With Trinity3, It’s Personal

As higher education continues to adapt to meet growing demands and changes in demographics, technology, and public expectations, institutions are trying to offer more with less while delivering quality education to students. Student attraction and retention is critical to institutional success in today’s climate. Along with affordability and academic quality, accessibility and use of relevant technology is proving to be a significant factor in the enrollment decisions of today’s digitally native students. To stay competitive, community colleges must leverage technology to transform campuses with technology-enabled classrooms and collaborative spaces to provide the intuitive experiences students are seeking.

At Trinity3 Technology, we partner with colleges and universities to provide a personalized approach to technology. Through our vast product and service portfolio, we provide tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each institution. Trinity3 works with your college to ascertain the optimal hardware solution and pair it with comprehensive, industry leading warranties and a variety of services to effectively integrate and protect your investment while ensuring your technology initiative is a success.

Trinity3 understands that simply having access to technology does not affect change in the instructional process or learning outcomes. Worksheets turn in to digital worksheets and discussions turn into discussion boards, but has learning become more relevant? Does student achievement increase? We offer professional learning services provided by passionate, experienced educators who empower your staff to design technology-rich learning experiences.

Our motto is “With Trinity3, it’s personal.” We believe that investing in technology is great, but investing in people is even better. We know that if we want to see teaching and learning improve with technology, we must build capacity among educators. We are committed to ensuring that every educator with whom we partner is equipped to use technology to make learning more meaningful and to close achievement gaps.

Trinity3 Technology is an Innovations 2020 sponsor and exhibitor.

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