2019 League Excellence Award Recipients


Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

  • Christina Wilson, Faculty, Learner and Academic Services
  • Erin Choquette, Faculty, Health and Public Safety
  • Jacqueline Lyndon, Faculty, Business
  • Jennifer Dunn, Faculty, Energy


Snead State Community College

  • Dackral Phillips, Instructor, Computer Science
  • Michael Gibson, Associate Dean, Online Learning
  • Victoria Barnes, Accountant
  • Vinod Mishra, Instructor, Chemistry

Wallace State Community College

  • Melanie Glasscock, Instructor, Biology


Arkansas State University - Newport

  • Brian Pettie, Director, Physical Plant
  • Michael Smith, Career Coach
  • Stephanie Wilson, Assistant Professor, Mathematics


Central Arizona College

  • Jacquelyn Gillespie, Professor, Medical Lab Technician
  • Melinda K. Kohut, Professor, Business

Chandler-Gilbert Community College

  • Michael Ceschiat, Faculty, Ceramics
  • Monika Bilka, Faculty, History

GateWay Community College

  • Annette Torrey-Banks, Faculty, Business
  • Doug Walker, Division Char, Math/Science
  • James Smith, Instructor, Machining
  • Jeanne Ratliff, Director, External Affairs
  • Leia Wilson, Director, Children's Learning Center
  • Rob Shabansky, Athletic Director and Head Coach, Baseball

Maricopa Community Colleges

  • Bettina Celis, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Curriculum and Transfer Articulation
  • Ray A. Ostos, District Director, Student Affairs

Paradise Valley Community College

  • Christie Colunga, Faculty, Early Childhood Education
  • David Rubi, Chair, Communications
  • Julie Lazzara, Faculty, Psychology
  • Linda Lawson, Training Development Consultant, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Lori Espinoza, Administrative Coordinator, President's Office
  • Norma Chandler, Manager, Career Services

Phoenix College

  • Amy Bell, Faculty, BioScience
  • Amy MacPherson, Faculty, Communications
  • Henry Denman, Coordinator, Technical Support
  • Keith Brown, Principal, Phoenix College Prepartory Academy
  • Patty Finkenstadt, Faculty, Biology
  • Tatum Luther Begay, Faculty, Communications
  • Veronique Parker, Faculty, Health Care Education

Rio Salado College

  • Richard Cuprak, Jr., Chair, Engineering and Technology

Scottsdale Community College

  • Jared Aragona, Faculty, English Department
  • Matthew Bloom, Faculty, English

South Mountain Community College

  • Carl Whitesel, Residential Faculty, Engineering
  • Inez Moreno-Weinert, Director, Student Services
  • Summer Cherland, Residential Faculty, History
  • William Beverly, Residential Faculty, Counseling


Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

  • John Chenoweth, Associate Vice President, Academic


Cerritos College

  • Bruce Greenberg, Chair, Law, and Program Director, Paralegal
  • Colleen McKinley, Director, Educational Partnerships and Programs
  • Julie Mun, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs

Cuyamaca College

  • Manuel Mancillas-Gomez, Associate Professor, English as a Second Language
  • Robert Stafford, Instructor, English

De Anza College

  • Heidi King, Instructional Designer, Online Education Center
  • Mary P. Pape, Instructor, CIS
  • Mehrdad Khosrovi, Instructor and Department Chair, Mathematics
  • Tina Lockwood, Coordinator, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, College Operations
  • Yvette Campbell, Director, STEM Success Program

Foothill College

  • Benjamin Stefonik, Instructor, Psychology
  • Kennedy Bui, Supervisor, Assessment Center
  • Kimberly Escamilla, Instructor, English
  • Ram Subramaniam, Division Dean, STEM
  • Samuel White, Instructor, English
  • Tracee Cunningham, Counselor

Grossmont College

  • Irene Palacios, Professor, Mathematics
  • Julie Hansen, Instructor, Computer Science Information Systems

