2021-2022 League Excellence Awards

Alabama, U.S.A.

Wallace State Community College

  • Jeremy Smith, Instructor, Diesel Mechanics

Arizona, U.S.A.

Arizona Western College

  • Sara Amani, Professor, Multilingual Composition Specialist
  • Bruce Carroll, Professor, Electrical and Solar Technology
  • Samuel Colton, Program Coordinator, Manufacturing
  • Rainier Dischinger, Director, Grants
  • Kristine Duke, Professor, Accounting
  • Ana English, Associate Dean, Enrollment Services
  • Cristina Gonzales, Director, Career and Advisement Services
  • Nikki Hage, Dean, Students
  • Mandy Heil, Director, Communications and Marketing
  • Jana Moore, Executive Director, Student Success and Retention
  • Sarah Snyder, Administrator, Writing Program
  • Alfonzo Zavala, Interim Associate Dean, Reskilling and Technology

Central Arizona College

  • Michael Owens, Professor, Spanish

GateWay Community College

  • Aimee Blackman, Lead Instructor, Beauty and Wellness
  • Stacey Boyd, Principal, GateWay Early College High School

Maricopa Community Colleges District Office

  • Robert Bill, Associate Director, Academic and Student Affairs
  • Judy Sanchez, Chief Development Officer

Paradise Valley Community College

  • Lynn Clark, Faculty, Accounting
  • Huu Hoang, Director, College Grants
  • Chris Hunt, Student Services Analyst
  • Kelly Quick, Coordinator, Instructional Services
  • Stacy Smith, Faculty, Business

Phoenix College

  • Lori Brooks, Supervisor, Student Affairs
  • Nichole Escobedo, Project Manager, Title V
  • Heinz Mueller, Head Coach, Women’s Softball
  • Douglas Northway, Director, Accounting, Banking, and Finance
  • Nick Rouse, Chair, Computer and Information Technology
  • Yun Dan Wang, Faculty, Chemistry

Scottsdale Community College

  • Sara Cameron, Faculty, Reading, and Coordinator, Developmental Education
  • Deanna Kalcich, Manager, Learning Centers

Yavapai College

  • Angela Fabela, Retention Advisor
  • Marie Hardman, Faculty, Allied Health
  • Ustadza White, Manager, Library Technical Services

Arkansas, U.S.A.

Arkansas State University - Newport

  • Cheryl Cross, Director, Arkansas Career Pathways
  • Mark Hanan, Instructor, Computer Network

California, U.S.A.

Cuyamaca College

  • Moriah Gonzalez-Meeks, Associate Professor and Chair, History, Humanities, and Philosophy
  • Camille Jack, Counselor and Coordinator, Umoja Scholars
  • Natalija Worrell, Child Development Center Technician

De Anza College

  • Brandon Bailey, Writer/Editor
  • Jennifer Mahato, Director, College Operations
  • Rosafel Nogra, Director, Student Health Services
  • Kim Palmore, Instructor, English

Grossmont College

  • Elizabeth Barrow, Instructor, Cardiovascular Technology
  • Sam Rigby, NextUp Foster Youth Services Specialist
  • Tom Washington, Instructor, Advanced Fingerprint Identification

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

  • Nashona Andrade, Professional Development Specialist

Long Beach City College

  • Sonia De La Torre-Iniguez, Dean, Student Equity
  • Angela Fowlkes, Financial Aid Specialist
  • Michael Robertson, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Florida, U.S.A.

Valencia College

  • Roger Corriveau, Manager, Campus Operations, East Campus
  • Ellen Costello, Manager, Teacher Preparation
  • Laura D'Alessio, Professor, Biology
  • Victoria Del-Agua, Administrative Manager, Arts and Entertainment
  • Randy Gordon, Coordinator, Communications
  • William Jefferson, Community Manager, Peace and Justice Institute
  • Doug Kern, Professor, English
  • Amy Matson, Supervisor, Custodial Services
  • Krista Peirce, Administrative Assistant, Social Sciences, East Campus
  • Ella Raynor, Supervisor, Instructional Lab
  • Jillian Szentmiklosi, Dean of Students, Osceola Region

Georgia, U.S.A.

