Module 1: Creating a Community of Learners

Diversity and Classroom Management:

Considering English Language Learners


Watch this video showing how a teacher adjusts instruction to accommodate a range of students.

Video: Considering English Language Learners (1:33)

Think About

Imagine that you have a small number of non-native English speakers in your class with minimal reading and writing skills. What strategies can you use to help them understand the content and maintain interest in the class?

Read this additional comment from Kate Holleran about working with diverse learners.

Kate Holleran

"I try to do a couple of things. One is that I really let them know that I know that they're from a different place. So when I talk about the mammals of Oregon, I make reference to a particular species also found in Panama or Nicaragua, their home countries. I also try to use Spanish at a very novice level."
— Kate Holleran, Instructor, National Resources Technology