Long Beach City College

  • Ariane Le, Lead Library Technician
  • Joshua Castellanos, Executive Director, Public Affairs and Marketing
  • Wendy Koenig, Professor, Visual and Media Arts


Front Range Community College

  • Kathryn Skulley, Assistant Director, Academic Services
  • Matt Jamison, Dean, Student Services
  • Michael Gulliksen, Director, Advising, Career, and Counseling
  • Nicholas Spezza, Dean, Instruction
  • Rick Hess, Coordinator, Academic Credentials, and Registrar
  • Susan Baillargeon, Director, Highway Maintenance Program


University of the District of Columbia Community College

  • Christian Aguiar, Assistant Professor, English
  • Tanya Claggett, Adjunct Professor, Respiratory


Gulf Coast State College

  • Aline Trusell, Coordinator, Enrollment Services
  • Betty McKinnie, Associate Professor, Language and Literature
  • Keri Matheus, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Mary West, Custodian

St. Petersburg College

  • Andy Rojas, Faculty, Business
  • Brian Bell, Lead Faculty, Biomedical Engineering
  • Greg Lewis, Faculty, Engineering Technology
  • Kelli Stickrath, Faculty, Natural Science
  • Teresa Gaskill, Faculty, Natural Science

Tallahassee Community College

  • Heather Mitchell, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, and Executive Director, TCC Foundation
  • Reggie Grant, Associate Professor, Journalism

Valencia College

  • Eileen Pérez, Professor, Chemistry
  • Gregg Scible, Professor, Mathematics
  • Lizza Burgos-Reynoso, Executive Assistant, Public Safety
  • Max Arb, Manager, Office of the Campus President
  • Shahnaz Kanani, Professor, Biology
  • Sonia Casablanca, Professor, Business


Southern Crescent Technical College

  • Brad Jester, Chair and Instructor, Speech
  • Christy Smith Allen, Instructor, Medical Assisting
  • Curtis Ward, Instructor, Adult Education
  • Michael Cook, Chair and Instructor, Business Management
  • Rosanna Dove, Chair and Instructor. Criminal Justice


Iowa Western Community College

  • Jenny Kruger, Dean, Communication and Fine Arts
  • Meaghan Milburn, Dean, College Success
  • Randi Bissen, Director, Accounting Services

Kirkwood Community College

  • Brianne Hildebrandt, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • David A. Keller, Curriculum Assessment Specialist, Academic Affairs
  • Heather Strempke Durgin, Assistant Professor, English
  • Lisa Angelella, Assistant Professor, English


Carl Sandburg College

  • Jill Johnson, Assistant Professor, Social and Business Science

Elgin Community College

  • David Zacker, Professor I, Humanities
  • John Long, Director, Student Success and Judicial Affairs
  • Lori Jones, Adjunct Faculty, Math Unit
  • Marc Beth, Assistant Professor II, Music

Lincoln Land Community College

  • Jennifer Ramm, Professor, Chemistry
  • Laurenn York, Instructor, English

Moraine Valley Community College

  • John Sands, Professor, Information Technology
  • Kiana Battle, Dean, Career Programs
  • Maha Sweis-Dababneh, Associate Professor, Arabic Lanaguage

Wilbur Wright College

  • Darlene Attiah, Full Professor, Biology


Allen Community College

  • Erin O'Keefe, Instructor, English
  • Patricia Latta, Officer, Accounts Payable

Johnson County Community College

  • James Hopper, Chair, Computing Sciences and Information Technology
  • Michelle Clark, Professor, Chemistry

Neosho County Community College

  • Cassie Vining, Clerk, Accounts Payable
  • Cathy Gordon, Assistant Professor, Art

Wichita State University Tech WSU Tech

  • Emma Engelland, Adjunct Faculty, Interior Design
  • Linda Sessions, Lead Faculty, Computer Technology


Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

  • Chad Lindsey, Liaison, Workforce Development
  • Kevin Kenady, Professor, Mathematics
  • Sharon Gibson, Assistant, Human Resources