Southern Crescent Technical College

  • Angie Ballard, Chair, Nursing
  • Vicki Carter, Instructor, Adult Education
  • Julie Gates, Instructor, Forensic Science
  • Celeste Matthews, Instructor, Biology
  • Damon McCoy, Instructor, Psychology
  • Kimberly Rawlins, Instructor, Cosmetology
  • Brittany Varga, Instructor, English

Illinois, U.S.A.

College of DuPage

  • Lisa Ancona-Roach, Instructional Assistant III
  • Jonita Ellis, Program Improvement Manager, Career and Technical Education
  • Kimberly Groves, Adjunct Faculty, English
  • Timothy Henningsen, Full-Time Faculty, English
  • Michael Mellenthin, Adjunct Faculty, HVACR
  • Monica Miller, Business Associate, Business and Applied Technology
  • James Nocera, Manager, Multimedia Services
  • Cynthia Nwakuda, Adjunct Faculty, English
  • Sonia Watson, Interim Assistant Dean, Adjunct Faculty Support

Elgin Community College

  • Luis Caballero, Academic Advisor
  • Mia Hardy, Assistant Professor II, Sociology
  • Lauren Nehlsen, Associate Dean, Recruitment, Outreach, and Global Engagement
  • Tyler Roeger, Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Joseph Rosenfield, Professor II, Human Services

Moraine Valley Community College

  • Sadya Khan, Director, Institutional Research
  • Kevin Navratil, Associate Professor, Political Science
  • Maha Sweis-Dababneh, Professor, Arabic Language


Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica

  • Venessa Buchanan Williams, Examinations and Assessment Officer
  • Richard Gustavus, Lecturer, Mathematics
  • Junie Johnson, Lecturer, Business
  • Kerry-Ann Kerr-Williams, Librarian
  • Marshalee Matthews, Lecturer, Business
  • Joan Powell-Barnes, Lecturer, Business
  • John Sherman, Vice Principal, Student Affairs
  • Jordan Williams, Research Officer

Kansas, U.S.A.

Garden City Community College

  • Linda Hill, Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology
  • Samantha Sanger, Instructor and Assessment Coordinator, English
  • Mark Scheopner, Manager, Print Production

Johnson County Community College

  • Kotoko Grass, Assistant Professor, Foreign Language

Kentucky, U.S.A.

Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College

  • Tiffany Deaton, Administrative Assistant, Business and Information Technology
  • Kim Pharris, Associate Professor, Allied Health
  • Jennifer Shoemake, Dean, Mathematics and Sciences

Louisiana, U.S.A.

South Louisiana Community College

  • Celeste Aida Regino, Chair, Natural Sciences

Maryland, U.S.A.

Allegany College of Maryland

  • Shea Bonarigo, Administrative Associate to Dean of Continuing Education and Workforce Development
  • Dione Clark-Trub, Coordinator, Academic Access and Disability Resources
  • Ron Krug, Associate Professor and Assistant Division Chair, Business and Economics

Anne Arundel Community College

  • David Caskey, Associate Professor, Reading
  • Judy DeSavage, Team Leader, Client Services
  • Michael Gavin, Adjunct Faculty, Business
  • Ruth Goldstraw, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
  • Deborah Hammond, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences
  • Alycia Marshall, Associate Vice President, Learning and Academic Affairs
  • Timothy May, Instructor, English
  • Mary McFaden, Administrative Assistant III, Liberal Arts
  • Arthur Nietiedt, Asset Management Specialist
  • Rebecca Rhoads, Senior Programmer Analyst
  • Peggy Walton, Instructional Specialist, Engineering

