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Rachel Madsen


Rachel Madsen has served as Wake Tech?s Director of Assessment since December 2018. In this role, Rachel leads the development and implementation of assessment, research, and evaluation projects focused on innovation and improvement of educational outcomes, including strategic planning and other college-wide initiatives. As the Chair of the college?s Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Committee, Rachel guides deans, department heads, faculty, and staff from all program and service areas of the college in assessing outcomes and making meaningful connections between their work and the college?s strategic priority areas. In addition to leading a multi-year research study on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on student access, success, and equity gaps, Rachel has led the production of evaluation reports for the college?s eLearning Preparedness Initiative across the College (EPIC) and Student Experience Program (SEP), as well as technical reports and research briefs for Wake Invests in Women?s research subcommittee, which she chairs.