Bossier Parish Community College

  • Adrian Crawford, Instructor and Public Service Librarian
  • Christian Garrett, Training Coordinator, Education Technology
  • Danny Hoston, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Deanna Hardy, Professor, Mathematics
  • Jonathan Brown, Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts
  • Lisa Brantly, Administrative Coordinator, Public Relations
  • Paul Spivey, Interim Dean, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Randy Case, Senior Systems Analyst, Computer Services
  • Sandra Roberson, Student Success Coordinator, Science, Nursing, and Allied Health
  • Sharonda Mikle, Assistant Dean, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Steven Burke, Programmer/Analyst, Computer Services

Delgado Community College

  • Amanda Rosenzweig, Chair, Biology
  • Edward Ahern, Lab, Assistant, Communication
  • Elizabeth Duett, Assistant Chair, Business and Technology
  • Kristopher LaMorte, Professor, Theater

South Louisiana Community College

  • Paige McGee, Instructor, Criminal Justice


Bristol Community College

  • Engin Atasay, Associate Professor, Education
  • Farah Habib, Associate Professor, Arts and Humanities
  • Fonda McKnight, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
  • Gloria Cabral, Professor, Culinary Arts and Baking
  • Kathleen Pearle, Dean, Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • Katie Mello, Administrative Secretary I, Behavioural, Social Sciences and Education

Middlesex Community College

  • Joanna DelMonaco, Professor,Mathematics
  • Kathryn Small, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Ronald Brevard, Professor, Criminal Justice


Allegany College of Maryland

  • Jaime Striplin, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • Lynn C. Grimm, Administrative Associate, Instructional and Student Affairs
  • Rebecca L. Rupert, Director, Professional Development

Anne Arundel Community College

  • Abigail Brackins, Faculty, Mathematics
  • Fran Turcott, Director, Special Projects
  • Heidi Rayner, Faculty, Nursing
  • Jodie Hogan, Faculty, World Languages
  • Kathleen A. Schorr, Advisor, Student Success and Retention
  • Kathy Phelps, Administrative Assistant, Learning and Academic Affairs
  • Pamela Nussbaumer, Adjunct Faculty, Achieving College and Career Advancement
  • Patty McCarthy-O'Neill, Coordinator, Distance Learning
  • Stephen Shepet, Public Safety Sergeant

Carroll Community College

  • Mel Hall, Professor, Social Sciences

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Michael Venn, Assistant Dean, Mathematics

Howard Community College

  • Karen Bridges, Assistant Professor, Earth and Physical Sciences


Delta College

  • David Baker, Professor, Chemistry
  • Ginny Przygocki, Dean, Career Education and Learning Partnerships
  • Terry Morse, Associate Professor, Computer Numerical Control

Jackson College

  • Ted Miller, Professor and Chair, Foundation Studies

Mott Community College

  • Anar Guru, Coordinator, Health Sciences
  • Robert Pieschke, Faculty, English

Schoolcraft College

  • Anita Süess Kaushik, Professor, World Languages
  • Audrey Mingela, Professor, Mathematics


Normandale Community College

  • Carrie Ketel Opheim, Faculty, Biology
  • Cindy Koopman, Faculty, Art
  • Sue Peters, Faculty, Psychology


St. Louis Community College

  • Arabela Koric, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Betsy Morris, Professor, Art
  • Edward Pfeifer, Secretary, Mathematics
  • Jeremy Dennis, Professor, Humanities
  • LaRhonda Wilson, Faculty, Sociology
  • Mysha Clincy, Academic Advisor
  • Yolanda Adams, Administrative Secretary, Faculty Office

State Fair Community College

  • Rosemarie Hartner, Adjunct Instructor, English
  • Tawnya Blades-Reed, Instructor, Earth Sciences


