2019-2020 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Bristol Community College

Corequisite Models of Developmental Math Education

Bristol Community College (Bristol) began a developmental math corequisite study several years ago, offering two sections of Fundamental Statistics paired with Introductory Algebra. In 2016, Bristol implemented a support course for corequisite pairs. The support course contained only the subsection of material from Introductory Algebra that was relevant and necessary for the college-level course, provided on a just-in‐time basis. At present, there are four additional corequisites: Modern College Math, Math for Elementary School Teachers, Elements of College Math, and College Algebra. From 2014 through 2019, the college offered 96 corequisite pairs, serving 1,365 students. The students with A, B, or C grades across all sections is 68.7 percent, while only 6.7 percent earn a D, for a total success rate of 75.5 percent. In addition, students who would have previously placed into one of the college’s three developmental math courses were able to save up to three semesters’ time on their educational journeys.

Innovators: Autumn Alden, Dan Avedikian, Sarmad Saman

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