2019-2020 Innovation of the Year Award Winner: Anne Arundel Community College

Pandemic Prompts Resiliency and Vigor

Anne Arundel Community College’s Virtual Campus and Information Services administration and staff worked tirelessly to migrate 1,250 classes online. The Virtual Campus designed and reorganized training to be self-paced and located centrally within the LMS, produced a video for faculty about available resources, and created a booking system for LMS technical support and instructional designers. A similar system was created for students new to the online format to seek assistance. Information Services implemented a new and secure tool allowing faculty and staff to remotely connect to their work desktop; rolled out Microsoft Teams, a collaborative platform to provide the AACC community tools to assist with the remote delivery of instruction and services; and reviewed top video conferencing platforms and developed recommendations and guidelines for the synchronous delivery of instruction, student support services, and administrative functions. Jointly, these college areas expanded the student and employee loaner technology program with the assistance of the college library and bookstore.

Innovators: Colleen Eisenbeiser, Shirin Goodarzi
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