2015 Excellence Awards Recipient List

Alabama, USA

Calhoun Community College

  • Rodney Alford, Instructor and Department Chair 
  • Kim Gaines, Coordinator 
  • John Holley, Instructor and Department Chair 
  • Carla Larry, Executive Secretary, Tuition Assistance  

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College

  • Shannon Lightsey, Faculty  
  • Snead State Community College
  • Annette Cederholm, Dean, Liberal Arts & Academic Success  
  • Terri Narrell, Instructor  
  • Greg Randall, Division Director 
  • David Welch, Audio/Visual Engineer 

Wallace State Community College

  • Jeremy Smith, Instructor  

Arizona, USA

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

  • Mary McGlasson, Faculty  
  • Mary Zimmerer, Faculty  

GateWay Community College

  • Lindsey Dippold, Adjunct Faculty  
  • Kristin Gubser, Director of External Affairs  
  • Cathy Hernandez, Director  
  • John Lampignano, Director  
  • Carlos Samano, Web Marketing and PR Manager  
  • Lara Smith, Coordinator 
  • Joseph Swaba, Professor   

Mesa Community College

  • Megan Garvy, Faculty Instructional Designer 
  • Jared Langkilde, Director   
  • Annique Nestmann, Director   
  • Duane Oakes, Faculty Director   

Mohave Community College

  • Ana Masterson, Dean   

Paradise Valley Community College

  • Randy Babick, Manager  
  • Michelle Carter, Faculty 
  • Marilyn Cristiano, Division Chair  
  • Brian Quarles, Faculty 
  • Michaelle Shadburne, Manager 
  • Gary Smith, Faculty  
  • John Snelling, Director  

South Mountain Community College

  • Camille Newton, Faculty 

Arkansas, USA

Arkansas State University - Newport

  • Candace Gross, Dean   

Arkansas State University- Mid-South

  • Marjorie Gardner, Lead Faculty  

National Park College

  • Janet Braley, Instructor 

South Arkansas Community College

  • Cynthia Meyer, Professor and Program Director 

California, USA

Cerritos College

  • Lance Kayser, Associate Professor  

Cerro Coso Community College

  • Karee Hamilton, Counselor  
  • Heather Ostash, Vice President  

Cuyamaca College

  • Jesus Miranda, Department Chair, Counselor  

De Anza College

  • Mike Appio, Instructor  
  • Truly Hunter, Assistant Director/ Counselor  
  • Barry Johnson, Supervisor  
  • Donna Jones-Dulin, Associate Vice President  

Foothill College

  • LeeAnn Emanuel, DSPS Counselor  
  • Redentor Lucas, Budget & Financial Analyst  
  • Romeo Paule, Director  

Golden West College

  • Alex Miranda, Interim Dean   

Grossmont College

  • Asuka Kuratani, Instructor 
  • Jeffrey Lehman, Professor  

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

  • Linda Jensen, Senior Director, Fiscal Services  

Las Positas College

  • Elena Cole, Faculty 
  • Jason Craighead, Faculty  
  • Sylvia Rodriguez, Dean of Enrollment Services 
  • Todd Steffan, Coordinator of Veterans First Program  
  • Kristy Woods, Faculty  

Long Beach City College

  • Anne Engel, Senior Technical Support Specialist  
  • Mary Hegarty, Athletic Coordinator  
  • Kenna Hillman, Professor, Counselor  
  • Sheneui Weber, Executive Director  

Reedley College

  • Marie Harris, Dean of Instruction  
  • Sergio Lemus, Assistant  
  • Adelfa Lorenzano, RMCHS Coordinator  
  • Ruby Marin-Duran, Counselor  
  • Laurie Tidyman-Jones, Counselor  

Florida, USA

Florida State College at Jacksonville

  • Audrey Antee, Professor   
  • Justin Bateh, Professor   
  • Carl Colavito, Professor, Political Science  
  • Monica Franklin, Professor, Dental Hygiene  
  • Andrew Holt, Professor, History  
  • Maureen McCormick, Professor   
  • Karen Morian, Professor   
  • Maria Oehler, Professor   
  • James Pope, Professor   
  • Katherine Rawls, Professor   
  • Glenna Veiga, Professor   
  • Rachelle Wadsworth, Professor  

