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Debra M. Bartlett


Dr. Debra Bartlett is a mother of 2 adult sons . She was in private practice specializing in Orthopedics and Family Practice for approximately 10 years before an injury forced her to leave private practice and shift her efforts to teaching. She began teaching Anatomy & Physiology and College Success Seminar at Baltimore City Community College in 1998 before coming to Anne Arundel Community College in 2001. Debra has continued teaching various forms of Anatomy & Physiology. She also has a passion for Student Success and helping student learn the skills of being great students as well as learning the subject matter. This became an early forerunning to DEIA engagement with students. Debra attended a one year Leadership program at the college and from that she started a program at Anne Arundel Community College called LEARN (Learning, Engaging and Retention Network). This program assisted both professors and students in learning new skills and student engagement activities in the classroom. She has served on numerous college committees and is a Full Tenured Professor. In January 2020, she was named Chair of Biology which is one of the largest departments on campus.