Fayetteville Technical Community College

  • Brian Oldham, Chair, Automotive Systems Technology
  • David Young, Instructor, Foreign Languages
  • Hana Seidi, Instructor, Information Techology and Computer Programming Development
  • John Fields, Chair, Chemistry/Physics
  • Kelly Gold, Division Chair, Business Management
  • Shawna Rodabaugh, Program Coordinator, Funeral Service Embalming Labs
  • Terry Herring, Division Chair, Surgical Services

Stanly Community College

  • Janet Ross, Adjunct Instructor, English
  • Kara Finch, Program Head, Human Services Technology
  • Rebecca Griffey, Coordinator, Housekeeping

Wake Technical Community College

  • Carlos McCormick, Director, Media Production and Learning Support Services
  • Traci Rowe, Assistant Professor, Communications


Central Community College

  • Bruce Bartos, Instructor, Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • Jeff Schulz, Instructor, Sociology
  • Lauren Gillespie, Instructor, Biology
  • Rebecca Fausett, Director, Project HELP
  • Steve Heinisch, Instructor, Biological Sciences


Bergen Community College

  • Sara Mastellone, Associate Professor, Mathematics


New Mexico State University - Alamogordo

  • Bryan Preppernau, Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute

  • Michael Samudio, Instructional Systems Specialist


Monroe Community College - SUNY

  • Janet Zinck, Professor, Hospitality
  • Renee Dimino, Assistant Professor, Transitional Studies
  • Thomas Blake, Associate Professor, English and Philosophy


Central Ohio Technical College

  • Callum Morris, Gateway Manager, College Credit Plus
  • Holly Mason, Dean, Students
  • James Jarc, Assistant Professor, Digital Media Design
  • Jan Tomlinson, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Leslie Lenzo, Senior Graphic Designer
  • Scott Wilson, Professor, English and Communications

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Michelle Davis, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences

Cuyahoga Community College - Metropolitan Campus

  • Derrick Williams, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
  • Lindsay Milam, Assistant Professor, English
  • Sharon Doughten, Associate Professor, Dietetics Technology

Sinclair Community College

  • Amanda Hayden, Professor, Religion and Humanities
  • Angela Fernandez, Assistant Dean, Business and Public Service
  • Eric Renegar, Professor, Computer Information Science
  • Mary Wells, Professor and Chair, Psychology
  • Michelle Cox, Professor, Nursing
  • Najat Baji, Professor, Mathematics


Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

  • James R. Smith, Vice President, Fiscal Services
  • James Robert Duff, AC/Refrigeration and Heating Technician
  • Terry Lee Hanzel, Faculty, Power Plant


George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology

  • Michael Eliadis, Manager, The Simulation Centre

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

  • David Vazquez-Abrams, Program Coordinator, Design Foundations
  • Lynn Bachinski, Program Coordinator, Community and Justice Services


Rogue Community College

  • Laurie Roe, Director, Institutional Research, Effectiveness, and Planning
  • Michael Bullard, Faculty and Coordinator, Mechatronics
  • Stephen Foster, Faculty and Chair, Manufacturing, Engineering, Mechatronics Department
  • Todd Giesbrecht, Faculty and Chair, Welding


Luzerne County Community College

  • Maureen Savner, Professor, Dental Hygiene

Montgomery County Community College

  • Denise Prushan, Executive Assistant, Vice President, Information Technology and College Services
  • Diane O'Connor, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Jenna Meehan, Assistant Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Kelly Dunbar, Director, Athletics and Campus Recreation
  • Mary Beaver, Director, Enterprise Software Systems
  • Philip R. Needles, Vice President, Student Services
  • Rose Makofske, Director, Equity and Diversity Initiatives, and Coordinator, Title IX

Reading Area Community College

  • Alexis Jardine, Professor, Foundational Studies
  • Benjamin Rosenberger, Director, Financial Aid
  • Bonnie Spayd, Executive Director, Workforce and Economic Development
  • Danelle Bower, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
  • David Hessen, Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Dolores Peterson, Associate Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services
  • Jodi Corbett, Director, Academic Partnerships, and Special Assistant to the President
  • Kay Litman, Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Maria Navea Mitchell, Dean, Student Affairs
  • Mary Ellen Heckman, Associate Dean, Library
  • Michael Gregory, Director, Teaching and Learning
  • Nancy Jackson, Associate Professor, Early Childhood
  • Pamela Blakely, Professor, Social Sciences
  • Robin Eckert, Associate Dean, Social Sciences
  • Teri Floyd-Brumm, Associate Professor, Foundational Studies