Gulf Coast State College

  • Julia Chrencik, Senior Administrative Assistant 
  • Erika Goines, Associate Professor 
  • Laura Green, Coordinator  
  • John Phillips, Professor  
  • Sandra Pugh, Assistant Professor  

Indian River State College

  • Tom D'Elia, Assistant Professor  
  • Wendy Dwyer, Master Instructor  
  • Patrick Dyer, Assistant Professor  
  • Jon Glover, Assistant Professor  
  • Sarah Mallonee, Professor  
  • Georgette Rosenfeld, Professor  

Lake-Sumter State College

  • Eugene Jones, Assistant Vice President, Bacc/Workforce Programs  
  • Robert Seigworth, Director, Program Manager, Energy Technical Program   

Santa Fe College

  • Bea Awoniyi, Assistant Vice President  
  • Edwin Book, Chief  
  • Trisha Clarke, Professor  
  • Loree Crain, Professor  
  • Michael Hutley, College Registrar  
  • Sandra Milner, Professor  
  • Jennifer Mullis, Coordinator  
  • Myra Sterrett, Director 

St. Petersburg College

  • Jennifer Fernandes, Professor  
  • Wende Huehn-Brown, Professor  
  • Roxana Levin, Professor  
  • Nathan Muehl, Professor 
  • Rosaria Pipitone, Career Outreach Specialist  
  • Christy Powers, Professor  

Valencia College

  • Donna Colwell, Professor   
  • Karen Cowden, Professor  
  • Suzette Dohany, Professor and President of the Faculty Association  
  • Lisa Gray, Professor  
  • Ilyse Kusnetz, Professor   
  • Jolene Rhodes, Professor   
  • Michael Robbins, Professor   
  • Jackie Starren, Professor  

Georgia, USA

Atlanta Technical College

  • Barry Bates, Program Coordinator  
  • Tosha Bussey, Director  
  • Tolecia Clark, Faculty  
  • Dessie Hall, Coordinator  
  • Ananda Rajeurs, Systems Administrator/Interim Director 
  • Debra Saunders, Associate Vice President  
  • Damon Scott, Faculty  

Illinois, USA

Carl Sandburg College

  • Misty Lyon, Dean of Student Success  
  • Kylie Price, English Instructor/Coordinator of Developmental English  
  • Scott VanZuiden, Developmental Math Instructor/Coordinator of Developmental Math  

College of Lake County

  • Donna Carlson, Faculty  
  • Jeff Hines, Faculty  

Elgin Community College

  • Timothy Anderson, Assistant Professor  
  • Elizabeth Becker, Professor Biology 
  • Kenneth Beynon, Assistant Professor  
  • Elizabeth McNulty, Associate Professor, English as a Second Language 
  • Frederick Vogt, Assistant Professor, Biology 

Illinois Central College

  • Jessica Bastian, Electronic Resources Librarian  
  • Joseph Chianakas, Assistant Professor  
  • Jennifer Costa, Professor  
  • Arnitria Shaw, Director  
  • Kamara Taylor, Adjunct Faculty  
  • E. Anthony White, Professor  

Moraine Valley Community College

  • Michelle August, Professor/Department Chair  
  • Ricky Moore, Associate Professor  
  • Patrick O'Connor, Chief of Police  

Oakton Community College

  • Paul Gulezian, Instructor 
  • Peter Sigiols, Instructor  

Prairie State College

  • Georgia Karras, Asscociate Professor  
  • Julie Wedster, Assistant Professor 
  • Martin Wolfe, Assistant Professor   video,
  • Shannon Word, Personal Counselor, Dept. Chair  

