  
  • Rachelle Tannenbaum, Professor  

Carroll Community College

  • Raza Khan, Division Chair and Director of STEM Scholars 
  • Marsha Nusbaum, Director of Academic Services  
  • Jody Nusholtz , Professor and Lead Coach, InFocus Success Coaching  
  • Sharon Reid, Director and Academic Clinical Coordinator   

College of Southern Maryland

  • Amy Carney, Coordinator of Academic Programs  
  • Shaneeza Kazim, Assoc Prof, Early Childhood Education; Director of First-Year Seminar  

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Lisa Boone, Coordinator  
  • Ted McCadden, Coordinator  

Harford Community College

  • Carol Mueller, Faculty  

Howard Community College

  • Luda Bard, Professor  

Massachusetts, USA

Bristol Community College

  • Chad Argotsinger, Director
  • Jennifer Boulay, Academic Coordinator  
  • Lisa Delano-Botelho, Assistant Professor  
  • Kelli Hiller, Associate Professor  

Middlesex Community College

  • James Dottin, Faculty  
  • Lynn Gregory, Personal Counselor  
  • Suzanne McHale, Program Coord./Faculty  
  • Catherine Pride, Faculty  
  • John Smith, Faculty  

Michigan, USA

Delta College

  • Eric Beckman, Associate Professor  
  • Lori Ziolkowski, Assistant Professor  

Grand Rapids Community College

  • Tom Mulder, Adjunct Professor  
  • Lynnae Selberg, Assistant Professor/Program Director  

Mott Community College

  • Bob Rentschler, Faculty Coordinator  
  • Julie Steffey, Faculty Coordinator 

Northwestern Michigan College

  • Lori Hodek, Talent Development Coordinator 

Schoolcraft College

  • Elizabeth Grace, Professor 
  • Brad Stetson, Associate Professor  

Wayne County Community College District

  • Thomas Howard, Faculty  
  • Marija Karic, Faculty  

Minnesota, USA

Leech Lake Tribal College

  • Elaine Fleming, Arts & Humanities Dept. Chair & Instructor 

Normandale Community College

  • Janice Bayer, Faculty 
  • Kurt Burch, Faculty 
  • Lacey Mamak, Faculty  

Mississippi, USA

Mississippi Community College Board

  • Audra Love Kimble , Assistant Executive Director for Academic & Student Affairs  
  • Kenneth Wheatley, Assistant Executive Director   

Missouri, USA

St. Louis Community College

  • Alexandria Bratcher, Academic Advisor  
  • Stephanie Church, Coordinator, Campus Life & College Transition  
  • Cindy Clausen, Manager, Academic Support Center  
  • Nancy Collier, Professor  
  • Vicki Kettenacker, Manager, Campus Business Services  
  • Deborah Logan, Coordinator, Enrollment Management 
  • Michael Lueke, Associate Professor  
  • Sanela Mesic, Manager of TRIO  
  • Kim Polk, Associate Professor  
  • Mark Taylor, Professor  
  • Donna Wallner, Professor  

Montana, USA

Helena College University of Montana

  • Janet Campana, Nursing Instructor   statement
  • Rebecca Gibson, Nursing Instructor 
  • Debra Rapaport, Nursing Instructor  

Nebraska, USA

Central Community College

  • Travis Karr, Veterans and Military Services Director  
  • Susan McDowall, English Instructor 

New Jersey, USA

Bergen Community College

  • Camelia-Manuela Lataianu, Professor  

Union County College

  • Tracy Felton, Senior Professor - Biology  

New Mexico, USA

New Mexico State University - Alamogordo

  • Sylvia Walker, Associate Professor  

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

  • Jolene Aguilar, Project Success Coordinator  
  • Samuel Henderson, Faculty  
  • Ina Manwell, Information Technology Specialist 

