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Melissa L. Potter July 2006
Volume: 1 Issue: 7
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It happens every October: The campus of Mountain Empire Community College (MECC) in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, bustles with activity amid crowds of people. The sound of old-time and bluegrass music echoes through the mountains overlooking the school, while the smell of comfort food permeates the air around it. Yes, it must be that time of year again, time for Home Craft Days in southwestern Virginia.
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Kathy Johnson June 2006
Volume: 1 Issue: 6
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It is common knowledge that income directly corresponds to education. It is also common knowledge that community colleges provide affordable education. As federal education funding continues to be cut, though, the question becomes, "How can community colleges keep education affordable?" At Wright College (IL), the answer is, "Teach financial literacy."
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Julie Haas May 2006
Volume: 1 Issue: 5
Count all 543
Whether they inspire contemplative reflection or provoke searing social comment, the arts are opportunities for growth. A painting, a dance, a musical passage reveal something about ourselves, our community, and our world that we didn't know before. Not just beautiful or provocative, the arts are, at heart, educational.
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Mary Morales April 2006
Volume: 1 Issue: 4
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Faculty members in the dental programs at Century College (MN) have always emphasized to students that community involvement is part of their professional responsibility. As part of its efforts to provide access to dental care for those experiencing oral health disparities, the college established the Century College Dental Institute (CCDI). The CCDI is committed to making a positive difference in the oral health care system through service to underserved populations and the education of dental professionals. 
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Boo Browning March 2006
Volume: 1 Issue: 3
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Almost heaven. At least, that's what folks attending the annual Virginia Mountain Music Festival near Richlands, Virginia, are inclined to think. The festival, a 30-year-old tradition, is held on the campus of Southwest Virginia Community College, nestled at the foot of the Clinch Mountains on 185 acres of hills and rolling valleys.
James Banks, Al Zavar February 2006
Volume: 1 Issue: 2
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In the Spring of 1944, the U.S. War Department opened Crile General Hospital on a 150-acre campus in the village of Parma, Ohio. It would be one of 60 such general hospitals in "the zone of the interior." The hospital was named in honor of General George Washington Crile (1864-1943), a pioneering surgeon and officer in the Army Medical Corps. General Crile took the first American surgical team to France during World War I. Upon returning from war and as a result of these experiences, he and three colleagues founded the now world famous Cleveland Clinic.   
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League for Innovation January 2006
Volume: 1 Issue: 1
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Community colleges are responsible for some of the most innovative programs and practices in higher education. As community college educators, we believe this claim when we hear it, and some of us have even been known to make the claim ourselves. With this new monthly publication, the League seeks to showcase these innovative programs, particularly those that focus on the community aspect of the work we do.
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