2019-2020 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Community College of Baltimore County

Sociology in Stories Online Companion Textbook

Sociology in Stories: A Creative Introduction to a Fascinating Perspective, A Customized Version for The Community College of Baltimore County, is an affordable ($25.00) companion online textbook for sociology students, collaboratively authored by Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) sociology professors, using stories as a method for teaching complex concepts. Recognizing that students may find a standard textbook sterile and cumbersome, we developed this textbook to allow students to read relevant 1-2 page sociological stories, coupled with workbook questions, that help bring to life the sociological topics students learn in introductory courses. Also noting that sociology textbooks are not often created by community college faculty for the community college environment, we brought together seven adjunct and full-time CCBC faculty to contribute stories to the text. In this way, faculty could ensure that included stories were relevant to our community. Approximately 200 texts are in use in less than one year.

Innovators: Keisha Jones, Ann MacLellan, Nelda Nix-McCray, Amy Pucino, Michael Sanow, Courtney Sargent, Myron Strong

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