Module 1: Creating a Community of Learners

Diversity and Classroom Management:

Students from Diverse Backgrounds


Community colleges are diverse communities of learners. In this section of Module 1, we'll look at this powerful and positive aspect of teaching in the community college. How do you define the term diversity with respect to your own life and experience? For the purposes of this discussion, we define diversity as a community that has varied backgrounds, experiences, and characteristics. We hope that your definition of diversity will grow and deepen as you work through this module and as you gain experience as a teacher.

As an educator in a community college, you have undoubtedly experienced a diverse range of students—from young women and men looking for career opportunities to immigrants gaining a foothold on a new life. In each classroom you have encountered, and will continue to encounter, there is a different mix of student demographics. In order to be an effective educator, you need to adapt your curriculum and teaching methods to each unique situation.