Carroll Community College

  • Roxanna Harlow, Associate Professor, Sociology

Community College of Baltimore County

  • Trevor Setvin, Assistant Professor, Speech

Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Bristol Community College

  • Denise DiMarzio, Program Coordinator and Professor, Commonwealth Honors
  • Marie Kacmarsky, Coordinator, Nursing Equity and Student Success
  • Sandy Lygren, Professor, American Sign Language
  • Constance Messier, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
  • Katie Ruggieri, Associate Dean, STEM
  • Jennifer Vincent, Registrar

Middlesex Community College

  • Christopher Algarra, Associate Professor and Chair, Engineering
  • Nicholas Papas, Associate Professor, English
  • Halye Sugarman, Professor and Coordinator, Paralegal Studies
  • Michael Williamson, Professor, Mathematics

Michigan, U.S.A.

Delta College

  • Janet Alexander, Assistant Professor, English
  • Loyce Brown, Director, Employee Development and Equity, and Coordinator, Title IX
  • Daisy McQuiston, Associate Professor, Nursing

Grand Rapids Community College

  • Michael Michewicz, Adjunct Instructor, Music
  • Michelle Richter, Program Director, Nursing

Schoolcraft College

  • Mary Donahee-Rader, Associate Professor and Program Director, Medical Assisting
  • Kristin Fruth, Associate Professor and Chair, Biology

Minnesota, U.S.A.

Century College

  • Cindy Barnick, Assistant to Deans, Student Affairs
  • Michelle Blesi, Program Director and Faculty, Medical Assisting
  • Robin Bowden, Faculty, History
  • Paul Coyan, Educational Technology/D2L Support, Information Technology
  • Susannah Dolance, Faculty, Sociology
  • Pam Engebretson, Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Dawn Goebel, Program Director and Faculty, Cosmetology
  • Cara Grussing, Director, Advising
  • Megan Jaunich, Faculty, Engineering
  • Sarah Johnson, Technology Training and Communication Specialist, Information Technology
  • Leif Jordahl, Director, Technical Operations, Information Technology
  • Jay Kam, Faculty, Physical Education and Health
  • Lynnette Lancor, Health Careers Program Manager, Continuing Education & Customized Training
  • Casey Langley, Faculty, Nursing
  • Kristen Laramy, Resource and Completion Navigator, Student Resources and Support Services
  • Barb LeClaire, Office Manager, Continuing Education and Customized Training
  • Caroline Merkl, Director, TRIO and Education Talent Search
  • Caroline Mrozla-Toscano, Instructional Designer, Academic Affairs
  • Katy Olson, Advisor and High School Initiative Specialist, Admissions
  • Erin Osborn, Senior Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Rose Raleigh, Program Director and Faculty, Nursing
  • LuAnn Rassier, Graduation Evaluator, Records and Registration
  • Delia Samuel, Faculty, Mathematics
  • Carmian Seifert, Director and College Nurse, Student Health Clinic
  • Katie Svoboda, Associate Dean, Student Success, Student Affairs
  • Kavi Turnbull, Faculty, Business Management
  • Katie Voss, Program Director and Faculty, Orthotics
  • Pa Kue Vue, Admissions Representative Marketing Focus, Admissions
  • Angela Welsh, Advisor, Education Planning and Success, Transfer Student Services/DARS

Normandale Community College

  • Mary Hammerbeck, Faculty, English
  • Jennifer Miller, Faculty, English

Missouri, U.S.A.

St. Louis Community College

  • Cynthia Clausen, Manager, Academic Support
  • Joe Cooper, Project Associate, Health Sciences
  • Jim Ibur, Professor, Fine Arts
  • Kim Kraft, Professor, Nursing
  • Gina Tarte, Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
  • Karen Wade, Administrative Professional, Library Services
  • Annie Wagganer, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Laura Westhoff, Business Services Specialist

Nebraska, U.S.A.