Columbia State Community College

  • Christie Miller, Director, Human Resources
  • Elvira Eivazova, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • James Smith, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Larry Minyard, Adjunct Faculty, Engineering Systems Technology
  • Mehran Mostajir, Program Director and Instructor, Engineering Systems Technology
  • Regina Ray, College Success Advisor
  • Tammy Borren, Associate Vice President, Planning, Effectiveness and Retention

Pellissippi State Community College

  • Claude E. Hardy, Associate Professor, Theatre
  • Holly Burkett, Campus Dean, Blount County Programs
  • Kristi L. Brabson, Specialist, Human Resources
  • Laura A. Smith, Adjunct Professor, English
  • Nathan Bowman, Helpdesk Assistant III, Information Services
  • Sarah Davis, Lead Coordinator, Student Affairs
  • Shaquille Marsh, Instructor, Speech
  • Tracy R. Rees, Assistant Professor, Psychology


Alvin Community College

  • Haley Collins, Instructor, English
  • Mekonnen Birru, Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing

Austin Community College District

  • Amber Kelley, Executive Dean, Student Affairs
  • Brette Lea, Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Gerald Hildebrand, Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Guillermo Martinez, Interim Vice President, Student Affairs
  • John Nation, Professor, Professional Nursing
  • Molly McClurg, Associate Professor, Visual Communication
  • Tracy Partin, Adjunct Professor, Health and Kinesiology

Brazosport College

  • Arnold Ramirez, Director, Counseling and Testing
  • David Sysma, Instructor, History

Brookhaven College

  • Adam Clawson, Coordinator, Center for Career Development
  • Caroline Orozco Perez, Administrative Assistant, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
  • Dominica McCarthy, Administrator, Center for Career Development
  • Jennifer Hudson Allen, Faculty, Social Science
  • Jessica Elder, Career Coach, Center for Career Development
  • Katrina Franks, Career Planning and Placement Specialist
  • Kendall Johnson Wallace, Coordinator, University Partnership
  • Melody Barnes, Instructor, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
  • Ngoc Truong, Administrator, Development
  • Richard Pence, Adjunct Faculty, Automotive
  • Sophia Kwon, Instructional Specialist, Business and Career Programs
  • Trisha Glasgow, Specialist, Center for Career Development

Collin College

  • Courtenay Jauregui, Professor, Education
  • Deborah Cardenas, Professor, Biology
  • Julie Turnbow, Professor, Developmental Mathematics
  • Ketia Bradley, Program Manager, Medical Assistant
  • Lisa Means, Professor, Photography
  • Nancy Huff, Administrative Assistant, Workforce Development
  • Suzanne Jones, Professor, Art Education
  • Tom Mokake, Jr., Admission and Records Assistant

Eastfield College

  • Brie Day, Faculty, Environmental Science
  • Deborah Rhoads, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
  • Deon Darden, Network Support Specialist I
  • Donya Flores, Tutor III
  • Heidi Bassett, Executive Administrator, Business Services
  • Nancy Singer, Associate Dean, Student Retention
  • Sharon Cook, Senior Associate Director, Advancement and Communications

El Centro College

  • Amy Loftis, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications
  • Brendetta Norman, Program Services Coordinator, Student Support Services
  • Carol Carosilva-Castro, Senior Administrative Assistant, Marketing and Communications
  • Devon Kodzis, Grant Program Coordinator
  • Eddie Walker, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications
  • Lenora Reece, Vice President, Business Services
  • Marjorie Jackson, Adjunct Faculty, Health Sciences
  • Mwauna Maxwell, Coordinator, Learning Framework, and Faculty, Psychology
  • Priscilla Staley, Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Ryan Scott, Senior Web Content Specialist

