2019-2020 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Lorain County Community College

Responding to the Needs of Our Community Through an Automation and Robotics Program

Lorain County Community College’s (LCCC’s) mission is to provide opportunities for individuals to succeed through quality education and economies to grow through innovation. LCCC has been innovative within our automation and robotics division as we train students to help address the industry’s talent needs, provide the appropriate space and equipment to help others create and build, and construct personal protective equipment (PPE) for our frontline workers during the recent pandemic. Through the technology and knowledge within the Campana Center for Ideation and Invention, a team of five at LCCC took 3D printers home during the pandemic in order to print headbands and make face shield kits for Lorain County healthcare workers and others in the community. Over a one-month period, LCCC delivered more than 1,800 kits and the team is now producing 1,300 kits per week with the support of the LCCC Foundation. 

Innovators: Jonathan Alexander, Kelly Zelesnik, Ronald Zitek

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