DIA Higher Education Collaborators’ College Version 2 Podcast


DIA Higher Education Collaborators, a League partner, strives to improve student learning and success in postsecondary education by partnering with institutions of higher education to improve cultures, strategies, and practices for understanding and supporting students. DIA works collaboratively with colleges, universities, and other systems of higher education to improve practice by identifying solutions and examining their effectiveness.

In DIA’s College Version 2 Podcast, Dr. Ross Markle and Dr. Andrea Pope take a fresh look at age-old dilemmas in how we can help students succeed in a new landscape for higher education. Listen each month as they discuss a new challenge and give data-driven insights from years of research, experience, and consulting. Click here to access the introduction and first and second episodes of the College Version 2 Podcast. Monthly podcasts, touching on a range of subjects, will be added to the site as they occur.

In early 2019, Ross Markle, Ph.D., founded DIA to support colleges, universities, and other organizations in higher education as they seek to transition away from a century of student attrition. An established leader and DIA’s Managing Director, Markle brings extensive expertise in written and oral communication, collaboration, and transforming research into practice.

With a background in higher education assessment and student affairs, Andrea Pope, Ph.D., has dedicated her career to helping educators build, evaluate, and improve curricular and cocurricular interventions. She brings her passion and experience to DIA as Director of Action, where she will support partners in using ISSAQ data to promote student success.