Houston Community College System

  • Cassidy Johnson, Faculty, Biology
  • Charlet Jose, Faculty, Nursing
  • Karen P. Saenz, Chair, Psychology
  • Shadi Kilani, Faculty and Associate Chair, Biology

Lamar Institute of Technology

  • Valerie Worry, Instructor, Process Operating Technology
  • Brent Campbell, Instructor, Computer Drafting

Lee College

  • Charles E. Thomas, Faculty and Chair, Process Technology
  • Tracy Steenholdt, Director, Dual Enrollment

Lone Star College System

  • Bryn Benford, Professor, Geology

Midland College

  • Jaime Aguila, Faculty, History
  • Rey Salgado, Faculty, Automotive/Collision Technology

North Lake College

  • Angela Davis-Woods, Career Planning Specialist
  • April Braden, Faculty, Liberal Arts
  • Brett Dyer, Faculty, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Crystal Larthridge, Career Coach, Pathways
  • Gloria Anderton, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Hunter Wofford, Cashier
  • Marfie Magdaleno, Educational Resource Support Representative
  • Mitchel James, Senior Academic Advisor

Richland College

  • Adam Perry, Adjunct Faculty
  • Rae Deshong, Librarian
  • Ambronita Douzart, Faculty, History
  • Becky Jones, Executive Dean, Educational Partnerships
  • Carol H. Kent, Faculty, Speech Communication
  • Clive Siegle, Faculty, History
  • Daniel Davenport, Adjunct Faculty, History
  • Dara Jones, Student Media Layout Editor
  • Josh Carter, Faculty, Interactive Simulation and Game Technology
  • Kathleen Stephens, Coordinator, Honors Program
  • Kevin Miles, Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science Continuing Education
  • Miranda Davenport, Adjunct Faculty, Geography
  • Phyllis Williams, Instructional Specialist, Teaching English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Randell Fultman, Evening Administrator, ACCESS Center
  • Shawntae Minyard, Director, College Programs and Educational Partnerships
  • Tim Sullivan, Faculty, Anthropology
  • Vinson Brown, Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer

San Jacinto College - South Campus

  • Gail Mason, Chair, Business/Information Technology

San Jacinto College District

  • Abbie Grubb, Professor, History
  • Connie Gomez, Professor, Engineering
  • Dana Kostecka, Senior Executive Assistant, Deputy Chancellor and President
  • Kathy Burris, Senior Administrative Assistant, Cosmetology
  • Mandi Reiland, Manager, Chancellor's Office
  • Tanesha Antoine, Director, Educational Planning, Counseling, and Completion

Texas Southmost College

  • Abraham Jimenez, Instructor, College Preparatory Math
  • Eloy Garcia, Instructor, History
  • Prisci Roca Tipton, Director, Special Instructional Projects


North Seattle College

  • Jane A. Harradine, Faculty, Humanities
  • Toni Anderson, Faculty, Business

Pierce College - WA

  • Miebeth Bustillo-Booth, Associate Professor, Applied Business

Seattle Central College

  • Carolina Forero-Moreno, Faculty, Basic and Transitional Studies
  • Joanne Tram Dang, Faculty, Basic and Transitional Studies
  • Martha Rickel, Faculty, Nursing
  • Mike Koegel, Instruction and Classroom Support Technician, Nursing
  • Prabhleen Kaur, Program Manager, Nursing

Tacoma Community College

  • Christopher Soran, Director, E-Learning
  • Jerome Ward, Advisor, Financial Aid
  • Sonja Morgan, Director, Student Engagement


BridgeValley Community and Technical College

  • Calisa A. Pierce, Associate Professor and Chair, English and Humanities
  • Laura McCullough, Vice President, Community and Corporate Education
  • Liesa Kyer, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Healthcare Management
  • Machele Kindle, Professor and Interim Chair, Science
  • Peter Soscia, Vice President, Academic Affairs
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