Solutions Workshop Presenter Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson, Future of Learning Thought Leader, Beyond Academics

Mike Thompson is the CEO of SVI, a talent development and training company that owns and operates Learner Mobile – an award-winning next-generation learning software platform. He holds a master’s degree in leadership and ethics from John Brown University, served as the president of the Dallas Chapter for the Association of Talent Development, and was titled a Business of the Year finalist and 40 Under 40 in his home state of Arkansas. As one of the most forward-thinkers in leadership and business, Thompson has delivered numerous keynote speeches to hundreds of audiences across Asia, Europe, and North and South America. He is also the author of three top-selling business and leadership books, The Organizational Champion: How to Develop Passionate Change Agents at Every Level and The Anywhere Leader: How to Lead and Succeed in Any Business Environment, and, most recently, Forging Grit: A Story of Leadership Perseverance.

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