Wilbur Wright College

  • Tracy Mitchell, Professor  

Iowa, USA

Hawkeye Community College

  • Renee Aschbrenner, Professor  
  • Sharon Buss, Professor  

Iowa Western Community College

  • Jeff Bonsall, Associate Professor, Program Chair  
  • Jill Clark, Registrar  
  • Clint Meyer, Instructor, Program Chair  
  • Mackenzie Shinbara, Program Chair  
  • Pam Southworth, Dean  
  • Laura Thayer-Mencke, Director  

Kirkwood Community College

  • Melissa Carnahan, Program Director and Associate Professor  
  • Abbie Ferguson, Supervisor  
  • Lisa Folken, Director  
  • Tonya Kehoe, Professor  
  • Maggie Thomas, PTA Program Director  

Kansas, USA

Butler Community College

  • Jason Crowder, Adjunct Professor  
  • Andrea McCaffree-Wallace, Assistant Professor  

Johnson County Community College

  • Janet Daley, Lead Instructor  
  • Holly Milkowart, Associate Professor  

Neosho County Community College

  • Kevin Blackwell, Instructor, Division Chair  
  • LuAnn Hauser, Coordinator   

Kentucky, USA

Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

  • Kyle Barron, Director of Student Life & Engagement  
  • Kristie Lee, Administrative Assistant  
  • Jennifer Shoemake, Associate Professor  

Louisiana, USA

Bossier Parish Community College

  • Cieltia Adams, Director  
  • Carol Bates, Comptroller 
  • Lauren Brown, Instructor  
  • Yolanda Cooper, Assistant Professor, Assistant Women's Basketball Coach  
  • Addie Dickson, Instructor  
  • Gayle Doucet, Director 
  • Julie Dupont, Instructor  
  • Kirk Fontenot, Instructor 
  • Peggy Fuller, Dean  
  • Angie Leal, Program Coordinator  
  • Tamekia Lewis, Administrative Coordinator  
  • Lynn Lyle, Budget & Reporting Officer  
  • Lynne McCoy, Director of Academic Outreach  
  • Tim Osteen, Instructor, Catalog Librarian  
  • Chris Rondeau, Professor  
  • Gary Ware, Instructional Technology Specialist  
  • Katlin Womack, Administrative Coordinator   
  • Jonnie Young, Planning and Research Coordinator  

SOWELA Technical Community College

  • Allison Dering, Associate Director  
  • Angela Madden, Instructor  
  • Stephanie Smith, Professor  

 Maryland, USA

Allegany College of Maryland

  • Debby Hardinger, Office Manager  
  • Jared Ritchey, Multimedia Production Specialist  
  • Thomas Striplin, Professor  

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Roy Carson, Professor  
  • Kathy Hays, Associate Professor  
  • David Ludwig, Instructional Specialist and Chef 
  • Javanika Mody, Professor  
  • Stacey Nicholls, Associate Professor  
  • Rebecca Tolley, Associate Professor  
  • Erica Yeager, Assistant Professor and Department Chair

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Dallas Dolan, Director  
  • Frederick Community College
  • Samuel Lombardo, Instructional Coordinator  

Harford Community College

  • Carl Henderson, Dean  

Howard Community College

  • Kyle Coughlin, Assistant Professor, Music  

Michigan, USA

Delta College

  • Scott Schultz, Professor and STEM Talent Institute Director  
  • Ski Vanderlaan, Associate Professor of Accounting and Director E-Learning  
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Nikki Banks, Associate Professor  
  • Lyn Jansen, Adjunct Faculty  

Mott Community College

  • Bernard Cunningham, Coordinator and Faculty  
  • Janet Westhoff, Coordinator and Faculty   
  • Northwestern Michigan College
  • Scott Herzberg, Military and Veterans Services Advisor  

Schoolcraft College

  • James Hartman, Professor  
  • Michael Waldyke, Associate Professor  

Minnesota, USA

Normandale Community College

  • Mark Ahrens, Faculty  
  • Linda Armstrong, Faculty 
  • Jennifer Isaac, Faculty  

