Community Colleges and Public Health: Phases 1-3

Phase 3: Planning for Community College Programs in Public Health (2015-2018)

Phase 3 of the project invited community colleges to submit plans for new or revised programs in public health at their institutions. A series of webinars was conducted to assist colleges in this work. Since 2016, the League has recognized with national awards a total of nine community colleges for their plans to provide certificate or degree programs in public health or health navigation. The 2018 Call for Planning and Riegelman Awards for Excellence in Public Health and Health Navigation Programs in Community Colleges were announced in April 2017. The awards have been expanded to plans for public health and health navigation courses that are included in nursing, allied health, first-responder, and related programs. The League for Innovation has prepared a Guide to Public Health and Health Navigation Education in Community Colleges to assist with program design.

Phase 2: Developing Prototype Curricula (2013-2014)

Phase 2 of the project (September 2013–September 2014) was recommended by the Expert Panel. While the first phase examined roles community colleges could play in public health education, the second phase examined the roles community colleges should play. To that end, Phase 2 included developing prototype curricula for community college programs that can fulfill workforce needs and provide career ladders for graduates. These prototypes were vetted by the community college and public health communities. The prototype curricular models are included in the Community Colleges and Public Health Final Report.

Phase 1: Foundational and Consensus Statements (2012-2013)

In the first phase (November 2012–August 2013), an Expert Panel was convened to examine the needs, opportunities, and barriers that exist to development of education in public health as part of community colleges. The Panel created a set of Foundational and Consensus Statements that are included in the Community Colleges and Public Health Final Report.

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