New York, USA

Monroe Community College

  • Angelique Johnston, Assistant Professor 

Onondaga Community College - SUNY

  • John Ryan, Professor and Faculty Senate President 

North Carolina, USA

Central Piedmont Community College

  • Mark Coltrain, Assistant Director  
  • Juliet Laughlin, Instructor  

Fayetteville Technical Community College

  • Jennifer Bledsole, Instructor  
  • Chrisha Dolan, Biology Instructor 
  • Robin Pusztay, Instructor/Chair
  • Torie Quismundo, Computer Science Instructor  
  • Larry Vick, Instructor  
  • Michelle Walden, Instructor/Chair  
  • Ray Walters, Business Instructor  

Wake Technical Community College

  • Alison Consol, Professor/Program Director
  • Kai Wang, Senior Dean, Strategic Innovations & Chief Campus Officer  

North Dakota, USA

United Tribes Technical College

  • Jeremy Guinn, Dept Chair and Faculty  
  • Wallace "Butch" Thunderhawk, Tribal Arts Faculty 

Ohio, USA

Central Ohio Technical College

  • Joe Argiro, Resource Planning Analyst for Institutional Research and Effectiveness  
  • Kim Manno, Interim Director of Development  
  • Whitney Reese, Radiologic Science Technology Instructor   

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Kristine Glasener, Associate Professor  
  • John Thomas, Associate Professor  
  • Henry Young, Professor  

Sinclair Community College

  • Richard Andrews, Professor & Chair
  • Heidi Arnold, Professor  
  • Brian Cafarella, Professor  
  • Victoria Gaffney, Associate Professor  
  • Susanne Raffee, Professor & Chair  

Zane State College

  • Stacie Curtis, Assistant Professor, Program Director  

Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

  • Jodi Campbell, Instructor 
  • David Files, Director 
  • Alison Ward, Bookstore Manager 

Oregon, USA

Mt. Hood Community College

  • Sarah Aimone, Instructor HD100 College Success 
  • Pat Casey, Faculty Instructor History 
  • Anna Johnson, Faculty Instructor Business Technology  
  • Tom Scales, Faculty Instructor Political Science 
  • Amy WIdger, Faculty Instructor ESL/ENL 

Portland Community College

  • Josh Cary, Biotechnology Faculty 
  • Virginia Chambers, Medical Assisting Faculty Department Chair  
  • Christina Friedle, Geography Faculty  
  • Jeannie LaFrance, Coordinator of the Illumination Project  
  • Laura Massey, Director of Institutional Effectiveness 
  • Luis Menchu, Manager of Web Services 
  • Justin Mortensen, Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Faculty Department Chair 
  • Jason Palmer, Music Faculty  
  • Joshua Peters-McBride, Director of Student Life and Leadership Programs 
  • Dan Wenger, Dean of the Arts and Professions Division 

Rogue Community College

  • Sara Bristol, Digital Media and Marketing Specialist  
  • Elizabeth Butler, Internet Strategist  
  • Gary Heigel, Department Chair/Full-time Faculty/Advisor  
  • Ryanne Mitchell, Graphics Specialist  
  • Carmen Sumner, Assistant Director  
  • Angelica Woods, Administrative Assistant III  

Pennsylvania, USA

Luzerne County Community College

  • Shirley Yanovich, Professor 

Montgomery County Community College

  • Anna Raskin, Associate Professor, History

South Carolina, USA

Midlands Technical College

  • Doris Chaplin, Faculty 
  • John Clark, Faculty 
  • Carson Conner, Program Coordinator 
  • Rose Jenkins, Faculty 
  • Jean Killey, Faculty 
  • Stephanie Muga, Faculty 
  • Charles "Ben" Poston, Faculty 
  • Regina Presnell, Faculty 
  • Keith Quigley, Faculty 
  • Mal Reeder, Faculty 
  • Mark Sutton, Faculty 
  • Susan Teeter, Faculty 

South Dakota, USA

National American University

  • Carol Dantzler-Harris, Faculty  
  • Robert Kane, Faculty  
  • Michael Wiemann, Faculty 

