Walmart Brighter Futures 1.0

The Walmart Brighter Futures 1.0 Project final report is available here.

The Walmart Brighter Futures Project features a cooperative effort between the Walmart Foundation and a select group of the nation’s community colleges led by the League for Innovation in the Community College. The League received a $3.5M grant from the Walmart Foundation in March 2009 to implement a project involving local community colleges across the country for two purposes:

  • to help dislocated workers acquire 21st century job skills and obtain jobs that require those skills; and
  • to increase academic progression, retention, and completion rates for dislocated workers.

Eight community colleges were selected through an RFP process that required local community colleges to define a project plan that would best serve the needs of dislocated workers in their service area. Participating colleges accepted the challenges of the project, believing that dislocated workers armed with 21st century skills, additional education and training, and job search resources would be more attractive and accessible to employers who are increasingly concerned about their ability to remain competitive and profitable. What was not known or predicted in 2009 was that the U.S. economy would continue to struggle, leading to additional job layoffs and high unemployment rates. These conditions created high demand for community college services but significant challenges for job placement.

Despite these challenges, during a brief two-year period, the eight colleges established and implemented their plans. In doing so, they reinforced the community college reputation as responsive to the needs of our nation’s workforce and demonstrated that, through innovative practices, these institutions can react in ways that serve the specific economic demands of their service areas.

Participating Colleges

  • Central Piedmont Community College (NC)
  • Cuyahoga Community College (OH)
  • Lane Community College (OR)
  • Miami Dade College (FL)
  • Moraine Valley Community College (IL)
  • Seattle Community Colleges (WA)
  • Sinclair Community College (OH)
  • St. Louis Community College (MO)
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