Missouri, USA

St. Louis Community College

  • Maxine Beach, Assistant Professor  
  • Steven Ehlen, Supervisor, Technology Learning Center  
  • Michael Hauser, Professor  
  • Margaret Keller, Professor  
  • Robert Langnas, Professor 
  • Matthew McVey, Supervisor 
  • Barbara Mehranfar, Coordinator, Student Enrollment/Academic Advising 
  • Renee Peeples, Administrative Assistant  
  • Theresa Smythe, Student Support Specialist  
  • Susan Tolentino, Engineering Technician 
  • Joe Wilson, Associate Professor  

State Fair Community College

  • Donald "Dondi" Ramirez, Adjunct Faculty 
  • Lisa Shoemaker, Faculty (Retired)  

Montana, USA

Helena College University of Montana

  • Karen Henderson, Writing Instructor  

New Jersey, USA

Bergen Community College

  • Philip Dolce, Professor  

Mercer County Community College

  • Kathi Paluscio, Associate Professor  

Union County College

  • Saif Rao, Associate Professor  

New Mexico, USA

New Mexico State University - Alamogordo

  • Rob Klinger, Assistant Professor 

New Mexico State University - Carlsbad

  • Yaxi Zhao, Associate Professor 

New York, USA

Monroe Community College - SUNY

  • Jessica Barone, Associate Professor   

Westchester Community College - SUNY

  • Paul Robinson, Associate Professor  
  • Laurel Senft, Assistant Professor  
  • Sheela Whelan, Associate Professor  

North Carolina, USA

Central Piedmont Community College

  • Lisa Spring, Instructor 
  • Christie Williams, Instructor 

Craven Community College

  • Jessica Cofield, Instructor, Biology 

Mitchell Community College

  • Tessa Townsend, Faculty 

North Carolina Community Colleges

  • Linda Weiner, Vice President  

Wake Technical Community College

  • John Boone, Dean  
  • Jason Whitehead, Associate Professor  

Ohio, USA

Central Ohio Technical College

  • Heather Pursley, Technology Specialist  
  • Jeremy Pursley, Space Management Coordinator 
  • Whit Tussing, Professor  

Cuyahoga Community College

  • David Bernatowicz, Associate Professor  
  • Susan Lohwater, Associate Professor  
  • Seong-Ae Mun, Associate Professor 

Sinclair Community College

  • Kay Koeninger, Professor  
  • Claudia Potts, Professor  
  • Nora Schaefer, Professor  
  • Chuck Sowerbrower, Professor 
  • Richard Uchida, Professor 

Zane State College

  • William Klinesmith, Adjunct Faculty  
  • Lori Wahl, Professor, PTA Program Director  

Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology - Okmulgee

  • Jennifer Block, Instructor 
  • Hayley Holmes, Manager 
  • Mark Pitcher, Director  

Oregon, USA

Mt. Hood Community College

  • Monterey Anthony, Instructor 
  • Katherine Conrad, Instructor  
  • David Dale, Instructor 
  • Karen DeMarco, Instructor 
  • Linda Fleshman, Director of Practical Nursing/Instructor 
  • Dawn Forrester, Counselor 
  • Ellen Garcia, Instructor 
  • Nicole Gilbertson, Counselor 
  • Janie Griffin, Dean of Nursing 
  • Eden Isenstein, Counselor 
  • Elizabeth Johnson, Counselor and Coordinator  
  • Malcolm McCord, Counselor 
  • Eydie Pahls, Instructor 
  • Toni Robinson, Instructor 
  • Alex Tripp, Instructor  
  • Sheree Walters, Instructor 
  • Paula Wilson, Administrative Assistant 
  • JoyLynn Woodard, Lab Coordinator  

Portland Community College

  • Rhonda Boyd, Project Director  
  • Kathy Carrigan, Faculty  
  • Dorina Cornea-Hasegan, Faculty  
  • Angelina Davis, Faculty Counselor  
  • Ken Friedrich, Faculty  
  • Dolores Galindo, Instructional Support Technician  
  • Blake Hausman, Faculty  
  • Jen Klaudinyi, Faculty  
  • Libardo Mitchell, Faculty  
  • Carla Moentenich, Instructional Support Technician  
  • Karen Paez, Dean  
  • Rebecca Robinson, Faculty  
  • Skyler Stearns, Faculty  
  • Christine Weber, Faculty  

