2022 Learning Summit - Session Presentation - Do Robots Belong in the Classroom? Building an Intentional Learning Community With Support From Artificial Intelligence


A robust body of research indicates that quality online discussion can lead to better student interaction, greater faculty satisfaction, and improved course outcomes. Pedagogy that supports intrinsic student motivation—by supporting robust peer-to-peer interaction and helping students formulate open-ended questions—can be especially powerful. At community colleges across the country, instructors are tapping the potential of inquiry-based discussion, powered by artificial intelligence, with the aim of boosting engagement in online classes. What they’ve found is that this approach doesn't just improve participation. It’s also enabling them to build meaningful and engaged communities that keep learning going and help more students persist and succeed in the classroom. 

Presenters: Steven Crawford, Ed.D., District Director, Maricopa Center for Learning and Innovation, Maricopa Community Colleges; Randall Davis, Ph.D., Professor, Anthropology, and Global Studies Program Coordinator, Jefferson Community and Technical College; Kimberly Coffman, Ph.D., Professor, Social Science, Miami Dade College