Central Community College

  • Marni Danhauer, Manager, Grants
  • Michael David, Instructor, Criminal Justice
  • Sherry Desel, Director, Enterprise Systems
  • Randell Manning, Instructor, Diesel Technology
  • Jerry Muller, Coordinator/Trainer, Industrial Technology
  • Benjamin Newton, Director, Environmental Sustainability
  • Ronnie O’Brien, Instructor, Hospitality Management
  • Keith Vincik, Director, Network and Infrastructure
  • Diana Watson, Regional Director, Extended Learning Services

New Jersey, U.S.A.

Union County College

  • Marc Postiglione, Associate Professor, Business

New Mexico, U.S.A.

New Mexico State University - Alamogordo

  • Karen Duggan, Administrative Assistant, Student Services (In Memoriam)

North Carolina, U.S.A.

Fayetteville Technical Community College

  • Michelle Carroll, Chair, Supply Chain Management
  • Christa Evangelisto, Instructor, Biology
  • Callie Farmer, Instructor, Fine Arts
  • Candice Freeman, Chair, Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Larry Harmon, Program Coordinator, Automotive Systems Technology, Maintenance, and Light Repair
  • Chris Herring, Chair, Systems Security and Analysis
  • Kristen Kaiafas, Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Joyce Pettengill, Chair, Emergency Medical Services
  • Silvia Sneed, Instructor, Esthetics

Stanly Community College

  • John Bowman, Department Head, English
  • Cindy Dean, Instructor, History
  • April Furr, Learning Technologist

Wake Technical Community College

  • Amy MacDonald, Dean, Sponsored Programs
  • Chad McKenzie, Associate Professor, Information Technology

Ohio, U.S.A.

Central Ohio Technical College

  • Suzanne Bressoud, Director, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Melinda Brillhart, Director and Professor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Pam Curavo, Institutional Research Analyst
  • Melanie Garrabrant, Director, Admissions
  • Derek Thatcher, Manager, Career Development

Cuyahoga Community College

  • Julia Cronin, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Brian Hall, Associate Professor, English
  • Yasser Jahami, Associate Professor, Radiologic Technology
  • Elizabeth Vaidya, Professor, Biology

Lorain County Community College

  • Vincent Granito, Professor, Psychology
  • Harry Kestler, Professor, Biology
  • Hope Moon, Professor, Nursing
  • Christine Sheetz, Professor, Library

Sinclair Community College

  • Mary Beth Brown, Assistant Professor, Allied Health
  • Myla Cardona-Jones, Assistant Professor, Law

Ontario, Canada

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

  • Pamela Adams, Program Coordinator, Year 1 Nursing Degree
  • Annette Borger-Snel, Program Coordinator, Public Relations, and Faculty, Media
  • Michael Guido, Faculty, Applied Sciences and Technology

Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Community College of Allegheny County

  • Deborah Conway, Professor, Psychology

Harrisburg Area Community College

  • Jennifer Billman, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Autumn Patti, Assistant Professor, Culinary Arts

Reading Area Community College

  • Auria Bradley, Director, Continuing Education
  • Diane Conrad, Faculty, English
  • Brenda Creasy, Scholarship Coordinator, Foundation for RACC
  • Lynette Davis, Faculty, STEM
  • Anthony DeMarco, Vice President, College Advancement, and Executive Director, Foundation for RACC
  • Dan Glass, Senior Academic Advisor and Completion Coach
  • Yvonne Hall, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
  • RuthAnn Heaney, Records/Financial Aid Assistant
  • Jay Hyneman, Manager, Accounts Receivable
  • Marty Kelly, Webmaster
  • Kristen Marcinko, Assistant Director, Community and Academic Partnerships
  • Steven Mathews, Instructional Technology Specialist
  • Tracey Rudnick, Senior Academic Advisor, Health Professions Specialist
  • Brian Schell, Associate Dean, Communications, Arts, and Humanities
  • Anthony Vega, Faculty, Art

Tennessee, U.S.A.