Pennsylvania, USA

Luzerne County Community College

  • Kevin Jones, Assistant Professor  
  • Montgomery County Community College
  • Victoria Bastecki-Perez, Vice President and Provost  
  • Margaret Bryans, Assistant Professor 
  • Stefanie Crouse, Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor  
  • Theresa Sullivan, Assistant Professor   

South Carolina, USA

Midlands Technical College

  • Thomas Abrahamsen, Faculty 
  • Laura Baker, Emerging Technology Librarian  
  • Shirley Bannister, Faculty  
  • Karin Beaty, Faculty  
  • Edwin Breazeale, Faculty 
  • Sean Higgins, AET/CET Coordinator 
  • Mauren Kreiner, Program Director 
  • Elaine McLeod, Faculty  
  • Ray Thomas, Welding Coordinator  
  • Andrea West, Faculty, ENG 101 Coordinator  
  • Christine Witkowski, Faculty  
  • Donna Zeek, Transfer Director, Philosophy Faculty  

Tennessee, USA

Northeast State Community College

  • David Haga, Instructor of Learning Support Mathematics  
  • Debbi Johnson, Enrollment Specialist, Bristol Campus 
  • Malissa Trent, Dean of Mathematics 
  • Pellissippi State Community College
  • Barbara Bailes, Graduation Analyst  
  • Morvarid Bejnood, Assistant Professor 
  • David Brown, Professor 
  • Alvin Brummett, Maintenance Supervisor 
  • Edward Francisco, Professor 
  • John Jackson, III, Adjunct Professor 
  • Mark Palmer, Electronics Technician 
  • Jerry Sherrod, Assistant Professor 
  • Kellie Toon, Assistant Professor  

Texas, USA

Alvin Community College

  • Esther Kempen, Instructor   
  • Austin Community College District
  • Yolanda Chapa, Dean 
  • Frank Cronin, Professor  
  • Virginia Fraire, Vice President  
  • David Lauderback, Professor 
  • Sean Perry, Adjunct Professor  
  • Tobin Quereau, Professor  

Brazosport College

  • Kelli Forde Spiers, Director  
  • Clifford O'Neal, Division Chair and Assistant Professor  

DCCCD - Cedar Valley College

  • William Lineberry, Professor  

DCCCD - Eastfield College

  • Courtney Brazile, Faculty  
  • Jason Busbin, Instructional Designer  
  • David Danforth, Program Coordinator  
  • Travis Graves, Assistant Coach 
  • Leslie Johnson, Administrative Assistant  
  • Kelly Savage, Adjunct Faculty  
  • Selena Stewart-Alexander, Faculty - Developmental Writing  

DCCCD - El Centro College

  • Benja Allen, Faculty  
  • Troy Furlough, Faculty 

DCCCD - North Lake College

  • Robert Drakes, Cashier 
  • Brett Dyer, Faculty   
  • Precious Green, Cashier 
  • Pamela Mays, Assistant Director 
  • Andrea Patrick, Department Assistant 
  • Marty Ray, Faculty  
  • Julieta Sejera, Assistant Accountant 
  • Daysi Villatoro, Lead Cashier 
  • Li Wu, Accounting Clerk B 

DCCCD - Richland College

  • Monique Benatar, Assistant Director II  
  • Kathy Carver, Adjunct Faculty  
  • Michael Crawford, Associate Dean 
  • Patricia Hatinger, Instructional Specialist II  
  • Randy Jensen, Web Developer/Programmer I 
  • Mark Murray, Web Developer/Programmer II 
  • Alvin (Tony) Palmer, Jr., Adjunct Faculty 
  • Pablo Pascal, Web Developer/Programmer  
  • Jackie Reynolds, Faculty  
  • Ellen Spencer, Network/Systems Specialist III 
  • Scott Toups, Women's Soccer Coach 
  • Diana Urrutia, Instructional Dean/Division Chair  
  • Deborah Wells, Web Writer/Editor I 