Tennessee, USA

Northeast State Community College

  • Melissa Brickey, Federal Funds Coordinator   statement
  • Christopher Hitechew, Director of Northeast State at Elizabethton  

Pellissippi State Community College

  • Brenda Ammons, Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Scott Bell, Coordinator, AV Services  
  • Aneshia Brown, Financial Aid Coordinator 
  • Kathryn Byrd, Dean and Associate Professor, English
  • Patricia Collins, Associate Professor, English
  • Kristy Conger, Director, Educational Technology Services 
  • Alex Fitzner, Assoc Professor, English
  • Stephanie Gillespie, Reference Librarian and Instructor 
  • Annie Gray, Professor, English/
  • Angela Lunsford, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Martha Merrill, Professor, Web Technology/Engineering
  • Deanne Michaelson, Associate Professor, Accounting and Business
  • Paul Ramp, Professor, Biology
  • Amy Satkowiak, Academic Support Center Tutor 
  • Judith Sichler, Asst Professor, Anthropology
  • Allison Stein, Assistant Professor, History

Texas, USA

Alvin Community College

  • Maria Starling, Professor Speech  

Austin Community College District

  • Shasta Buchanan, Executive Director, High School Relations  
  • Shirin Khosropour, Department Chair/Professor  
  • Joey Offer, Professor  
  • Pat Recek, Dean  
  • Celeste Rios, Adjunct Professor  
  • Tim Strouse, Professor

Brazosport College

  • Jerry James, Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology and Nutrition  
  • Arnold Ramirez, Director, Counseling & Testing 

Collin College

  • Gregory Cox, Professor  
  • Amy Gainer, Associate Dean  
  • Nirisha Garimella, Instructional Designer 
  • Alicia Huppe, Dean  
  • Judy James, Executive Assistant
  • Dustin Potter, Professor  
  • Traci Ramsey, Professor  

DCCCD - Brookhaven College

  • Jonathan Abel, Adjunct Faculty 
  • Jerry Bartz, Senior Lab Coordinator  
  • Chong Chu, Faculty  
  • Al Davis, Senior Academic Advisor 
  • Jim Dudlo, Faculty 
  • Sam Govea, Executive Dean 
  • David Griggs, Adjunct Faculty 
  • Shavana Lopez, Faculty  
  • Amy Monroy, Adjunct Faculty 
  • James Sandy, Adjunct Faculty 
  • Betty Sears Mehling, Adjunct Faculty  
  • James Stewart, Adjunct Faculty 
  • Kendra Vaglienti, Executive Dean  
  • John Williams, Adjunct Faculty 

DCCCD - Cedar Valley College

  • Tommy Thompson, Faculty 

DCCCD - Eastfield College

  • Courtney Brazile, Faculty, Speech Communication  
  • Kassi Buck, Faculty, English  
  • Judith Dumont, Executive Dean 
  • Janet Foreman, Corporate Services Coordinator  
  • Melba Johnson, College Nurse 
  • Tony Mba, Adjunct Faculty, Economics & Computer Science 
  • Tricia Thomas-Anderson, Dean  

DCCCD - El Centro College

  • Sharon James, Director  
  • Michael Johnson, Director, Information Technology 
  • Elizabeth Martin, Faculty  
  • Kevin Stewart, Jr., Associate Dean of Instruction   
  • Jerry Walker, Adjunct Faculty 
  • Johnny Wallace, Network Manager  

DCCCD - North Lake College

  • Keith Baker, Faculty 
  • Cynthia Simmons, Faculty  

DCCCD - Richland College

  • Sahera Ali, AVID III Coordinator 
  • Melinda Andrews, Faculty/Education 
  • Scott Branks del Llano, Faculty/English  
  • Sherry Dean, Faculty/Speech 
  • Lisa Graef, Dual Credit/Career Pathways Advisor 
  • Craig Hinkle, Principal 
  • Wallace Hughes, Continuing Education Adjunct Faculty/Art 
  • Carol Kent, Faculty/Speech & Faculty QEP Director  
  • Geoff Manzi, Adjunct Faculty/Philosophy 
  • Jennifer Millspaugh Gray, Faculty/Speech Lead Coordinator 
  • Lea Ann Munkres, Administrator/Student Services 
  • Michelle Navarro, Faculty/History 
  • Jennifer Owen, Instructional Specialist  
  • Nicole Reed, Program Manager 
  • Kathleen Stephens, Honors Program Coordinator  
  • Andrew Tubbs, Dean 
  • Mike Wright, Service Learning/Mentoring 