Columbia State Community College

  • Iris Anderson, Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Jon Arnold, Purchasing Coordinator and Financial Analyst
  • Melissa Bohn, Systems Administrator, Information Technology
  • Mandy Carter-Lowe, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Diane Davis, Clerk, Access and Diversity
  • Kae Fleming, Dean, Health Sciences
  • Jolene Gairrett, Coordinator, Enrollment Services
  • Victoria Gay, Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Shane Hall, Assistant Professor, English
  • Greg Johnson, Coordinator, EMT
  • Judy Westley, Associate Professor, English

Pellissippi State Community College

  • Caroline Bradley, Part-Time Assistant, Academic Affairs
  • Debra Clark, Manager, Business Services
  • Terry Crowe, Chief of Police
  • Robyn James, Adjunct Professor, Music
  • Andrew Polnicki, Director, MagaLab
  • Yolanda Roebuck, Department Assistant, Business and Computer Technology
  • Elizabeth Ross, Interim Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Judith Sichler, Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Texas, U.S.A.

Alvin Community College

  • Brian Berger, Instructor, Chemistry
  • John Murray, Chair, Paralegal

Austin Community College District

  • Jason Briseno, Executive Dean, Financial Assistance and Veterans Affairs
  • Lydia Cdebaca-Cruz, Adjunct Faculty, English
  • Richard Espinosa, Full-Time Faculty, Allied Health Sciences
  • Garrett Groves, Vice Chancellor, Strategic Initiatives
  • Stephanie Herrington, Full-Time Faculty, Culinary Arts
  • Julienne Lemond, Full-Time Faculty, Physics
  • Molly Beth Malcolm, Executive Vice Chancellor, Operations and Public Affairs
  • Esther Sonen Yun, Coordinator, Board Affairs

Brazosport College

  • Alicia DeLeon, Assistant Professor, Computer Technology and Office Administration
  • Jennifer Kennon, Coordinator, Physical Sciences

Collin College

  • John Brewer, Manager, Facilities
  • Rebecca Burton, Professor, Education
  • Shawna Chamberlin, Counselor, P-12 Partnerships
  • Michelle Kelly, Professor, Medical Assisting
  • Scott Knight, Police Sergeant
  • Rebecca Orr, Professor, Biology
  • Rebecka Scott, Manager, Writing Center
  • Harlan Thompson, Police Sergeant
  • James Yervasi, Professor, Automotive Technology

Houston Community College System

  • Raymond Brown, Program Coordinator, Artificial Intelligence
  • Mahnaz Kolaini, Director, Ability Services and Success
  • Desmond Lewis, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, College Readiness
  • Iliana Loubser, Faculty, English
  • Robert McCracken, Executive Director, Risk Management
  • Veronica Reyna, Chair, Faculty Government
  • Brenda Rios, Director, Entrepreneurship Initiatives
  • Samir Saber, Dean, Digital and Information Technology Center of Excellence, and Executive Director, Workforce Technology

Midland College

  • Betty Clements, Professor and Chair, Modern and Classical Languages and Speech
  • Norman Cremeans, Professor, Automotive Technology

San Jacinto College District

  • Claudia Alvarez, Coordinator, Operations
  • Brian Bui, Interim Manager, Admissions
  • Michelle Callaway, Manager, Quantitative Data Science
  • Tonja Conerly, Professor, Sociology
  • Jose DeJesus Gil, Dean, Enrollment Services
  • Susan Eason, Professor, Accounting and General Business
  • Yvonne Frear, Chair and Faculty, History
  • Olga Garza, Senior Administrative Assistant to Dean of Business and Technology
  • Tyler Olivier, Chair, STEM
  • Abigail Ramirez, Director, Children’s Center
  • Tyra Rideaux, Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Nursing
  • Martha Robertson, Interim Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Washington, U.S.A.

North Seattle College

  • Sarka Faltinova, Faculty, Basic and Transitional Studies
  • Amanda Knowles, Faculty, Art
  • Jae Suk, Faculty, Engineering
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