Building Community in Community Colleges: Digital Student Study Networks

May 18, 2021

CircleIn, an app that uses game design to provide incentives for students to build a strong study habit, received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase I grant to tackle the key element of community. Monroe Community College (MCC) partnered with CircleIn, implementing the app in mid-spring 2020 term just when COVID-19 necessitated a transition to remote learning. Knowing that classroom community is related to student course persistence, MCC wanted to offer students an instant, equitable academic community for each course. Early findings at MCC indicate that CircleIn appeared to provide a classroom community that all students could access, regardless of the level of competing demands on student time and resources, prior experience with the material, or the course modality. 

Join representatives from MCC and CircleIn to learn more about these and other findings from Phase I, including an examination of differences in demographics and term GPA between students who used the app and those who did not. We will also share persistence outcomes using prediction-based propensity score matching to provide a matched comparison for analysis.

And, based on promising results in Phase I, NSF has awarded CircleIn a Phase II grant that creates the opportunity for 25 additional colleges to participate in the study. To find out more about CircleIn and participation in the Phase II project, view the webinar recording (link above).


  • Kimberley P. Collins, Associate Vice President, Academic Services, Monroe Community College
  • Gerald Meggett, Jr., CEO and Co-Founder, CircleIn
  • Rufus Glasper, President and CEO, League for Innovation in the Community College