Galveston College

  • Carla Biggers, Executive Assistant  
  • Janene Davison, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator  
  • Kimberly Ellis, Coordinator  
  • Connie Gomez, Instructor and Curriculum Specialist  
  • Augustine Janner, Adjunct Faculty  
  • Cordetta Knatt, Custodian 

Lee College

  • Jeannie Colson, Online Learning/Reference Librarian  
  • Marissa Moreno, Lead Counselor  

Lone Star College System

  • Peggy Aalund, Professor  
  • David Birch, Professor 
  • Romana Cortese, Professor  
  • Blake Ellis, Associate Professor   
  • Janice Hartgrove-Freile, Professor  
  • Gina Sprowl, Professor 

Midland College

  • Pedro Avalos, Department Chair, Professor I  
  • Sondra Richards, Program Chair, Associate Professor II  

National American University - Roueche Graduate Center

  • Alicia Cordero, Graduate Advisor  
  • Beverly Hurbace, Assistant to the President  
  • Cristina McKee, Graduate Advisor  
  • Aaron Paxton, Director of Admissions 
  • Cynthia Tanner, Assistant Dean of Doctoral Academic Operations  

Navarro College

  • John Dennis Hawk, Professor of Physics 

San Jacinto College District

  • Barbara Schumacher, Professor  
  • Imelda Umansor, Specialist  
  • Betty Woodfill, Professor  

Tarrant County College District

  • Cynthia Baw, Assistant Professor  
  • Michelle Burris, Executive Administrative Assistant 
  • Kristin Byrd, Professor  
  • Murray Fortner, Professor 
  • Jeanette Jacobs, Coordinator, Academic Support Services 
  • Steve Smiley, Department Chair  

Virginia, USA

Germanna Community College

  • Julie Barnstead, Processor  
  • Jessica Cannon, Scholarship Advisor  
  • Christine Chester, Processor  
  • Rebecca Morris, Education Support Specialist III  
  • Susan Shaw, Education Support Specialist II  
  • Dominque Slaughter, Advisor  
  • Dawn Smith, Education Support Specialist II  

Washington, USA

Big Bend Community College

  • Kathleen Duvall, Faculty  
  • Andrea Elliott, Curriculum Designer  
  • Jenny Nighswonger, Coordinator  

Green River Community College

  • Steve Brumbaugh, Instructor  
  • Pat Carter, Instructor  
  • Adrienne Palmer, Coordinator  

North Seattle College

  • Alexandra Abeyta, Faculty  
  • Anne Forester, Faculty  

Peninsula College

  • Renne Brock-Richmond, Instructor  
  • Tanya Knight, Professor  
  • Tara Martin Lopez, Professor  
  • Michael Mills, Associate Professor  
  • Eve Wallis, Instructor  

West Virginia, USA

BridgeValley Community and Technical College

  • Brian Bolyard, Chief Marketing Officer  
  • James McDougle, Dean  

Wisconsin, USA

Madison College

  • Julia Haseleu, Full-time Instructor  
  • Jessica Hill, Coordinator 
  • Bonny Laufenberg, Budget Consultant  
  • Theresa Valencia, Full-time Instructor 
  • Cynthia Wentland, Part-time Instructor  
  • Bryan Woodhouse, Dean  

Waukesha County Technical College

  • Mary Poehls, Quality Value Instructor/Facilitator  

British Columbia, Canada

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

  • Verna Billy-Minnabarriet, Vice President   
  • Kylie Thomas, Director, Students & Registrar  

Ontario, Canada

George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology

  • Lori Cranson, Associate Dean  
  • Karen Jongedijk, Student Success Specialist  
  • Nora Krmek, Student Success Coordinator 
  • Jonathon Lau, Student Success Specialist  
  • Dawn Lovas, Student Success Specialist 

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

  • Bernard Aron, Professor  
  • Craig MacCalman, Professor  
  • Rick Simone, Professor  
  • Doug Wright, Professor  
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