Galveston College

  • Arlo Adolphs, Maintenance Specialist Asst. 
  • Polly Martin, Lead Enrollment Specialist
  • Elizabeth Richards, Adjunct Faculty  
  • Rodrigo Santoyo, Faculty  

Houston Community College System

  • Ruben Duran, Senior Media Designer  

Lone Star College System

  • Heather Cannon, Professor/Department Chair  
  • Gary Conners, Professor  
  • Michael Donnelly, Professor 
  • Cynthia Galvan, Professor 
  • Ron Heckelman, Professor  
  • Eric Skiles, Professor  

Midland College

  • Derek Gasch, Associate Professor I 
  • Dagan Sherman, Associate Professor I 

National American University - Roueche Graduate Center

  • Sarah Stohr, Graduate Librarian  

San Jacinto College District

  • Kate Carter, Sr. Administrative Assistant 
  • Hollie Fulsom, Event Planner 
  • Carla Garrett, Professor, College Prep Writing  
  • Kevin Morris, Dean, Business and Technology  
  • Loli Priddy, Sr. Administrative Assistant  
  • Casey Prince, Professor, Dietetics 
  • Debbie Simpson-Smith, Department Chair, Education  
  • Tarrant County College District
  • Raymond Benge, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy  
  • Linda Braddy, Vice President for Academic Affairs 
  • Jeremy Byrd, Professor, Philosophy & Dept Chair  
  • Brian Johnson, Assistant Professor, Government & History, Department Chair 
  • A'Isha Malone, Instructor, Speech  
  • Raymond Nelson, Client Support Manager 
  • Cindy O'Neal, Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene; Coordinator, Dental Hygiene Program  
  • Leigh-Anne Regenold, Assistant Professor, Government & History, Faculty Association President  
  • Shereah Taylor, Professor of Education, Chair of Faculty Senate  

Virginia, USA

Tidewater Community College

  • Harlan Krepcik, Associate Professor  

Washington, USA

North Seattle College

  • Megan Bloomingdale, Faculty 
  • Robert Bunge, Faculty  

Pierce College 

  • Allison Sieving, Director of Educational Outcomes and Effectiveness, Learning and Student Success 

Wisconsin, USA

Madison College

  • Corina Diaz Suazo, Senior Student Support Advisor  
  • Corey Helser, Administrator 
  • Jason Huberty, Faculty 
  • Jennifer Jackowski , Faculty 
  • Penny Johnson, Faculty  
  • Belinda Prahl, Administrator 
  • Marty Richards, Faculty  

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

  • Carol Bolton, Referendum Project Manager 
  • Christopher Dahlke, Capital Development Manager 
  • Brian Herrmann, Project Manager 
  • Danielle Kerkhoff, Project Manager 
  • Chet Lamers, Facilities Director 
  • Cale Pulczinski, Referendum Project Manager 

Jamaica, West Indies

Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica

  • Keishia Haughton, Senior Lecturer  
  • Neriah Robinson, Lecturer  

Alberta, Canada


  • Karen Baldwin, Academic Chair 

Ontario, Canada

Centennial College

  • Ali Al-Rubaie, Professor   
  • Paula Demacio, Professor   
  • Marjan Zandi, Professor   

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology

  • Paula Mastrilli , Chair, Collaborative Nursing, RPN Bridge & Post Graduate Programs   

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

  • Irene Lee, Professor, Mathematics  

Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

  • Jonathan Naylor, Faculty member  
  • Susan Thiessen, Faculty member 
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