Module 5: Teaching with Technology

Strategies for Implementation:

Introducing Online Learning


As a community college teacher, you may be approached to teach an online course. You might be quite comfortable with face-to-face teaching, but have fears or confusion around Web-based learning. The transition to a completely Web-based learning environment may be unimaginable.

The following activity describes how you might adapt parts of a lesson within a course you currently teach to an online environment. It includes a list of five common components of a lesson, and suggestions on how they might translate into a Web-based course. This will give you a good start in planning your course for an online environment. You should also consider talking with distance learning staff at your school for further guidance and resources.

But for now, imagine the possibilities for translating just one of your favorite lessons from traditional delivery to Web delivery. Follow the instructions below to fill out the chart on the following page on adapting your lesson to an online environment.

  • First, look at five typical components of a face-to-face lesson.
  • Next, describe how you normally accomplish tasks associated with these components.
  • Finally, look at the online glossary terms, Online Activities for Web-Based Courses (an Adobe PDF document, 100k) and think about how you could accomplish your lesson's learning objectives in a Web-based environment. Beside each activity, jot down a corresponding activity in column three.